Quality of life improvements

I thought i’d start a discussion/list about small things that could be added to NMS that might be thought of as too small or trivial to add in but we’d like to see regardless just because it’d make things a little easier/better or more immersive overall. One small thing that i wished was in the game was the ability to hover up and down. Not having to point my ship up or down to fly up and down. It seems like such a small thing but for me it would make a big difference.

So with that, I’d like to know what small add-ins you would like to see, no matter how small or trivial it seems.

I searched for this topic but came up empty so I thought I’d start it. If i overlooked a similar one then i apologize.

I’m sure you have something you’d like to see in the game that would make things just a tiny bit better for you. So let’s hear it! (or um read it. :smile: )


There is this…

But something small I would like to see changed is the way that you can see the atmosphere glitching through freighters and stations. It’s kind of small but annoying.


Oh great I so want a kitchen with cooker, sink, cupboard that opens and a kettle and a teapot with mugs in the cupboard that you would click on the things inside and set on the table and then click on the kettle and teapot and tea caddy to make a real nice warming tea and a coffee machine, wouldn’t that be homely and the oven could have this cooking in a similar way.

I want a shower room which gets off all the days travel …
Not much to ask!

A wardrobe with suits and helmets and boots.

Not being girly about this, guys need a kitchen and shower and a place to hang their hat


Week 4 event … Community tea party! :smile:


Guys do not need a shower.

Girls need guys to need a shower.

Most guys don’t care.


Men who had house mates that were chefs also need men to shower :smirk: ain’t no stank like a cramped, confined, sauna-esque workplace stink.


Yes, but the point is, he didn’t care.

You could slice the atmosphere of a male gymnasium into solid chunks. You could probably use it to kill rodents. And nobody cares.


This is probably why our place was free of infestation, until a tiny human snuck into somebody’s womb and now rules the roost.

As for QOL features, my biggest request would be increasing the value of buy and sell items much easier. But also keep the little hack of entering sell first so when you switch to buy it maxes out the values to your current supply or as close to it as it can get.


hahaha yes, a place to hang our hats!


Perhaps a future exocraft that can rise for a limited time to a maximum altitude that lets it just clear the mountaintops would be helpful for those of us who foolishly built a base on a hovering island of land. This temporary flight should probably come at a price, such as a separate flight fuel made from Radon, to allow other exocrafts an advantage in non-flight situations. it would be useful for searches along he surface at speeds much slower than the space ships allow.

Additionally, I’d love to be able to store a second multitool in an inventory slot. Different tools could specialize in different functions (or for the style-conscious, accessorize different space suits). If we have the ability to change the equipped tool, then perhaps we can equip something else for fun, such as a checkered flag, a sign protesting sentinel brutality, a leaflet about Hirk, or a milk carton with a picture of Artemis on the back.


Here is something that might interest you - datamined from the latest patch
Beware - content spoilers



From hints we’ve already been given, I suspect these may be items available for future purchase.

If you have enough quicksilver.


Yeah , that’s my guess as well


HUD toggle. I travel most of the time with the HUD off but going back and forth would be much better if you could just do a one button toggle. Haven’t checked if 1.60 allows you to do that on the PC.

  • Prevent freighters from not allowing a player to dock or leave the bay while it is under attack.

  • Ability to alternatively use (W/S) or the D-PAD to navigate through dialogue options.

  • Remove automatic multi-tool holstering while in your base or underground in the vicinity of an outpost; it makes terrain manipulation a nightmare sometimes.

  • Ability to invite people from joint-exploration lobbies into your session from the in-game network settings.

  • Make the “transfer item from” prompt accessible from anywhere and in any inventory without having to empty a slot.

  • Introduce a new mode for the Terrain Manipulator that allows you to regenerate bits of terrain.

  • Add a new menu for base-building — similar to the layout of the products tab in the guide — that has easily sortable filters for each buildable type. (NEXT introduced so many new props that finding what you’re looking for is a pain; and it doesn’t help that you need to search for the prop again if you drop out for a second.)

  • Ability to save your own character presets.

  • A clearer warning system for potential loss of terrain edits at your base. (It seems that altering too much terrain at one base can override another base’s edits)


A smoothing function would be nice, too–or at least one to remove the terrain manipulation.

Add, perhaps, the ability to open the exosuit high capacity inventory while using a storage container. I’ve verified in real life that I’m fully capable of leaving a backpack open while I open a cabinet. I haven’t tried directly throwing items from my vehicle outside into an indoor cabinet. That one might be trickier.


Gold :rofl:


Yes, absolutely! I’ve been asking for this since launch.

The game looks amazing, but then there’s all those waypoint markers, labels, etc. cluttering the screen and, in somce cases, completely covering the object. Like that space station.

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Not sure if you mean this but you can already build with the terrain manipulator as well as destroy land

I’d like a mode to terraform a large chunk of terrain the size of the old base perimeter in one go, so its nice and flat.