City planets

I got a great vision for City Planets, With procedural generation it will be really unique
since it’s not random but procedural.

The planet could look like this from Space.

Wouldn’t it be epic. to see gek’s or the korvax walking around, doeing their things?

Think about it! How it could be!?


That would be awesome. I don’t think it would ever be in the game, but perhaps one day someone could make a mod


Lots of, uh, ground to cover here. Even a mall type set of buildings would be a nice change. I’d like to see artificial tunnels and old mines too.

Running into the various races, moving around on a planets surface would be a nice addition. I could see a running gun battle with a couple Vy’Keen across a hostile planet. You could add the dreaded ‘escort’ mission where you have to escort some Korvax biologist through a predator filled landscape, ambush by bandits, angry sentinels.

Hello Games could easily spend another 2-3 years adding to No Man’s Sky. Not to mention an enhanced version with VR support for the PS5, right? :slight_smile:


it would seem like a great idea, one big place for players to meet and trade with all nations.
perhaps you can buy stores or farming land, and compete with the races and complete missions like maybe curing disease or building a town. perhaps even killing off sentinels.

I am so totally on for city planets