Is it too early to start another wish list?


Without warping, but still going really fast.


Ah… That’ll be a bit of an issue with a 32 bit coordinate system. Not impossible, but would require quite a bit of refactoring in the core engine, I’d imagine. Probably too expensive for the rather little gain.


Not to mention the universal peanut shortage from people trying to replace protein lost in such jumps.


Perhaps add more supermassive freighter designs.

𝓟𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓵𝔂, 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮’𝓼 𝓸𝓷𝓵𝔂… 2.


It’s nice to be in an environment where people immediately recognize an allusion when they see it. It seems that such allusions get missed in most environments I’m in. I’ve sometimes resisted the urge to say, “It’s not like I’m quoting Lester Del Rey, Folks!”

Even though it is off topic, it makes me think of “Mother of Invention” by Tom Godwin. Their ship and ground craft have been destroyed by diamond dust storms on a planet they have discovered. The only hope of escape would require a major paradign shift in physics, so they pull out their slide rules and get started…

See, now, that would have been an obscure allusion, but in this forum, I still think several people would have recognized it. In all fairness, they probably used their slide rules because the abacus was damaged in the dust storm.


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Considering the current state of the game, I think a kind of settlement mechanic moves somewhere into the top-ten of my wishlist. I just find myself unmotivated to build bases. I do kind of enjoy the process of building one, but not enough in itself to just spam bases all over the place.

If you could make your base a colony and designate areas for NPCs to move into, letting your bases become more or less self-sufficient constructs over time, that would kind of help. The trick would of course be that these NPCs are included when the base is uploaded, essentially making them more like the outposts that are generated by the game in terms of function.
Bonus point if you could integrate current outpost functionality. We already have a trade terminal, but why not have an observatory, a communications terminal etc?

Such a mechanic would be a blatant starbound ripoff of course, but well… I can’t think of a better way that would be similarly easy to implement right now.


There have been interesting things datamined as far as bases go - they will be a bit more dynamic if those come to fruition.


Water pumps, wind turbines, solar panel, turrets and electricity have all been found in game files.
I have to hope that turrets point to some kind of sentinel threat and not PvP raids

For me though, bases will always just be aesthetic- I roam too much to have any real use from them.


Some procedural system along these lines would go a long way of making NMS more interesting. Even if they’d only act on a planet-by-planet basis:


We need more variety in SPACE exploration, so far we only had massive update on planetary exploration.

We need NEBULAS! exploding stars ! more sound & ambience in space, i do love the ringed planets.
but space itself still feels empty if you guy’s know what i mean!

-Falling Stars

  • Nebulae
    -Cosmic Dust
  • Fermi Bubbles
  • The Cat’s Eye Nebula
    -White Dwarfs
    -Red Dwarfs
    -Neutron Stars


It might be difficult to come up with specific gameplay purposes for most of these. They’d need to completely overhaul the space exploration in general. Which I wouldn’t mind them doing, but right now they’re building on their strengths, which seems a very reasonable thing to do.

Nothing special about Red Dwarfs, though. The most common star type in the universe, and you could argue that they’re already in the game, since any red star in its main sequence qualifies, since “dwarf star” is really just a monicker for “main sequence star” (except when talking about a white dwarf, which is in fact a stellar remnant. You won’t find any life near it, though). It’s literally the same thing. You can for example call our Sun a yellow dwarf, and you’re saying the exact same thing as when you call it a GV (spectral class G in its main sequence).
Perhaps you meant red giants? Though there’s nothing really special about those either, except that they’re large. Since we don’t really have real-scale solar systems, that doesn’t really matter, though.

Constellations only exist from a certain point in space. They rely heavily on perspective. Move a few lightyears, and you won’t recognise them anymore. As such, they would be pretty pointless in a game like NMS.


Constelations do exist in NMS, in that stars in space can form shapes…
Anyone who joined the Etarc Hub area situated around a striking string of stars noted that it was visible in the night sky from certain vantages on planets off to the side.
If viewed end-on it was just a cluster.
Up until then, I guess we just assumed the night sky was generic pattern…but it turns out that was not the case.


As for the red and white dwarfs. we kinda already have that too. There are red, blue and green star systems you can travel to.

As for falling stars, have they added shooting stars? It seems I have seen them on occasion. They would only be noticeable from the planet. From space, these would be comets and asteroids. Comets with a dust tail would be nice. :sunglasses:

Keep in mind, stars cannot be landed on. Our sun is a star. A yellow dwarf.

Space dust…we have it in planetary rings. Too much space dust and our view will be constantly obscured.

Antimatter. Stable antimatter does not exists in our universe. How would you portray a force not visible to the eye? Perhaps all those times when we used to find ourselves in some weird position in our ships, or stuck inside the hull of our ships or our freighters, it was antimatter to blame. :grin:


Things I wish for in future upgrades:
Some are fixes others are dreams.

  • Ability to name your save files; (similar games are hard to identify when the hours are similar)
  • Ability for renamed ships & multitools to retain that name, rather than peridically returning to the default name.
  • Access to the freighter inventories from the hanger, (regardles of in or out of starship), rather than having to go up the stairs.
  • Ability to sell ships outright & downsize a fleet.
  • Remove the planter recharge feature or at least implement a base-wide single charge point.
  • Introduce an in-freighter teleporter, (even if it means the freighter relocates to a default position in a star system).
  • Add east and west to the HUD compass.
  • Add a camera hotkey for PS4.
  • Add a 1st/3rd person view hotkey for PS4.
  • Add a portable base camp/temporary structure: (To use as shelter on fierce worlds or as a base of opperations while exploring)
  • Fix animations of orb exotics with long lower wings so that it doesn’t go through the ground upon landing.
  • Revamp freighter hanger to accomodate tall exotic ships.
  • Add abilty for hard save point placement in freighter.
  • Ability to double-check spelling when renaming discoveries, prior to upload.
  • Abilty to flag ‘favourite’ locations in discovery menu.
  • Fix the various base components that are bugged.
  • Add more non-interactable, purely aesthetic, chance-finds on planets, such as abandoned equipment, derelict ships & land craft, empty dwellings, random odd objects.
  • Allow underwater modular structures to be joined directly to older modular structures.
  • Add ability to own 2 multitools to faciltate changing and upgrading.
  • Add buildable landing point/beacon at bases so those not wanting a landing pad will have a dedicated ship spawn location.
  • Fix build menu so it remembers previous colour and texture choices.
  • Allow for newly placed base pieces to be moved rather requiring them to be deleted and replaced repeatedly.


I 2nd those motions for improvement. Good list! :+1:


I agree; great list.

I would add the ability to hotkey a few gestures on PS4. They are significantly buried in the menu. By the time you get to them, the moment has passed in many cases.

The ability to have multiple multitools has been on my list for years. I hope we get this at some point so I can play around with new multitools when I find an interesting one. I have had my same top-of-the-line multitool since the Pathfinder update because it would be a step down to try out anything else. The original planet on which it was found has become a barren rock, which eliminates the ability to get it again (plus the stats on comparable multitools where lowered after the NEXT update.).


Hot keys could be done easily too on ps4, that touch pad in the middle has six unique touch points, one in each corner and then top middle and bottom middle. Have seen very few games take advantage of this either.