Survey in the release log

So in the release log on the No Man’s Sky website, there is a link to a survey. I definitely voted that I would like to see stranger planets in this game!


I will vote that as well. Thank you for the awareness.


That’s a pretty cool survey. I voted YES for more ARGs in the future.


I voted for VR support. I think it’s the next big feature that would make the game more popular.


VR would be great, but I’d rather they bring back planet variety first.


I voted for full player models instead of orbs. When I do a community event I want to be able to see my community. I also suggested picture frames so you could hang up you’re favorite screenshots, and maybe even use the frame to produce procedurally generated artwork using fractals. I also suggested the ability to collect sentinels parts after combat to be used for building you own bots. Not the most practical suggestions, but I like to think outside the box.


I voted NPCs. Because of course I did…


I asked for the ability to plant Marrow Bulb and have more glowing plants. I want to plant a “Light Garden”!


That’s a cool idea!

I also want them to bring back planet variety because it’s a lot harder for me to play now without it. :confused:

I asked for more variety in the vein of what you may discover on a biome as described below…

I’m happy with the number of biomes (bring back colour variety though) but I’d sincerely love to stumble over rare random things not associated with the lore or play through.
Just out there to find stuff like: unsalvagable burnt/rusty wrecks, different freighter wrecks, odd ancient civilisation ruins or villages (like current ruins but more varied). I’d like to see settlements both used & abandoned, mining colonies, varied styles of trading posts, strange monoliths of unknown origin
Generally more stuff like we have but graphically different and not linked to the current Atlas/Gek/Vykeen/Korvax routine.
Just wierd stuff that has no explanation but cool to find like the ring structures, mechanosperes & floating shards were but new & just randomly placed on common biomes.

I think it would be easy to add these sorts of things as they are just graphics and can go in locations where current structures locate.
The uncharted systems offer a nice location for relics of an ancient lost civilisation.

I’d also like the newer things to be more rare so the chances of seeing them are less, so it is actually exciting when you find whatever it is.