NMS pernamently in beta! lol

Evening everyone. I’ve finished moving but not setting up stuff, in packing etc.

But NMS 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 blah blah blah blaaaaaa

I need more whiskey while converting resources, using scanner to locate those resources, over and over and over and over, please pass the whiskey!.

Tis the only area that is still nice is walking.

What the shit? Free freighters?
I guess the game makers want to push freighter wars?
Do the quest for overseer, scientist, gardener still exist?
Lost all vaults.
Had them before 1.6 but who knows someone might run into them. They might have fallen off my freighter during a jump. If ya find them floating in space the combination is NMS-SMN.

I have yet to understand the community event, especially just starting out,
So I see mass confusion with the way things are going.
So I will keep jumping and talk to the Vy’Keen’s to see if there is a way to blow things apart!!!

Ya be safe, my main computer should be back up in the next two days.


Kick sentinel’s ass. Now where is that whiskey? They pop up out of the ground?

Where oh where are you tonight?


be safe


Nice to see you back in the saddle Ziggy.
You’ll figure it out.
Lots of changes to decypher.


yup, had to get out and push my freighter for a while…


Good thing they introduced rocket boots :grin:


Hiya Ziggy.

Nice to see you back.

Where did you move to? Not somewhere as extreme as Barrow, I hope.

Yes, the game has changed a lot. And it’s still changing. It’s a whole new experience, and you get all that completely free. I love it.


I assume you had them on your freighter. Freighter vaults have been replaced with storage rooms, since the vaults didn’t play nice with the other freighter rooms.
You can get the resources from the disappeared vaults in the old base cache (might have to build one). All your stuff in the vaults should be back when you build the storage rooms.
Whiskey is always nice, though.


Good to see ya around zig!

I haven’t really played too much outside of Creative. Still enjoy just ‘hiking’ around and enjoying the chill exploration. I’ve started a brand new regular game recently but not too far along in that to experience any issues.

Some day I’ll actually get farther into regular mode but I truly enjoy just exploring all the planets without having to worry about surviving or making money. GL!


Zig! Zig! Zig! :grinning:

Welcome back, I thought Emily was your Nemesis?

Anywho, I can not find any T9! Any in your Galaxy? Fuel seems easier to make now. You can refine it or craft it, now. See you at the true center.


I move to Bethel, Alaska, doing the same work.

EMILY is always the NEMIS, still looking for her.

True center …


Welcome back. Read you moved into Bethel and read it so fast, I thought you had written something else!!! I don’t think Emily would be found in one of those. :slight_smile:


What is this?


I see Hell o Games is really really really trying to destroy the game they made.

I love walking on planets, exploring, they killed that with creatures and sentinels dogging my trail.

really sad, there is no way to avoid, by pass the “quest” as there use to be.

oh well they really really don’t care


It’s a super rare Sparkleberry.
If you work out how to harvest it, everything you own upgrades to top spec S class. :grin:

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.
Its actually a leftover graphic from your laser.


lol, no i walked up on it, no weapon fire.

also I was nearly hit my a spacecraft , it came at me and i jumped out of the way, and it disappeared into the ground.


Yeah. There are some odd graphics stuff going on but at least the never-ending falling into the ground has been resolved.

One of my favourite planets now suddenly has unpleasant critters galore. All part of the NEXT apocalypse & follow up updates.

The unable to skip base missions is very annoying if you score an S class gun and then to continue the armourer makes you swap it for a broken C class. Very @#$/^; annoying indeed. My partner just had that happen.

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Uhm… that has always been the case? The predators were passive after the launch of next, which I had always considered a bug, now they’re just back to the way they were for the last two years.
And the sentinels have behaved very much the same way since day one…

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Could the effect be left over from a spacecraft weapon? I don’t remember what the graphic for spacecraft weapons looks like exactly.

In earlier versions, if you killed the drones quickly enough, they didn’t have time to summon their friends. So you could have a quick little battle, then they would leave you alone.

Since NEXT, the sentinels can’t be beaten. Once they start chasing you, it doesn’t matter how many you kill, or how fast - it just keeps on escalating. The only solution is to hide. Which makes fighting sentinels pretty pointless - you’re going to end up hiding, whatever you do.

[edit] They’ve also drastically reduced the distance between sentinel patrol areas. In previous versions, there were whole areas where you would never see a patrolling sentinel. Now there are none. The patrol areas overlap. There is nowhere you can mine forbidden materials without attracting sentinel attention, And if the sentinels are hostile, there is nowhere you can go (apart from hiding) where they won’t find you.

I agree with you about predators, though. If you kill them, they just respawn - and they always have done.


A crouch to try to hide so to be noticed less would be nice like in skyrim and fallout. Also hiding under ground doesn’t always work. They come through the terrain and some times you get projected up while digging. Run! But not to far or you run into another patrol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hang in there @zsigmond! To be honest, I nearly gave out just trying to complete the basic base building quests so I could get to playing the game. Once they were finally done, I began to settle into the game quite nicely. I am really enjoying it now. I still encounter things that irritate me, like the fact that I kept spending nanites on mods for my rifle only to find they had ricochet and I was dead, once again…anyway, things are smoothing out for me. There is a lot to love in NEXT. :grinning: