No Man's Sky—Profit, VR, MMOG & Future

:diamonds: What provides the best future for the company, the community and the game?

What if…

Hello Games provides free updates for No Man’s Sky !
They profit from (1) direct sales, and (2) investments…


Hello Labs invests their proceeds/knowledge into other indie developer’s games,
in exchange for a share of future proceeds; being helpful with a win-win situation.


Freed from dependency on paid DLC, each update building investor credibility,
driving others to the game, to check out all these new updates, pleasing us fans,
they can focus on an infinite future building the game Sean always dreamed :two_hearts:

…providing generations of “wow n’ flutter”.

Virtual Reality + Massively Multi-Player Online Gaming

VR & MMOG are all the buzz, cause the tech is new, it’s WOW,
and… Who doesn’t like to play with friends!? -a few may not.
While feeling like your really there!? -some could care less.

Although more features, customizations, options,
refinements… BUG FIXES! …are certainly desired,

Might this be the perfect time to introduce Hello Labs, VR & MMOG?

:heart_eyes_cat: update: mmog drops @ post 14 :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Hello Labs : “WARE” and “VR” …plus Co-Op


Upon only 2 years after release (coming July/Aug est.),
Now with the addition of Xbox and Chinese WeGames;
Described above… Is exactly what I think were seeing.

This would account for…

(1) The WARE (W/ARE) -&/or- V/RE logo appearing on the public NEXT v1.5 teaser video,
(2) The WARE logo appearing particularly similar to V/RE (VR; Virtual Reality), -a hint?
(3) The WARE fake company offering a fake sci-fi VR Headset, -why tease this? -why?
(4) The WARE subscriber emails leading to real indie game Steam key giveaways,
(5) The WARE fake company website featuring real indie game developers,
(6) The WARE fake company website requesting real indie game developers,
With newsletter email including a link to an Application Form for indie developers
to apply for a Developer Kit, which includes these questions…

Game Studio Application Forms:

  • What is the name of your Studio?
  • How many people are on your team?
  • What type of game do you want to bring to WARE?
  • Do you have a publisher?
  • What platform is your game currently on?
    Choose as many as you like: PS4, Steam, XBOX One, Tencent WeGame
  • Where are you in development:
    Alpha, Beta, Release
  • Did you see a private demonstration of our platform at GDC?
Click for video!

Here’s the GDC (Game Developer Conference) that’s likely being referred to,
:movie_camera: …Perhaps jump to “Hello Labs” at the end.
This is not the private demo, of course… but “Hello Labs” is clearly described.

  • Why do you want to port your game to our platform?
  • What are the killer features you see WARE giving your games?
  • Who is your primary contact?
    Please put an email that we can make public on our developers list

(7) The bottom of and featuring WARE (V/RE) logo
(8) displaying logo right along with Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Apple, Android, Nintendo 3DS, Linux… and coincidentally right below that is a drawing of a girl playing video games with her teddy bear wearing 3D glasses
(9) WARE Discord mentioning the upcoming launch of their new translated English website (from Chinese), new extranet and the release of a “WARE cryptocoin”, and…
(10) Asking users who are planning to be at PAX East to let them know at with “PAX EAST - YES!” in the subject line

PAX East is an indie game developers showcase.
Dates are Apr 5 - 8, 2018. | And… Today is the 12th!

(11) Hello Games and Sean Murrey’s tweets…

Screenshot of Tweet

Might the developers be the cause? (-or fictitious Atlas Foundation? -maybe both?)
And No Man’s Sky be the effect? (-the simulation? -or the app? -or another depth?)

Might the Atlas Foundation semi-illustratively represent Hello Games? -&/or humanity?

Could the evil app be “Atlas/Loop16/Emily” whom we voted remain?

And could it be that…

(12) Remember the ‘infinity mirrors’ we submitted? -3D VR !?
-&/or atlas pass v4 prior galaxy back-travel? -which? -both? :thinking:

Perhaps we each login from our different perspectives of infinity.

(13) Company: WARE | Slogan: “Dream Better” …
A fake company offering a fake sci-fi VR Headset…
-Hinting at what? -VR in the NEXT update? -You think!?

(14) Waking Titan and potential clues…

Quoting Elizabeth Leighton, CEO of the fictitious Atlas Foundation…

WT Season 2 Introduction…

Quoting the “Mercury command terminal” update…

Morpheus was the original code-name for Play Station VR. -is this a hint?

(15) So many references to cloud computing (throughout Waking Titan ‘Season 1 & 2’)…
Could these be hints toward PC/PS4/Xbox united on 1 server? …or just Atlas in general?

(16) Atlas Rises v1.3 introduced “joint exploration”

Quoting the official NMS blog…

(17) Insert here whatever I missed and whatever’s… NEXT . . .

Although if Hello Labs, VR, MMOG aren’t what’s coming,
Then here’s my ❝GRAND WISH❞ for the above! …if best.


Xbox One X… and wireless NMS VR

Presently, as of early 2018,

PC offers the best VR !
PS4 Pro offers VR… but it’s developing
Xbox offers no VR… but is coming, and wants wireless

During its E3 2017 press conference, Microsoft unveiled Xbox One X, a high-end version of Xbox One. First teased at E3 2016, Xbox One X was released on November 7, 2017.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, stated that Xbox One X’s hardware could potentially be used to support virtual reality, due to its power, price point, and convenience. At GDC 2017, Microsoft announced plans to support Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets on Xbox One in 2018, but the company later stated that it was initially focusing on PC platforms first, and that it wanted to focus on wireless VR solutions for consoles.

About a year ago, “I think we have to moderate the temperature a bit around where we are and not tell people this is the year of VR,” said Spencer in Giant Bomb’s E3 stream. He spoke about what he called an “over exuberance in VR” which put more interest in VR than “maybe the tech and experiences could deliver.”

Before Xbox brings VR into the living room, it seems the company wants to ensure it’s wireless to enable freedom and a more immersive experience. “I think the cords are an issue. That said, the manufacturers that are out there, it’s great that as an industry we are investing. This is what the game industry should be about, investing in new technology,” explains Spencer.

“We’re saying let’s stay more on the PC where we are seeing action and developer interest until we really get the art form of what it means to create great VR experiences,” he said. “And then it can go to more places.”

So there you have it, VR on Xbox is coming, but when the content and technology is ready. A console VR investment today is likely to be outdated very quickly with the current pace of innovations. More power and fewer wires are needed for a great VR experience, and that’s why Microsoft Xbox have been in no rush to compete with Sony PlayStation.

So if our small 15+ indie Hello Games dev. studio really does push out VR so soon, :crazy_face: OMG!

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Nothing in the ARG says, “No VR”. Far from it !
Xbox front cover without VR logo means little,
Because Xbox has never had VR. -Future concept.


So far, more points to VR and MMOG than not. True?
The WARE (V/RE) website is all about VR… Am I wrong?
Introducing their investments into other indie games.

So Hello Games- Why drop so many hints? -Summer 2018.


A lot to read. I’ll give my opinions on only 2 points. If my replies are out of context, please correct me…I take no offence when I am wrong! -)

  1. IF NMS updates were totally free. So far, most NMS updates have been free. The NEXT DLC is the only one I’ll have to pay extra for. I would much rather follow the LOTRO model where you pay for MAJOR Updates to the world’s content. I would NOT want NMS to have in-game advertisement, loot boxes, Buy-Tokens-And-Win Game Store, shady agreements with 3rd parties to help pay for cost-of-development, etc. Sub-point 1.5) It is still amazing to me how many people demand games to be free whilst ignoring the cost-to-create said games. Their parents provided everything for free, why can’t game companies? I’ve had “discussions” in real life with game players…yes, they do have that concept!

  2. Um…where does it state that W/ARE -NMS is VR? It is hinted but nothing that I’ve seen is verifying that concept. Ditto with “NEXT IS MULTIPLAYER!!!” mindset that also seems to be bantered around the forums, discord, online, etc. From Day 1 of NMS release, people have been screaming that “They Promised Multiplayer!” whilst that never happened. But enough people saying it is true = truth on the internet.



Yup, during season one people were pretty sure we were getting full on VR and multiplayer with avatars cos the ARG lore seemed to be hinting at it. Its an ARG about advancing tech and a universe simulation, of course the ARG companies are gonna have crazy immersive peripherals.

While NMS VR would be great, I don’t see its current iteration running on ps4 in VR, it would have to be its own title with the draw distance set to lame. Def doable on a PC right now but would require a lot of work to get it running on a ps4, probably so much that we’d be waiting another year for a content update, for example Bethesda are a behemoth of studio and it still takes a good few years for them to port an old title to VR and yes draw distance and physics took a huge hit on ps4, on an 8 year old game.


I’m playing on an i7 desktop with 32Gb fast memory, through a 1080 graphics card. There are frequently times when NMS struggles to maintain 30 fps. VR would require twice the graphics throughput. I just don’t see it happening.


All NMS updates have been free and so will the NEXT update be free! In fact, Hello Games said that updates will continue to be free into the foreseeable future.

Obviously XBOX players will have to buy the game but they’ll get all the updates with their purchase including NEXT.


In one of Cobra’s recent streams RayRod said he was getting 100fps with all of his optimisations running. I don’t know his PC specifications or how he managed this, but it definitely points to what is possible, especially with the advent of cloud computing. As I understand it, VR needs to be running on a minimum of 60fps locked, twice, once for each eyepiece. I think we are nearly there with VR, but not yet. Not in Next, but possibly for next gen consoles which should be able to handle it. I’ve seen the ‘possible’ specs for the PS5 which will obviously be higher than the final retail specs, but it looks promising.


With the right tweaks, it could indeed work as is…


As the saying goes… There’s an app for that!

Or in the case of No Man’s Sky…

Although I don’t think there’s yet a mod for VR.

-Hint: RaYRoD… hmm :thinking:

Of course, mods don’t tend to work AS refined as a deliberately incorporated ingame feature.
In other words, mods can be glitchy. They’re, “fighting against the grain”, so to speak.
But can excessively fulfill various cravings and wishes, and do so beautifully.


Full... Co-Op PvP PvE MMOG ...Multiplayer Confirmed

Sean Murray confirmed No Man’s Sky Next v1.5 will be getting “Full Multiplayer”!

It’ll come complete with customizable avatars, and will provide a 2-4 player game.

(this is a reply to post 1)

Up next, could it be that…

V/RE is really an abbreviation for V/R Enhanced.

Maybe all platforms will be supported…

Which would explain why it’s centered alone beneath all of the logos.

NMS E3 2018

Might Sony be saving the reveal of No Man’s Sky’s VR support for the big show?

Over these past few months, Hello Games have continuously teased a huge update for the game, No Man’s Sky Next, and have been constantly dropping mega hints that VR support may be included in it.

Why does this round of Waking Titan Season 2 scream “Viral VR Marketing Campaign”?

Many would love to dive into its seemingly infinite universe of procedurally generated worlds, with VR support, especially with the new multiplayer support. This could be very big for PSVR!

No Man’s Sky Next, promises to be its biggest update yet (even coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One). ‘Next’ certainly suggests some sort of revolution for the game.

But how far will they take it? …?

How far ‘CAN’ a small indie team of about only 20 go, within only 2 years!?

E3 2018, Press Conferences: June 9-11

E3 2018, Dates :spiral_calendar: June 12–14, 2018


They may not show at E3. But they might.
So I think we should keep our eyes open.

Dare I ask what year 3 or 4 will look like!?

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Touching in the W/RE topic, I thought the same thing, but, i work in a field of future tech and right now there us a growing interest for AR instead of VR. AR is Augmented Reality where you can see through some special glasses and there is a projected image onto the glasses to see 3D images in front of you. There are various ways to do this. One is through a projector and one is through mirrors and a miniature screen(such as a cellphone). I have played with the technology and it actually works really well. Lenovo calls theirs “augmented reality” but its a bit cheap. HP has thier own and calls it “mixed reality”. Microsoft calls their device “hololens”(the best and most accurate one, incredible amd very impressive. You can build a robot suit like Tony Stark did in the movie Ironman.

I was doing, almost literally, this:


Except I wasn’t creating an ironman suit, i was moving and placing objects around the room. And others who had the Hololens on could see what im doing too.

Imagine playing No Man’s Sky and your HUD is projected on your glasses and your TV screen(or monitor) is completely free of any obstructions to your view of the scenery. Then on the corner of your lens, you can see your suit status, visually, like this:


That would really emerse you into the game without putting a screen so close to your eyes or the weight of a VR headset.

But… this is all just an educated guess based on a little market research and studying the pattern of technology advancement and the timing of its release to the public. AR units are out now to buy.


Exquisite contribution. Hadn’t thought about AR.
So I’ve looked into it, but I still arrive at VR. I mean,

Here’s what I find…