Is it too early to start another wish list?


You have a lot of good ideas @The_Corsair! I really like your freighter ideas, and building a custom starship from blueprints would be fun too


Wish they would give us bigger stack size for glass, and other things, or at least much larger storage. It’s silly to have storage containers with only 10 slots. They should be 50 slots at least.

Wish they would give us elevators for our tall bases.

Wish they would give us a lot more tree’s and other exotic fauna we could plant on our bases.

Wish they would fix the ladder bug inside the bases when having more than two stories.

Wish they could give us fire places for our bases, and kitchen appliances.

Wish they would give us a camera view below our avatar’s. When jumping on buildings for example, you can’t see what you are stepping on if it’s high up.


I wish I could pick up my base parts and move them around, instead of deleting and replacing them.


What about a bigger exocraft with a room inside, that could function as a mobile base. Or maybe compartments that you could hitch on to a Colossus like train coaches.

I kind of want to drive a NMS-style space train now.


I just want to pop those floating bubbles on exotic planets. :grin:


It would be nice if ALL minerals scanned instantly like Di-Hydrogen instead of the slow scan like plants.


Scanning minerals could be a bit faster; do upgrades improve the scan speed?

Not sure if I’d want minerals scanned instantly though, one quick sweeping glance with the analysis visor would scan pretty much all the minerals without giving the player any meaningful feedback.

But it should definitely be quicker to scan, especially if that’s something we can improve with upgrades.

@Waldo3000 popping those bubbles would be so much fun! Especially if there was a satisfying ‘pop’ sound and some cool particle effects :slight_smile:


I think there are a few upgrades that increase flora and fauna scan speed; I have not seen one for minerals yet, but maybe that’s just because I hardly ever fully investigate the upgrades in space stations.


@Mad-Hatter After scanning a few minerals the other night, I realized how painfully slow it is to scan. Be great if either the scan speed was doubled, or there were upgrades to speed up mineral scan speed.


I think the mineral scan speed should match the ‘value’ of the scan:
A basicly equipped scanner is quick (less detailed) & takes a moment. Just long enough to know it scanned.
A fully modded scanner should take a few seconds because it gets more details but the value of the scan is higher. Makes sense for more detailed scans to be worth more.
At the moment all mineral scans are tediously slow & for minimal financial gain regardless of how good your scanner set up is.

I also think the same thing should apply to plants. The more modded, the better the $ but it does take longer.


I wouldn’t mind be able to mine with the plasma launcher again (or perhaps the geology cannon.)


Yeah that used to be a lot of fun! Run up to a cave entrance and fire one grenade, rake in hundreds of iron :slight_smile:


Post your wish list’s :slight_smile: The Explorer Feedback survey with this weeks patch notes asks about the direction you want the game to go and what you want to see next,