Wishes for Update 1.3, 1.4 and beyond

As I’ve stated before, no man’s sky needs taller trees and denser forests. I’m no programmer, but I’m assuming that both of these tasks could be accomplished with a slight alteration or addition to the the planet generation code, and that they could be in the next update, as a minor, yet impactful feature. Looking further down the road, I hope to see more biome diversity, because right now, the exploration aspect of the game is lacking.

Right now, the game has:
Lush Planets
Desert Planets
Cold Planets
Hot Planets
Toxic Planets
Radioactive Planets
Barren Planets
Exotic Planets

I think significant biome variations should be the next step for no man’s sky (after 1.4/1.5). By this I mean, instead of the aforementioned planet classes containing only one type of planet, they would contain multiple.

*Default planet classes remain the same as they are now, except with taller/denser trees

Class #1: Lush
Jungle (much taller, denser forests)
Grasslands (no trees)
Swamp (lots of water, willow like trees)

Class #2: Desert
Sandy (lots of sand)
Rocky (lots of rocks, lack of plants)

Class #3: Cold
Barren, snowy (no trees, just powdery snow)
Barren, icy (no trees, just ice fields)
Tundra (similar to ‘default’, just with no/little snow)

Class #4: Hot
Lava (black rocky surface with lava rivers)
Plasma (fire plumes)

Class #5: Toxic
Luminescent (glowing mushrooms)

Class #6: Radioactive
Wasteland (instead of flora, have tall rocks)

Class #7: Barren
(see paragraph below)

Class #8: Exotic
Fantastic job with these, no more classes necessary, but are always welcome

With barren/low atmosphere planets, no creativity needed. Our solar system has so many very unique looking “barren” planets and moons, all that would need to be done is to ‘copy and paste’ the existing bodies into the game.

In my opinion, for hello games to implement these features into the game effectively, they would also have to change the procedural generation system to generate continents (instead of islands) on planets with water. With the addition of the continent generation system, HG could add a mini mapping system, and other features I’m to tired to come up with at the moment.

In conclusion, I enjoy the state of the game at the moment, but I bought no man’s sky to discover strange new worlds, and to seek out new life, and new civilizations, but at the moment, these are relatively boring and very repetitive tasks, that I hope will be be more fleshed out in the future.


@HypoLord, those are really good ideas! Just having any kind of flowing rivers would add so much to the experience.

And flying creatures really need some love too. It would be great to see birds perched in trees or on large rocks, then take off and fly away. Some birds could even dive and attack smaller animals on the ground.


I really, really hope that we get a ‘planetary overhaul’ update in the near future. We need new biomes and animals. I remember in an early game play demo, we were shown birds taking off from the ground. Complex animal behaviour was in the game pre release , I really hope it is reimplimented at some point.


Did you see Seam Murray’s talk at GDC last year? In it he talks about procedural generation and how they want to continue to develop and explore the possibilities of proc gen. We’ll likely see plenty of changes to the biomes and animals as they continue to develop their algorithms.


@OldGods Hi Sean. :hugs: Your recent tweet conjured up inspiration… And quiet a vortex whirl.

And so I ask, WHAT IF . . .


✨ No Man's Sky—VRChat meets Star Trek ✨

  1. Fully customizable avatars, with increased multiplayer interactions, in astounding realism.
  2. ProcGen aliens with ProcGen history (story/lore), per galactic “regions” of star systems.

• Why is VRChat so popular?

  1. it’s free / UserGen
  2. it’s social / multiplayer
  3. choose avatars / explore worlds

RESULT: users constantly uploading UserGen worlds/avatars = infinite variety.

PRO: roleplay, karaoke/sing, perform/dance, hang out. CON: limited activities/user-moderation.

• Why did Star Trek become so popular?

  1. it’s sci-fi / unknown / what if
  2. constantly new worlds
  3. constantly new aliens

RESULT: ❝to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before❞ = infinite variety.

PRO: watch alone or watch together. CON: you are not an active participant.

• Why does No Man’s Sky struggle?

  1. it’s in development / avant-garde concept
  2. limited multi-player / repetitive aspects
  3. limited aliens / limited lore

Atlas Rises expanded the central story. Introduced a 4th alien race. Multiplayer is in the works. And avant-garde means pushing boundaries never before pushed, opening paths and actually leading the future. And what survival game doesn’t have “grind”? (Same with real life.) Just, ❝Don’t create your own grind.❞ Get bored? Find a new way or simply do something else. (Sean, maybe put that in the menu toturials.)

So how unlimited is infinity exactly? Let’s see…

While ProcGen provides “constantly new worlds”, with constantly new creatures,

What about "constantly new aliens?"
With their "constantly new lore?"

Locals and Visitors

In other words, randomly generate unique alien varieties (as demonstrated with creatures), with likewise random history (as with sentinel drone details). Make these unique per region of space. And perhaps their alien civilization could also be named off that specific region; As if region is named off of them. And make these “local races” spawn 50/50 right along with the “predominant” 4 races.

And perhaps random “visiting” aliens could spawn (like the “travelers” do) from other regions.

Maybe “locals” and “visitors” could trade aesthetic &/or nutritional items. Like avatar/exosuit and starship/exocraft (think “wear/tear & aesthetics”), base/food (think “hunger meter”). Stuff to spend money and Nanites on more regularly; Maintenance. More reasons to farm and keep busy.

For the “hunger meter” concept, see The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

RESULT: avatar/base/activity. ProcGen worlds/creatures, ships/crafts, aliens/lore = infinite variety.

PRO: infinite ProcGen and UserGen civilizations. improved user-moderation over VRChat.
{insert CON here} …or was that ‘coin’? lol

ProcGen Avatar Building

Okay so now here’s an idea.

In the beginning of the game, you spawn with an avatar of random design. Since each new galaxy contains various unique “parts n’ pieces”, the result is progressive “custom avatar building”.

So here again, ❝Maybe “locals” and “visitors” could trade aesthetic &/or nutritional items.❞

Outbreaks of Influenza

And then there’s the concept of infection and disease. Hmm, what if?
…Who shall hold the cure?
…Or the immunity?

Somehow I think multiplayer could be interesting on multiple levels.
(Although contracting from players could be spammed, so limit this.)

Activities & Improvements

Exocraft should also convert into submersibles, even boats, I think. Or these could be separate crafts. Bases need a usable multi-tool rack. Cities or towns would be nice, of course. 3rd person perspective. Ability to sit; Consult a “data pad”, etc. Ability to dance, play an instrument, karaoke, etc. Maybe pets? And somebody suggested a foldable bike, that tucks neatly into inventory space; Maybe special jump moves?.. Joe Danger would be very proud!

(Glitch: 1. Nomad throws me long-distances upon exist, occasionally. Is it a hilly terrain issue? 2. Also experiencing some monitor to ship cockpit alignment issues; Sometimes I can barely see to fly. Could be my settings.)

Further, ❝if you fall asleep with [HTC Vive] on your face, you wake up in [VRChat]❞. No? Fully customizable avatars, with craftable/tradable ascetics/food, and more. Could it be? :smiley:

But uh, let’s avoid Ugandan Knuckles and certainly Tide POD eating. Poison swallow!

Infinity mirrors? V4 Atlas Passes? Hopefully this means back-travel to prior galaxies. Stay in Euclid?

I’m now 700+ hours in-game. I play Normal mode on PC, savory and slow. Only game I play! :two_hearts:

My other wishes are tucked neatly away into this “post”.


Oh ya!—Found our :whale: SPACE WHALE :wink: . Gonna be amazing…

:droplet: But…

:droplet: Well I, uh…

:sweat_drops: Just ❝Do not drink the water❞, said a traveller.
And be weary of the ❝abyss❞… ❝Another power in the universe❞. :squid:


I have a few wishes for future updates,

Two new exocraft or modifications to existing ones should be added, one like a helicopter that can fly at a much higher speed but cannot go into orbit and a submarine. Both would be welcome additions. This would help especially with worlds reached by portal where you do not have access to a starship and make ocean worlds viable.

All exocraft need to be up-gradable on their inventory size or should have tech slots like a starship, and should be able to be summoned at a much greater distance, even if it uses fuel. The available tech is impossible to use and still have a good experience collecting goods. It is also frustrating to see your next location being 2 hours away by Nomad and all but unreachable by Colossus and you have to make a choice to abandon your exocraft on a strange planet or backtrack to reclaim your exocraft after using your starship to go the distance.

Any space station once teleported from should be accessible from any teleporter, just selecting it from the discoveries menu should make it show up in the available locations.

Teleporter locations should indicate distance from current and to Galactic core. I find it is difficult to use the teleporters to hop around because I can never remember which station is the one closest to the Core and if I don’t go just between my base and most recent I am likely to forget and lose a lot of distance by accident.

All container inventories should be in one window. It is an annoying game of memory to try and remember which container has which goods. Better to just have access to them all in one window and not have to do ten operations to find where I placed the Carbon.

Space stations should have bulletin boards where you can post a ship for sale to other players. Posted ships would have to remain in your freighter until sold or until you chose to remove the offer.

The Galactic trade hub should have an auction house that players can set prices for goods.

Four multi-tool types exist, you should be able to build three multi-tool cabinets in your base, each would come with a class-C low end tool that you can exchange for one you want to keep.

Just a few wishes that I think may add some utility.


Try colour coding storage boxes to indicate what type of goodies they contain. Keep box zero empty
as your ‘post box’ so you always know where your recently ‘sent’ items ended up.
I’d like the boxes to hold more variety but less of each item. I don’t need 10 Vykeen Daggers, just a few or nor do I need 1000 units of most minerals but I can’t fit all my similar materials (copper aluminium gold irridium ect) or plant materials in the same box. Even just adding one extra slot would work.

Agree: we need a flying exocraft and that exos should be summoned from a greater distance for those of us who explore long distances on foot while out and about.

Agreed: our teleporter address memory needs to a bit bigger. Would be nice if it updated to match the names we chose for a system when renamed.

Agreed: selling ships via a board would be great. Having six ships and not being able to reduce the fleet to allow for traders is frustrating.

Agreed: we need multiple multitools to allow us to have specific tools on us for specific tasks or else we are stuck with all rounder set ups all the time.


I have posted a few (updating) wishlists on this thread. One of my favorite things to do is theorize and speculate on things to come. And who knows…some of our ideas here could inspire HG?

Multiple multitools has been on my wish-list as well. A weapon rack (or weapons locker as you suggested) would be a great addition to a base or freighter. And to take it further, how about dual wielding for pistols? Since they already have fewer slots, it seems that this could make having pistols a little more viable as a choice.

I would like to have more functionality and variability with space stations as well. It makes sense that higher economy systems would either have a larger space station or more functions. And to take your idea further on spaceship sales, how about regional player base listings or advertisements at the stations? (This should voluntary and/or costing units for distance proximity for advertisement.)

For teleporters, I like the idea of a favorites list that you can have a comment to remind yourself about it. I think this should also be done with portal addresses.

For exocrafts, I would like to see 3 new vehicles with different functions: a jet that helps you fly within the atmosphere (good for portal visits), a submarine (or water/ air flyer would be better) and power armor (this would give 3rd person gameplay and maybe improved combat options).

I also think we meed a villain or villainous race that are completely hostile. This would give the avenue for higher combat gameplay perhaps for higher rewards. I think a competing AI, virus in the system, or the Gek First Spawn resurging could fit for this idea. I would go further to suggest wild or unexplored systems with no space stations or buildings.

Of course, my main wish on the list is more varieties for all things. I think varieties of objects in space should be at the top of the list (like heavy nebula, gas giants (with moons), ion storms, derelict stations, ship graveyard/battlegrounds, space fauna, large asteroid belts, planet rings, ect.)


The Glyph Issue

This is the only thing I want fixed in 1.5 #ForeverHaving15.

I really wish for new music, i’d pay for new tracks if they made em’ So good.


Yep storage inventories could definitely be improved upon. Regarding finding stuff. When accessing containers through exosuit/ship menu etc. The popup window starts at container 0 slot 1 and continues on to 9/5. I find it a lot easier using that instead of going to the containers unless i want to put something in a specific place, even then, it still gives me a point of reference.

I have a huge list of wants :smiley: But the main ones for me are underwater expansion, expanded base building with co-op bases, more diverse parts that fit together and freedom to place base hubs in chosen locations.

Oh and being able to keep fauna at your base, there’s something about having a load of little predator spiders scuttling around that amuses me a lot.


:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Skydiving & Ambient Music :headphones:

Picking back up on @DamonNabru’s NMS Twitch stream and our chat from yesterday, @Ospredox brought up an interesting idea I’d like to share. What if…

Freighter Skydiving❞ …in vr co-op with avatars.

Why? Cause you can call your freighter in from a planet, just above planet atmosphere.

Watching @DamonNabru have a glitch where he was ejected from his starcraft into upper atmosphere, finally giving to gravity, into slow decent, with a softened jet pack landing… was very inspirational.

Only thing missing was the superman cape.

I’d especially like an increased assortment of slow / quiet / gentle ❝ambient background music❞. Just more variety. This is because so much time is spent in such game play. The present music is perfectly fitting though… And the action tracks are OMG!


For your viewing pleasure…

The Traveller Cannonball, or “No Man’s Skydiving”! (Part 1)

The Traveller Cannonball, or “No Man’s Skydiving”! (Part 2)

Freighter call: 60,000 minimum distance in space but 0 on the surface NotLikeThis


:surfing_woman: Land Surfing & Surface Swimming :swimming_man:

Had a dream last night…

Freighter Skydiving into jet boosted Land Surfing with Exoboard.

Across the mountains, over the water, then under the sea, into sea caves, and up for air.
But instead of jet packing above water till oxygen increases, like we do presently…
Why not Surface Swimming and then… ‘kerplunk!’

Behold… Exocraft, Exobike and Exoboard.

And boy would I love to ski them white fluffy slopes.

Why do we keep exploring concepts of variety, activities, even sports and maintenance?

Let us see…


✨ No Man's Sky—Retirement or Infinitive Voyage ✨

Mine materials so you can hold more materials and mine materials faster

What happens if I reach the max revenue bracket?—Retire from NMS?
Explore the universe? -or- Start a new save?

Regarding retirement…

Fortunately, you’ve introduced a missions agent. But there again, ‘What are the rewards?’ Just as with ‘Discoveries’, missions increase revenue; also standing and item updates… And everything eventually defaults to revenue…

But since standing, item updates and revenue all have limits…

Should you introduce increased maintenance and greater customization?

:moneybag: Capitalist Ambitions :moneybag:

Give me neither riches or poverty. Here’s why,

Money allows things, but doesn’t buy joy and happiness, neither does poverty. Only more or less of what we already have. And the more we have, the more we have to worry about. Each day is a gift and you have to cherish it. Just as lavish weddings don’t improve couple’s future prospects, if you’re only worrying about money, there’s so much you can miss out on.

❝Life’s about the journey, not the destination.❞
❝Don’t create your own grind!❞

Find another way. Do something else. Some grind is necessary.

I believe No Man’s Sky teaches these lessons very well.

Thanks HG for subliminally providing us with lessons in a life well lived.


Prob stick with my Circuit Board Farm and basic levels of mining/gathering.
I remain unsure about quick accumulation from a Stasis Device Farm. -hmm

—btw, :slightly_smiling_face: #WHATIS1.5!?


To me at least gameplay wise No Mans Sky is always meant to be pretty simple. It always remind me of Minecraft where anyone who was any age could play and enjoy it.

That being said a couple of things I would love would be

  1. A way of making your ship feel more like your own instead of it looking like any other (like being able to paint it and maybe add logos or something or being able to build your own.

  2. A revamped mission system.

Yes I know it’s still a pretty new thing to No Mans Sky but right now I feel like it’s kind of I dunno…just every mission feels the same and they repeat so much that it starts to become not fun and the rewards for doing them aren’t ever worth the effort I guess I would feel different if we had these long missions or even new quests that ended in us finding some treasure or getting like 100,000 units or just something better then the current system.

  1. Having a better reason to get higher standing with a faction.

So picture it okay your in space and your really friendly with the Gek wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to have Gek warriors flying next to you or maybe being able to call on them when your in a space battle or maybe having them rage huge scale wars on other races and you having to pick a side that would be amazing.

Sorry if this came out rushed I’m on my phone but you get the picture.


After you increase your standing with each guild a little bit, you can start getting ~250,000 units for lots of the missions. Some mission give you trade items that can fetch you millions when you sell them.

As for the standing with the species, I believe that they do come help you fight against pirates when you are attacked if your standing is good enough. But having them fly next to you sometimes would be super cool. :grin: