Great albums to play No Mans Sky to

I find it very hard to play NMS without the beautiful sounds the game produces for us courtesy of 65days and Paul Weir, but sometimes I just wanna zone out to an album, start to finish.

My first suggestion might seem a bit obvious but, I would suggest 65daysofstatics rescoring of Silent Running. I don’t think it’s on spotify, so the only way I can link a sample is through a youtube video. Definitely worth the purchase!

Now I’m gonna plug a little homegrown band from the north of our little island, fun happy little instrumental band called And So I Watch You From Afar.


I just go to YouTube and look up Space Music…many videos are hours long! -)

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Try out Starset there pretty sweet

Not a album , but radio station :
They have tons of great channels , and for NMS my favourite is Drone Zone
Also its commercial free and is listeners supporter radio.
edit : added link

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I really like this one, they’re pretty good:

And I also like this particular song by 65daysofstatic:

I hope I have contributed well to this topic. :grin: :notes:

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Wild Light is SUCH a good album, that track in particular. I remember the first time I seen them, was in temple bar music centre (now The Button Factory), my friend had a spare ticket back in 2007, he listened to a lot of Emo at the time so I was VERY sceptical, delighted to find out they were Instrumental!

You have contributed very well!

@alkaloidsk was listening to that station while streaming NMS on sunday, good shout out!


Yeah , they definitely go along with each other . Glad that you like it .

I had to come back here just to post this album. This is your space track if you’re feeling funky! :sunglasses:


That album art has a Chris Foss vibe to it, probably is n’ all!

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Everyone seems to love the album “Awake” by Tycho, but I actually prefer “Epoch” more.