Is it too early to start another wish list?


Post your (No Man’s Sky related) wishes here, I’ll start:

-there’s an annoying bug/feature when you have your specialists on board your freighter base, the quest marker will make you go to the system they are currently in. If you move your freighter, you’ll still have to go back to that system before they will speak to you. I’ve submitted this to zendesk

-exiting the blueprints menu from vendors will exit the conversation, minor but annoying

-multiple multi tools! I’d love to use that gun rack behind the Armourer’s Desk to store multitools i’m not using but still upgrading

-melee weapons: we can shoot em, we can punch in the face, when can we slice em with a chainsword??

-aiming with our guns: it’s been done with shooters since the 90’s, just press and hold to look down the sights. This could be a function when you have a weapon active like the bolt caster or pulse spitter. Having the mining laser or terrain manipulator will let you use the analysis visor, but having a weapon active will let you aim

-wingmen: could be useful in space battles as well as going to the local bar haha

-a button to toggle those labels all over our screen; especially covering the door to the space station. On the controller it could be the left D pad

That’s it for me, what about you?

ps. please keep your holiday wish lists on a separate thread :wink:

Quality of life improvements

And it’s been done in NMS since the release of NEXT :wink:
Just install a combat scope, have it active as your secondary weapon mode, and voila! It’s not quite iron sights because third person, but pretty close.



Colossus four seats
Roamer two seats
Nomad one seat

Passengers can control scanner, weapon, and mining.

Interiors, first person.

Procedural generated like ships.


I like your wish list, especially the multitool and melee weapon ideas.

I have always wanted more things to do in space: space weather and hazards, space creatures, strange anomolies, comets, gas giants, or large asteroids fields (like Empire). I like that we have uncharted or derelict systems, but perhaps we could find pirates that have taken hold of those systems (missions for clearing out pirate havens…or perhaps blackmarket vendors?)

However, the thing that will have me playing the game for thousands of hours more would be to put in extremely rare things to find besides multitools (artifacts, distinctly unique planets, city planets, primitive civilizations, ect.). Why couldn’t the sandworm be on one (or few) planet in the galaxy?


Oops haha

Time to upgrade my multitool!


True, but in my opinion it’s not really good. The zoom is pretty terrible (nowhere compared to preNEXT where you could use your Analysis Visor) and you can’t shoot the blaze javelin while zoomed in. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Blaze Javelin

I’m still hoping that they’ll fix the blaze javelin combat scope issue soon, because the blaze javelin is my main weapon. I imagined the combat scope to actually be more like the analysis visor before I installed it.

If Hello Games deliberately made the blaze javelin unable to fire, they may have been thinking that you don’t need zoom with the blaze javelin, because it fires exactly where you aim it.

Still hoping.


This one is sort of impractical, but it’s my personal pipe dream for No Man’s Sky.
We have different styles of multitool: rifle, pistol, alien, and experimental. I think that adding different styles of spacecraft would make the game more unique.

In addition, giving shuttles some unique property that could offset their looks would be great too. :+1:t2:


I’ve used the combat scope for long-distance mining far more than for weapons. It doesn’t zoom enough to be as useful as I’d like, should probably have multiple levels like the visor. Zooming is also mostly negated by weapon spread anyway. Worse, while the scope is active, spreads that increase over time (like with the boltcaster) don’t reset when you release the trigger like they normally do. I’m very surprised to learn the javelin doesn’t scope, I figured that was the sniper rifle equivalent (I guess it’s more of a railgun).


Oh well, since I suck at aiming anyways, all I ever needed was a scatter blaster. Not much need for a scope with that baby…

But… but… there are? So you’re obviously thinking of something else than the fighter/explorer/hauler/shuttle/exotic differentiation, which is very analogous to the multitools. But I really don’t know what kind of system you might be thinking of.


More colour variety on planets, and if possible, E3 planets.


Thanks man, and I’d love to see more stuff in space too! Creatures, anomolies, comets and other hazards; those are all good ideas!


Space whales!

…and what are we all doing in space without our towels?

Repair mission that require more then material, like a puzzle? Idk, less get this get that.


What I was thinking was different appearances for the spacecraft: the original look, an “organic” alien style, and something based off of the design of the exotic multitools.
I think that it would add some interesting diversity to spacecraft (more than there is already, of course.)


Matching equipment and vehicles? With crystals sticking out of them and horns. That could be cool.