Beyond BEYOND - wishlist

Disclaimer: I love NMS and have been a devoted player/fan from the moment I heard about this game. Hello Games have created something amazing, and BEYOND has exceeded my wildest expectations - so please don’t get the impression that I am ungrateful. I have never played a game like this and HG are incredible.

Having stated that, when HG said “Beyond provides a broader foundation for radical things in the future. Beyond is just another step”, it sent my mind into a spin. What could be next? What could top this? Most of us are still discovering all the amazing things that have been added with BEYOND, but as I discover all these new parts of the game, I am also thinking about all the amazing things that could build on from these.

What would you like to see come to NMS beyond, BEYOND?


I have enjoyed everything HG has put into the game. I am thankful for all of the work they have put into the free updates. This game has been awesome.

However, there are 3 things I have wanted from the beginning:

  • multiple multitools
  • A true villain
  • Sandworms (I will take super-rare planets with mega/ extreme fauna)

I agree with the above. My wishlist:

A deep ship customization
Some antagonist and a main villan
Some semi-scripted missions(such as, rescuing a person, or stealing an object/data from a procedurally generated pirate base/fortress/freighter)
Frieghter to freighter, frigate to frigate battles(in a way that the other player wont lose anything or cause any permanent damage unless both players agree that the battle is for keeps)
Deeper race track creation.


Definitely keen for multiple multitool ownership (an armory in our base and/or freighter) AND duel wield.


When I’m in my spaceship and have serveral icons on the screen - let me CHOOSE where to go.


I love hello games for what they have made and continue to make. If I could only make two suggestions that could be implemented they would be.

  • tech upgrade to remove camera shake during warp, asteroids not appearing, light effects.
  • tech upgrade to land ship on top of water, maybe have planets that have no dry land.

Crash Landing.
In the early days of NMS I experienced a situation where, while in a dogfight (in atmosphere) I was damaged enough to find myself suddenly stranded and broken (and underwater).
It was an ordeal to fix the ship and I’ve never yet encountered anyone else who experienced it but it must have been an intentional feature at some point that was removed.
I’d love for that to be put back. Nothing makes you feel quite so alone than being stranded and having to get yourself out.


I’d love to have the UI of the Space Anomaly portal be the default portal UI. So much room; you could have an icon that would tell you where your freighter currently is


I want the compass back. Maybe that sounds crazy but, I do a lot of low level fly-overs when searching for flora/fauna. It is easy to get turned around without it.
Oh and please, please, please increase the amount held in the HUGE storage containers.


This. We can now hold stacks of 10k. We have become walking storage vaults. Let’s loosen up those vaults and fill em out with slots.


An auto-sort button for inventories


I think of the storage boxes as VAULTS: Places to keep artifacts, spare modules, useful relics & trade items. Bulky stuff that you sell or use on occasions.

With such a ‘massive’ suit capacity available, (although, I think of it as molecule storage, as the icon suggests), it seems pointless keeping some uranium in a vault.
I would however, like to see the ability to transfer between any inventory when in any base location like we use to be able to.
Along with that, it would be nice if the freighter landing bay was included as an inventory access area like it used to be.


Yeah, well, you obviously have not started cooking. I need a freakin’ deep freeze, a refrigerator and a huge pantry. :yum:


Perhaps you need a large shuttle to go grocery shopping and utilize for cullinary purposes. :truck:


A brand new fridge!! :ice_cube:


Thank you for reminding me of that. Shopping Hauler, I summon thee! :shopping:


I use the Colossus as a mobile, on-site building materials storage unit. (It’s one of the first things I build).
Later, it becomes my mobile farmed-goods storage and manufacturing ‘van’, complimented by a hauler for bulk sales.
I see no reason why one of the lesser ships couldn’t serve you as a mums-minivan-grocery-getter. :grin:


Crazy idea, hear me me out. What if you could really be stranded. Dog fight in space instead of blowing up and dying your ship drifts to the closest planet crashes onto the surface. If the resources you need to repair, refuel are not on that planet you activate a distress signal for other online players to rescue you, and either drop you off on a different planet or space station, hiking rides with npcs to earn units to buy a ship or find a crashed ship to repair. Or just play the game without a ship. Crazy stupid idea pick it apart criticise, I would love to learn how this could or couldn’t work. Thanks


Such an idea only works if there is a guarantee to solve the situation yourself in any gamemode. Making the player rely on, or even force them to use multiplayer, will likely not be appreciated by everyone. If this alternative becomes too cumbersome, knowing you just had bad luck, a player will likely just reload or even restart to avoid the hassle.

I am not saying I dislike your idea, but dependency should be avoided. Each possible outcome should require equal effort or time spent to solve, or even similar reward. Especially when you have the ability to reload a save. Not many will appreciate the added content and go through the effort. Most will just find the easy way out.


@Sandbar, I very nearly had this happen. Warped to a base on a desolate moon in a system with no space station only to realized my warp drive was empty and I had no materials on me for warp cells or to build electrical components for my very small, unstocked base…:sweat_smile: I eventually rounded up what was needed on the only planet, which was exotic. Very difficult though. Always check the gas tank before leaving on a trip. The new electricity requirement can get you into trouble. :grin: