Panda wants to know what you guys want next!


Hey guys! My name is Matthew but most people call me Panda. I play No Man’s Sky on Ps4 and have been playing since launch day. I like many other people absolutely love this game. I’ve played tons of MMO type space games and sims from EVE Online to Elite Dangerous. My friends and family know that I am a hardcore Sci-Fi nerd. In other words, for someone like me No Man’s Sky is the perfect game. At least that’s what I thought, until Hello Games decided to keep making it better with each patch and major update. This game is known for its grand scale

to it’s mind boggling vistas. I’ve seen green forests atop strawberry grass, moon rises, and rainbow horizons.

Now that the game has been out for a year, what else could they do? Well that’s the purpose of this topic. Now that we’ve met each other in 1.3 Atlas Rises

what are you guys expecting in the next update? What new features do you want to see? What would you like to see them do with multiplayer? PVE or PVP? Both? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s talk about what we’d like to see in the next update. If Hello Games is looking at these conversations maybe our dreams will come true. Put your tinfoil hats on lets speculate and get creative!!!


There is a thread discussing our wishes already. I believe the OP was going to be organizing them soon also.


Sorry, I’m new to this forum and it’s only my second post. Are we not allowed to create separate posts on the same subjects? I wasn’t aware there was a specific etiquette for this. My post is about the same subject but in a different category and presented much differently. That post includes what he desires moving forward. I’m asking other people what they would like to see as a way of analyzing what direction the community is wanting to go with No Man’s Sky. Please do not take my reply as sarcasm. If what I’m doing is a no no I will simply remove this post. I just thought anyone could share freely.


Indeed, anyone can share freely. You have broken no rules.

I’m a bigger fan of PVE than PVP. I think it would be cool to have designated PVP star systems though. Maybe increase the rare elements there for motivation? Also, giant PVP space battles. And pets, we need pets.

No Man’s Sky—v1.4 Screenshots, Art, Videos & Streaming

Xion4012 you are the second person that has mentioned pets to me. I even had a buddy go as far as wanting to create a zoo for creatures he wanted to keep. I am with you on PVE. I would rather approach the campaign, and side quests as a co-op experience. I also love the idea of just being with your friends dog fighting AI enemies together, exocraft racing, exploring, and spelunking. I love the idea of having PVP specific systems with rare resources in them because this gives the brave a place to seek a good challenge and satisfies multiple play styles.

No Man’s Sky—v1.4 Screenshots, Art, Videos & Streaming

Co-op play has to be the next step. I would love to fly around with other players, but a 2 person ship? Yes. One person piloting and another in a turret? WAIT! Someone piloting a freighter, with other players in the turrets! Battling other freighters. I think I’m rambling.

Pets seem like a great idea. Add some base parts, animal pens and such. I can already imagine the exotic zoos people would set up. And with portals, its can be a quick visit. I want a bird though. That I can call like a falcon :grin:


I love the idea you mentioned regarding the multi-crew battles in the freighter. If that ever becomes a thing I will straight away become an admiral of a hub fleet and engage in space warfare.


Have these patches been awesome or what? I mean between the inventory management, procedural handling and low fight weather improvements holy cow!!! Hello Games has been working very hard. I mean the textures have been greatly improved, the landscapes, terrain, everything has been improved. I am playing on the standard Ps4 and blown away by the level of optimization on legacy hardware. I don’t know how they are pulling this off. Hello Games in my opinion have forever changed the way games will be developed moving forward. No one has admitted it yet but they have.


I’d like to see some warfare between factions, with freighters attacking each other in naval style combat. I’m not sure if the lore supports the 3 races actively fighting each other, but there could be large scale sentinel attacks on freighters and planetary structures, and large scale attacks on high security sentinel planets.


Could simply be rival pirate factions.
Would be cool to sit back and watch a battle between 2 freighters and their accompanying starships.
Would be fairly easy to add a pirates guild to the existing line up.


Pirate Guild. I like it.

Freighter combat needs to be included eventually. Even if it’s just two NPCs. Although I still want to pilot one into battle :grin:


Yeah man, a pirate faction would be a good addition, there could even be star systems controlled by the pirate faction. Going to the space station could give special access to pirate missions.

But I really hope they add freighter combat sometime :slight_smile: