Suggestions thread?

Hey all! Been on a large adventure through my imagination it seems struck a nugget of an idea. If possible, I suggest a NMS app for things like manger options like banking for resources, fleet management that would have separate mechanics like reduced units and such but still a gain over time if you use the app, plus maybe a cool unlockable node section for both community events and maybe base/hubs/(hopfull) procgen pets that are like a certain garden for cetain pets that you could nuture and evolve. Like a um, Ciao Haven or what ever it is referred to. Cough Cough, maybe add a ring of golden mini worlds.

It might take alot but maybe a community build process? Like modders submitting portions and they keep updating based on what the app can hold or; a non-paywall randomizer for elements to unlock things from a certain catagory from the mod list. Then, if you have enough or too much then you can export and trade? Maybe fleet pet’s to improve odd’s and rewards? Just a few suggestions including making this topic a thing? Doesn’t mean mine but the sub in general.