What You Like/Love

So we have all heard the complaints. Surely there are things you are enjoying about BEYOND.

I love the new Sentinel behavior. It made no sense and was annoying when they were always watching us. Now, they only appear when you are on a planet that they guard, like the ones with Gravatino Orbs, etc…or when the story line prompts it. They are also still present at the locked facilities and depots. This makes their presence more interesting and fits with the Lore much better.
And yes, I do like the electrical aspect. There are many ways to get creative with the wiring and make it part of the decor.
I could go on but I will leave the rest to all of you.


I started a new permadeath save in Beyond. With Next, the odds of finding a “lush” planet without hostile sentinels was as rare as finding diplos. Now I’m finding tons of them. It might be a fluke, but I’m really enjoying it.


The animal behaviour/AI seems a lot more fluent.
The nexus is pretty awesome.
The teleporters and logic looks as if they’re gonna be fun, although I’m waiting till the next update to really mess with that as the pop in at my bases is mad at the minute.


I am amazed at the size of the interior of the NEXUS. And I like the ability to spawn it anywhere at anytime.


Great idea for a thread! :heart:

My save is a new (PC) one for Beyond.

  • Fauna behavior, especially the bird-types
  • Terrain differences in depth and colour on each planet. surfaces
  • Rainbows
  • Planet scan telling you if the Sentinels are aggressive/frenzied in bright orange/red text.
  • Huge stacks of the most used resources
  • Fixing the Drop Pods always takes the same four resources instead of Units
  • The ability to toggle multiplayer and player damage
  • All the Culinary Excesses and the humour involved.

… and so much more.
–including my newest fighter ship’s lovely maneuverability.


OMG! You are not going to believe what I just ran into. Possible spoiler if I am correct. A flock of birds sitting on the ground. There was a storm raging on the planet at the time. It was too dark to notice them at first and when I ran into the group, (I thought they were rocks) they all flew off. Has anyone else seen this?
I need confirmation. Remember when the critters used to go to sleep at night? If this is happening again, this is another favorite thing.


Yes! I have seen that and also some of the larger birds appearing to swoop down on some prey on the ground and up again. So cool! One of them almost ran into me mid-swoop.:sweat_smile:


I like that when a sentinel is shooting through the floor at you, that you can shoot back.


There are sooo many thiings that have been polished in this update. Despite the bugs (that will be fixed and have been fixed already)

  • I like the scale of the new ships. I think even HG were surprised by how VR forced them to rethink scale so we could fit in cockpits. It’s great and an unexpected awesome bonus. I’ve even done a bit of posing in front of someone else’s ship at the Anomaly lol…

  • Now even shuttles are causing a stir at the Anomaly playground.

  • VR - I don’t have it but am enjoying seeking out the funniest first VR No Man’s Sky noobies.

  • The new NPC characters that have been introduced. All that design work going on in the update. Just brilliant. Look at the head on this character (Not sure if it is a spoiler as I had never seen it before until recently).

  • I wasn’t too sure about the ‘milking’ and feeding of the creatures, changes. But they have been done so well. AND we can tame and ride them which isn’t a chore or makes tiresome demands of the player to do so. It’s really fun and funny at times.

  • Multi-play is better integrated and it IS a lot of fun to share some time with another player (which I hadn’t expected)

  • VR again. I’m still amazed. (although I still don’t have it since the last paragraph lol.

  • The fringe halo lighting of meteorites and clouds is a beautiful observation. They also seem more translucent at times. Lighting is generally more illumintating, improved in subtle colours , at all times of the day and night.

  • Chatty NPCs that walk too! They have some neat little animations now. All adding to a believable universe. We can sit. Watch them sit. Even interact with them using emotes. A nice silly detail.
  • The improvements to lighting are great. (wish we could have live filters)

  • The portal address burn is sooo useful (but leaves me curious about the need to find portals)

  • Galactic travel finally. Though I wish it could have been ‘earned’ somehow instead of just calling on the Anomaly and choosing a base to visit. (I haven’t visited one of those boundary failures yet nor that Atlas Pass room nor the bridge of my freighter yet!)

  • New plants are nice.

  • And trees seem more interesting, varied and detailed.

  • I’ve hardly begun with electronic base building but have tried powering up some batteries. Easier than I expected and really fun.
    I can hadly wait to re-visit my old bases to fix them up with all the new things. Yay are ladders back?!

  • There is so much more.

  • Is there new music and better creature sounds? Perhaps I am hearing things again. Lock me up someone (but please not using a new logic gate … I want to be able to leave my base and continue playing. ) :slight_smile:

  • Lastly the No Man’s Sky community has come together in unexpected ways. Probably in ways that go beyond any explanation save one theory the game is much like a living breathing work of art, that you might hang on a wall, which somehow appeals to something personal inside of us all. Perhaps it’s the wide-eyed school girl or boy thing and the adventurous spirit we have held locked away through our busy adult lives.


What @johnnycloud posted is pretty much exactly my own thoughts.
I’m a day-one NMSer with so many hours invested in this game & it is simply staggering how much this game has grown.
If there was anything, I’ve particularly enjoyed about this update it is the return of vibrant colour, while the details have gotten even more crisp.
There is so much to say about NMS BEYOND that I’m actually a bit stuck for words.
It’s simply amazing. :hugs: :two_hearts:


Oh wow have yet to encounter this. Guess I’m going bird watching on a stormy planet when I next boot up the mercury process :slight_smile:


Could’ve sworn I heard new elements to the music as well but it could be some of the stuff Paul added after next (during visions or abyss I can’t recall) that I just hadn’t heard yet.

Really enjoying my time with VR but then I see screenshots from players on console and pc, I find myself yearning for increased draw distance, texture detail and fidelity. I feel torn! I will return to classic playstyle once I feel its safe to return to my legacy save.

Finding exploration much more satisfying with Beyond. Not that it was ever boring but feels now more than ever like there’s a new adventure over every hill.

Absolutely love using terrain tool in VR, it’s one of the most relaxing and rewarding things I’ve done. No more struggling to get the tiny bits of minerals you missed floating in the air, can clean out a ore deposit in seconds and oh so smoothly.

The increased stack limit is very much welcomed, huge boost to quality of life.

Also like how you no longer need to pay an alien to learn words, and that you’re given a choice of what kind of word you’d like.

I don’t know if it’s just been luck on my part but I now find it much easier to lure enemy ships and sentinel ships planetside for a cool dogfight through some canyons without them spawning out or giving up the chase. I’ve yet to test it but I hope that old school feature of being shot down planetside leads to a crashed ship site spawn. Any takers wanna try it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to repeat too much of what everyone else already said but I agree with more or less everything above. Love new creature behaviours, sentinel behaviours, new ingredients, the increase in colour pallet for planets, cooking, taming, power, milking etc.

Just waiting for the last few bugs to be ironed out so I can really enjoy some of those features (e.g I can’t build more than two objects at a base in PSVR wihh out getting the build limit reached, which prevents me from even wiring those objects, especially if they’re solar panels or battery’s). I tested this base in non VR mode and I was actually able to build without the limit warning so it would seem things are seriously gimped for base building in PSVR. However I was not receiving the error as often at launch, it only really got out of hand with 2.09 and my base has become super glitchy. Walls constantly pop in and out of various lod stages or just blink out of existence rapidly. Even when I’m right next to them. I guess Sean gave everyone the weekend off (well deserved) so eagerly awaiting the fixes for this in 2.1 (I recall people in experimental having base issues until a recent experimental patch)

Another thing I’m really enjoying, something I wanted to do with my first time playing No mans sky back in 2016 but didn’t have the time was stream my entire playthrough, and cut it down into short videos capturing the entire story playthrough.

That’s what I’m doing right now, have 25 hours of footage so far, already got the first six hours squashed down into a forty minute video. I want to try split it up into twenty minute episodes a peice.

Also really enjoying the reworked lore and stories and how they all work together a lot better. Nexus and new iterations are wondrous!

One draw back to VR is the slower pace, your ship moves a lot slower and you run and jetpack slower. Even hyper speed is slower so there can be extra waiting between planets than one is used to but I imagine this is for the benefit of our stomachs and the engines ability to render the game twice on PSVR, more so than anything.

Now I really wanna go play it again even though I told myself I’m taking a break for a few hours :joy:

Screw it, once more into the breach!!!


Wow, there are some good lists here for positive comments about the new update.
@johnnycloud your new planet pic that was blurred and clicking on it makes it a different blur. Although if there are new types of planets, I was unaware and spoiled anyways :grinning:

Although I have enjoyed everything they made for the update except my galaxy map moving in slow-motion, here is my top list of things I liked :

  • Industrial techs that do not need recharged for mining and gas collection
  • The appropriate sizing of Starships
  • Increased tree density
  • Improved animal behavior
  • The most important thing: My Legacy save worked with the update right away.

I just love walking, exploring since day 1.
Nice the ships are larger.


I assume you had added the name “warden” to your discoveries in the old ECSD chain system. I’m here to say they retain their names as you had named them. On PC Normal Exp.
This is something else I like, the named systems before Beyond remain.


I wondered if the names we did would stay! Thanks.


I’m also pleased that ships and freighters now retain their new names and are not so forgetful anymore.


They keep firing the gek that hands out fleet missions on me though. They must be skimming the top of the nip nip supply :roll_eyes:


The Torch is now able to be used in day time.
Gathering Glyphs without having to be on a quest.
Collected 4 glyphs so far!


So much to like, so much to see
but what really appeals, what appeals to me,
are the new flight mechanics
so slick, so smooth, makes flying a breeze


There are new flight mechanics? What new flight mechanics? Feels the same as always…