Wishes for Update 1.3, 1.4 and beyond

As some of you have noted, Atlas Rising isn’t without some issues. This could be a good page for posting things you just don’t like, as well as stuff you’d like to see added to 1.3 and updates down the road. Here are mine, for PC. I play in Normal Mode.

Mine wouldn’t work in the last week or so of 1.2, now some won’t work for others in 1.3.

Galactic Map

  • Waypoints won’t work from the Discoveries page, for me. They did before. I constantly had to reset them because I’d inadvertently set them by left clicking on star names in trying to select them. Make the Set Waypoint selector something besides left mouse button. Space bar, a key, something. We need several of them, and a way to click through them.
  • Removing the Home Base button was a very bad idea.

Game balance

I love a good challenge, but The Sim seems a lot more dangerous now, maybe a little too much. Fully upgraded shielding seems ineffective. It seems like I spend half my time replenishing my fully upgraded shielding in space battles. I was nearly killed by some stupid little deerlike thing on my first planet visit because I hadn’t noticed my life bar dropping like mad till I was taking critical damage. Now I just kill predators when I run across them because they’ll hunt me down eventually. Unless there is some Super Tech we can replace our existing defenses with, I think things are a little too deadly now. And emphasis on replacing, I don’t want to give up even more storage slots, and I don’t have slots open on my Tech Page for either ships or suit pack.

I also quit looking at crates with their stupid rusty fasteners because it chews through resources.

Now for some wishes.


  • PLEEASE remove those strobing arrows on our front windscreens.
  • Zero slots available on the Tech Page, will this change?
  • Shielding is much less effective, is there tech available to beef this up - which won’t eat up additional storage slots?
  • Warp range has been cut, while the galaxy has grown by five or six times! Are we getting tech to boost warp range that won’t eat up additional storage slots?
  • if we must have new tech to make survival easier, can we please have slots open up on our Tech Pages for it? I’m tired of ever dwindling storage eaten up by upgrades.
  • Storage slots are really mixed up. A lot of Explorers have more cargo space than some Haulers! I’m unsure of just what the thinking Team Mercury is towards ships, but I wish that things were more consistent like this:
    Explorers: whatever they decide
    Fighters: I want them to have as many as 48 slots as before, but the most I’ve seen so far seems to be 29, should be at least 36 because of all the offensive and defensive tech required just to survive this mad universe
    Haulers: a small Hauler should have at least 16 slots, medium at least 20, large at least 24, and there should be more 48 slotters come along
  • The Class bonuses seem really low now, and I have yet to see a “normal” S Class vessel after the update. I would prefer that the old ships go up to S Class, and the weird new alien guys get their own X Class designation or something. I’d prefer that the Class bonuses look more like this:
    C Class: 0 - 10%
    B Class: 5 - 30%, at least one or two at 10% or greater
    A Class: 15 - 50%, at least one or two at 20% or greater
    S Class: 20 - 200% on rare ships, at least one or two at 50% or greater
    X Class: cool mystery values
  • Ships from other regions of the galaxy should show up once in a while to throw in nice wild cards for us
  • Terrain avoidance as an option, NOT an upgrade, please. I don’t need to hotdog it through canyons. The first planet I went to, I slammed right into the surface because I forgot to pull up. I still can’t fly under arches anyhow.
  • Ship stats of all ranges and capacities should show up at spaceports and trading posts all the time. It would be nice if their tech wasn’t completely depleted, and occasionally some special upgrades were on board, and sensibly placed too. It would also be nice if the vacant spaces were biased towards the bottom, that is so irritating to have holes all over the place in storage slots. I pass up some otherwise nice ships for that reason.
  • Ship scanners should function something like they did in the very earliest demos of the game. Scanning planets should highlight point of interest. It’s a major pain trying to locate Trading Posts and Outposts - whatever you call those one ship landing pad buildings.
  • We should be able to sell ships we no longer want.


  • Shielding and environmental protection is less effective. If we don’t get super tech to replace it with, I seriously need those slots opened up on our Tech Page for super technology. I won’t visit hazardous planets anymore because I have to run for shelter and keep feeding my upgrades with resources that quickly run out and are hard to find. I also quit looking at crates with their rusty locks because it chews through too many resources.
  • The Jump Pack should function longer like it did originally.
  • The Underwater Breather should last a LOT longer, it’s pathetic how quickly it runs out. I can hold my breath longer, and I’m badly out of shape. I won’t explore underwater unless I need rigogen.


  • We could use more than one. We can have six ships, why not two or more Multitools?
  • Multitools of all capacities should show up at Outposts. It would be very nice if they were also for sale at Trading posts, such as buying/trading from NPCs.

User Interface

  • Return the Chat interface functionality to what it was before. Having the dialog on separate click-thru screens is fine, but backing out starts the whole dialog over again, yuck.
  • We should be able to rotate our models in the Inventory screens on all axis by grabbing and dragging with left mouse button. We used to be able to turn them only by spinning the mouse wheel, but now that doesn’t work.
  • Transferring a number of items should either be by holding the transfer button and mouse dragging like we were once able to do, or highlighting a number of blocks and hitting Transfer.

More to follow. I want to build a new “office” chair and get back to this vexing Sim. :sweat_smile:


Well, while we already have a bug report place, you could keep this as a wishlist.
Regarding the ships tech pages though, your current ships won’t have them, but new ships you buy do. Especially A/S ranks can have up to 7 of these slots.
I also didn’t have much issues with the ships shielding, although that might be because I’m flying a hauler.

Personally I have not noticed (in normal mode) and difference in jet pack or hazard protection, both seem to work perfectly fine to me. (Got a +3 hazard protection unit and the +2 and +3 jet pack.)

The main reason I’m posting this here is because I’m not sure if you’re using normal or survival mode, but in case you are using normal mode, there might actually be specific bugs that cause hazard protection or jet packs to drain faster than they’re supposed to, in which case it’s not a feature, but a bug.


Good idea, and changed. I’ll update the first post with a bit more detail too. I’m in Normal Mode.

Flying a Hauler around does afford you some nice protection. I explore with Fighters, and having a dogfight with five foes - no, six, a zillion! :yum: - just a few hours before 1.3 launched, I won easily. After the Update, three pirates nearly did me in. I ran out of shield plates and iron, the only resource I had available, because those little trolls couldn’t miss and ran my shields down quick. I had basically stranded myself, visiting my origin world, and divested myself of almost all cargo in case there were conniptions with 1.3. I quit out three times because I wasn’t in the mood to taste death 1.3 style.

Jumping around some on a planet, I might be wrong about Jet pack depletion, but then I was being very frugal too, so who knows. It’s usable. Shielding though, it’s degraded quite a bit, and I’m afraid to try my Aqua breather because so many things have had their capacities trimmed back. Like I say, Warp distance is about half, and that feels like a lot of the parameters post Update.

Quick edit: I’m getting my butt kicked building this chair, so I blame that for my forgetfulness. The reason I came in here is I forgot LostTraveller’s post about informative planet names now being wrong for many worlds now. Seems that 1.3 transmogrified a certain percentage of planets to the point they don’t resemble the originals at all, so conditions, hazards, resources, dominant race etc used with keys in custom names are now completely misleading. It would be a good idea for HG to allow renaming. I think we can rename our gear as much as we want, so this would be a good idea for HUB communities.

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Well, I would suggest, that besides renaming, all existing planets after a patch become “unexplored”. You can keep the old discoveries somewhere, but since the contents are meaningless, the planets should not counts as “explored” anymore. Now that might actually offend some people out there, but think about it. It is in fact a new planet after the universe gets regenerated.

As for warp distances. I did indeed see the max distance of my ship got cut in half. At the same time, I know that before they were utterly misleading and a factor 3 (or so) off. You could warp 1k light year in the direction of the core and the “distance to core” value would only shift a part of that. So I’m not sure what the net effect of this is yet. I’ll take a black hole soon to see what that distance does now. I also do not yet know how many technology got added that can affect these distances, so ultimately, it might just be something to keep the explorer class ships from overtaking black holes in travel distance or something. :slight_smile:

EDIT: just used a black hole, it got me 6k light years closer to the core, which is a lot more than the ~1k I used to get before this patch. So I’d say that pretty much evens out any balancing with regards to how fast you can get to the core.

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There’s another thing. Before, I started about 175,000 light years out from the Center. According to my Map now, I’m roughly seven HUNDRED thousand LY from Center. I sincerely hope this is a bug, because I might never reach the Center otherwise. Not taking a black hole. If I remember right, it’s one way, and wrecks some of your gear. I’d much rather make scenic stops along the way. Hazardous worlds need not apply.

On a happier note, after an epical battle with rearrangement, the new chair is super cool. :sweat_smile:

Probably not a bug, but see my edit about black holes being way faster than before.
Also, if you got a freighter, just buy an old 20 slot hauler for free and fly that through the black hole. They are indeed 1 way, but that shouldn’t matter much, since you’re traveling to the core anyway, not backwards. They do indeed damage 1 random item, hence me recommending to buy an old clunker for that. If it doesn’t have more than 2 weapons upgrades and a single shield, it can’t break anything you can’t fix with 50 Iron and some Thamium (or whatever).


I too use one hauler with full slots as a convenient container and a warp-trough black holes ship (no tech)

New and exciting fauna all the way.

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A note on the distances. There was about a 4:1 ratio on the distances before. I think they just multiplied it out. Thus ~180,000 ly would now equal ~720,000 ly.

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Wow… you realize that super galaxy Messier 87, one of the largest galaxies within a hundred million light years, is dwarfed by Euclid by a huge margin? It has about the same diameter as the Milky Way, 120,000 LY, but it’s spherical.

Euclid has a diameter of at least one and a half MILLION light years! But this was something I had pondered, if a spherical galaxy with a diameter of 350K-plus LY was large enough to hold a star population hosting 18 quintillion worlds. Using a rule of thumb, if there are an average of three worlds per star system, that would give a population of roughly six quintillion stars. I think there are that many stars in our entire known universe! I still can’t believe Sean decided on something so insanely large, that entire civilizations couldn’t visit every planet in this sim.

Quick factoid edit: my remark about universal star population ls based on old info. Apparently, it’s at least 1,000 quintillion, or one sextillion, and will likely grow even larger as we point ever more sensitive instruments at our skies. And the universe still isn’t crowded! :open_mouth:


UI for selling and trading should be reverted, at space station it reloads everytime you move from sell to buying.
The trading process is not way too long in space stations that it takes forever to get anything done.


Yeah, I’ve missed ships at Starports and Trading Posts because I was fumbling too much with the Ship Offer/Sell/Buy menu. It worked fine before, the change to accommodate the new chat structure is messed up.

I’ll have to play some more through the update to see what I want in the future, but I’m stuck in my dumb base technician quest, so I might just go exploring and forget quests, missions, and all the cool new Lore until this mess gets cleared up. :worried:

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I hope HG is not like other games really do, don’t listen even though they say they do, and not fix what the players see as bad.

They put out 1.31 in less than 24 hours. I think they’re listening.


So far, whenever there was a new patch (and even right after the launch), they released a whole string of bugfixes right after them until everything was working as intended. So nothing to fear there, just give them a few weeks max to sort things out.

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Kind of moot considering its a simulation :wink:

They are super good at listening to the userbase, I’ll agree. It does seem though that they rushed a bit too much to make the Anniversary deadline, which is definitely a double edged sword unfortunately. It basically makes us like Windoze users and all beta testers for them. :sweat: I think next update, they should make sure that everything is pretty much bulletproof a week before launch, and without that hard deadline, that should work out.

I’m going to be neighborly and add user suggestions below mine, with credit.

Had a couple more thoughts. Ship cargo slot capacity is all over the map with different makes. I’ve seen Explorers with more capacity than Haulers! Whatever HG’s philosophy is on this, I think they should follow a protocol more like this:

  • Explorers: whatever they decide.
  • Fighters: they need a lot of space to house the offensive and defensive gear necessary to survive in this mad universe, and still have room for some cargo. I would prefer that they have as much as 48 slots as before, but I think the ceiling should be at least 36. I know that having 48 slots kind of steps on Haulers’ toes, but this is a wish thread, and I’ve seen one Explorer with 48 slots.
  • Haulers: small ones should have at least 16 slots, medium ships at least 20, large guys at least 24, and there should be a higher frequency of ships with capacity of 40-plus.
  • Ships from other regions should show up occasionally, not rarely, to give us some wild card goodies.
  • The Class bonuses seem really low now, and I have yet to see a “normal” S Class vessel after the update. I would prefer that the old ships go up to S Class, and the weird new alien guys get their own X Class designation or something. I’d prefer that the Class bonuses look more like this:
  • C Class: 0 - 10%
  • B Class: 5 - 30%, at least one or two at 10% or greater
  • A Class: 15 - 50%, at least one or two at 20% or greater
  • S Class: 20 - 200% on rare ships, at least one or two at 50% or greater
  • X Class: cool mystery values
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remove the fertilizer from growing things.
Otherwise making a garden being a farmer is dead.


Or at least make fueling these hydroponic trays last longer!!!


remove the crash feature and damage you take flying on a planet.
it is so frustrating to have to hold down and keep press w to move now…shees

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