My vision for NMS multi-player!

Not a clue how technically feasible this is, just a thought crystallized by a gamefaqs thread.

What I’d like to see in NMS multiplayer are race courses user-terrained on cool planets (in one of the upgrade notes there’s a reference to this, dunno how much actual work has been done on it), customisable weaponized exocraft, the kind of split screen mayhem that Crash Team Racing had, and e.g. an upgrade reward for the winner.

You could have an 8 entity race with, for instance, 3 guests, then A.I. Vy’keen, Gek, Korvax and Traveller with the user whose planet it is represented by a jet-powered example of the local fauna. Because who wouldn’t want to race over serpentine bridges with a bouncing smiley-faced pineapple firing grenades at you?

Ideally, if the user had an ‘Event Manipulator’ device - something like how the PS3/4 Far Cry 4 level editor worked - they would then be able to configure in-race events, attacking swarms of sentinels or kamikaze class A fighter bandits.

Well, that’s my bright idea for the day.

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