No Man's Sky... Without SFX

A few days ago, I experienced a sound issue with No Man’s Sky on a creative save. I began to hear a repetitive clicking noise that started getting on my nerves, and I figured out that it was an SFX issue. I decided to just turn off SFX and keep playing.
As I went on, I began to notice the music more. Normally, I don’t focus on it much because I’m doing something, but I would actually stop what I was doing and listen to the music.
When it was there, the music lent a haunting backdrop to the game, and I could notice it more that with SFX on. Where there was an absence of music, the feeling of isolation and being alone was emphasized more. (The music did scare me once or twice when it started suddenly.)
I encourage everybody to try NMS with only music turned on and see what it feels like. :musical_note:


I do it quite a lot, I’d even argue the default settings for sfx vs music is very unbalanced. I tend to play with the music left at 100 and the sound effects at 40, the sound effects are still louder than the music even at those settings but it gives the music a fighting chance at least.

Some time ago on these forums there were people looking for folk to stream the game with just the music, and happily I obliged. People liked to have it on in the background while studying etc.

I spent maybe four months of atlas rises with just the music and no sfx, it was beautiful.

Then I went three months with no music and just sound effects with head phones and wow, thats just as delicious as with no sound effects. Got very immersed and hyper aware of everything going on around me.

Eventually I missed hearing 65dos though :blush: so the music went back on.


That is a great post Projectcartwheel.
The music is very haunting, and it puts me in almost a trance, I love it so much.
There is one particular part that just touches my soul.
I love the music for No Man’s Sky like no other.
Glad I’m not the only one! :smiley:
I found where I can buy the whole soundtrack for NMS on Amazon, and I plan on buying it Friday.


I tried both aswell. Definitly choosing 65dos! Indeed when you play without the music, the game experience becomes very particular. I stopped after a week, because I was becoming completely paranoïd listening and spending long minuts analizing what the the heck was going on just next to me . or… just around the corner ? Did you … just hear that? :scream::grin:


Last night while I was streaming (thank God I stream all games) I had just gotten home from work, and was going to go underwater cave exploring, and my most favorite, haunting, track of music played. My music wasn’t very loud over my little submarine, so when I finally heard it, I turned up the music in the game.

When you go under the water the track changes, and said no way, I’m going to just drive my little sub above water until it’s not playing anymore. This track puts me in a trance, and for 22 minutes, or more, I just was in space, in another world, (pardon the pun) with this music.
I keep it in my head when I’m not playing because I love it so much. So I highlighted my little -trance -no mans sky -submarine,- beautiful planet journey. This is the planet where my paradise base is on. And after the track was done, about a half hour more, I found my underwater caves system to build :smiley: <3

I named my planet “we all float down here” lol.

Thank you Hello Games for whoever created this beautiful haunting piece.

Link (Twitch)


@Nightazure: I edited your reply to include the direct link, as the embed appears to not show correctly. Likely an issue over at Twitch, which I hope will be fixed soon.


Thank you DevilinPixy. I appreciate your help. :smiley:


Apparently the issue with showing a Twitch embed is browser dependant. When using Google Chrome, the above video embed may show completely black. I have resolved this for myself by editing my ‘Cookie’ settings (chrome://settings/content/cookies) to allow to get the video embed to show as intended.


Thanks for testing that out. I had no idea it was browser dependant. I don’t even have Chrome on my pc because I dislike it.

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