No Man's Sky Unofficial Player Survey (CLOSED)

Greetings Interlopers. First time on the ETARC forums, so apologies if anything is out of place.

The Galactic Hub is collecting data on the preferences and patterns of NMS players to direct its future efforts and developments, in order to best serve the Interlopers.

The data will also be shared publicly & with HG once enough responses are gathered (at least 1,000+, currently at 900+).

All questions except the first one may be left blank if they don’t apply / you don’t care about that topic / etc.

Survey here:

The results can be found in this reply or expanded below:


Welcome to the forum @7101334. Your topic is perfectly fine, so no worries. I did however make a small edit by placing the form link on a separate line, so it shows a preview. The survey looks very useful, thanks for posting. Once enough data is collected, you can include a link to the resulting data by editing your OP, would be much appreciated.


Perfect, looks much better. Thanks for the assistance, and I certainly hope the survey will be useful to HG and the players - I know it will be useful to the Hub in multiple ways.


Wow good work fellow traveller, thank you for that @7101334!!

Survey Done!

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Good job on this, filled out and submitted.


nice survey hope HG hets some of the feed back it generates


Is it closed already?

It does indeed look like the survey has been closed. I assume they needed a final push to reach their goal and now they can prepare the collected data for public release and sharing with HG. Maybe @7101334 or someone else involved can further explain why the survey ended. A link to the results will most likely be provided once ready.


Yeah, it was closed at 1,475 responses. I’m currently preparing the data (…a more daunting task than I had expected), and I’ll be releasing:

  • Raw data (Just the responses exactly as I received them)
  • Consolidated data (ie, removing nonapplicable responses like “IRL” for which websites they use, changing “” and “Youtube” to “YouTube” for analysis consistency, etc)
  • Aggregated data (Responses by numbers, the data you’d probably want to use to create graphs, as the raw and consolidated data are still organized by individual responses & questions)
  • Commentary / Summary

I don’t want to give a solid estimate but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t ready in the next 3-5 days, quite possibly sooner. Working on it now.


Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey, and please keep your eyes open for the next edition towards the end of the next update’s life-cycle!


Very well done, looks great and some interesting results!