Proposed Fleet Idea

Hi, I’m new to this forum and this is my first post, and it’s about me proposing for all of you to collaborate with me in creating our own fleet in No Man’s Sky.

The main idea for this fleet is that it’s our own version of Starfleet in the Star Trek series. I thought about how it would be a part of the United Federation of Travelers that’s already established on Reddit and in the game. It would also have close alliances with other player made civilizations such as the Galactic Hub Project. The fleet could be a branch of the Federation that focuses primarily on exploration but also diplomacy, research, and defense. We would also help fill in the No Man’s Sky wiki.

There is a structure in this fleet that goes back to the days of sailing ships. Here is my proposed ranking system with it’s responsibilities:

Grand Admiral of the Fleet

  • Flag Officers -


Vice Admiral

Rear Admiral


  • Senior Officers -



Lieutenant Commander

  • Junior Officers -


Lieutenant Junior


  • Trainee Officers -

Cadet First Class

Cadet Second Class

Cadet Third Class

Cadet Fourth Class

Cadets would be new players to No Man’s Sky, helping them learn the ropes of the game. Junior officers are assistants to their senior officers. Higher ranking junior officers such as lieutenants could also have command of a low class freighter. Senior officers such as the captains would lead an entire crew, commanders being second in line. Flag officers like a commodore is basically a senior captain, and admirals lead entire fleet of ships, but mostly handle business behind the scenes back in player bases. Finally the grand admiral is the leader of this entire fleet. All of this is somewhat vague but I don’t want to make the post longer than it is, we can all contribute ideas eventually.

I also thought about the divisions from Star Trek, like command would handle commanding positions, science would focus on helping the wiki page and document flora and fauna, and operations would be crafting and operate as a security force in providing defense.

Here are some names I thought of for naming the fleet:

The First Fleet
Euclid Fleet
Nomadic Fleet
United Fleet
Traveler’s Fleet

Contribute some of your ideas if this sounds interesting to you.


Interesting, I would try hitting up all the NMS fan groups. You considered joining the ‘Spacing Guild’ or the ‘Citizen Science Frontier Division’ ?

I’m sorry but could you be specific on what exactly about this idea you don’t like? Is it the fact that this fleet could be under the command of another community? Like the Federation and Galactic Hub on reddit. I get what you’re saying but it’s not like that at all. It’s a collaborative effort for the entire NMS community, the whole idea is to work together and be a part of multiple communities.

WHY would my fleet be under the command of flipping ANYONE that isn’t me? For what purpose or gain would I EVER do such a thing? I seem to be lacking the necessary bullet holes in my cranium that would be necessary for me to give up command of my fleet.

The idea was that the Grand Admiral is under command of the entire fleet. I probably worded it wrong but it’s more like the fleet will be a part of a community not literally under the command of another.

To do what? What’s the end result of this? When people work together it’s to accomplish something an individual could not do alone that benefits all…what exactly is this common goal? As far as I can tell there’s nothing I can’t get or do on my own just fine.

To explore together mainly. That’s the common goal, and really it’s just to have fun. Maybe just for role play, but who knows maybe something in the future updates they will add something to actually defend against. The four primary pillars of this is exploration, research, diplomacy, and defense. This is just one of many player made civilizations if you don’t like idea then that’s fine.


I don’t think they meant frigate fleets specifically as they are in the game, I think theyre approaching this from a purely role playing standpoint, a fictional feet with fictional roles, just for the fun of living out that starfleet fantasy. While I’m in to role playing, I couldn’t commit to somethinf this organised and structured but more power to those that do.


Let me tell you a story.

More than a year ago, it was suggested that this forum should have a logo. Many people thought that would be a good idea, and several people submitted designs.

Then the process of deciding a winner began. Some people tried to organise votes, Some people tried to organise a committee. Some people organised private discussion groups. And the votes, and the discussions, and the arguments, went on, and on, and on…

All the while, people were submitting new suggestions, revising their old suggestions, suggesting new purposes for the logo, and generally muddying the water, until nobody knew what they were supposed to be deciding on any more.

After more than a year of this, people began to lose patience. They argued, they fell out, tempers became frayed. People refused to take any further part in the process.

In the end, some of us forced a decision. But it was by no means unanimous - so, after all that, we may, or may not, have a logo.

And my purpose in telling this story is this:

That illustrates the difficulties we encountered trying to decide on one single picture.

And you propose trying to organise these people into a huge fleet, along military command lines?

I promise you, it’s much, much, more difficult than you imagine.


I believe you stated that “it would be easier to herd cats” :grin:


I just like ambitious ideas, and I realize how extremely difficult it seems, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. That’s why it’s a collaborative effort. The structure can seem complex but really it’s just a ranking system, it’s not a full blown out strict command line. There’s just some complexity involve but not that much. But I guess this idea isn’t going to be very popular here.


I think for it to be possible there first has to be a real and tangible reason for it to exist. If gameplay advantages existed for extremely advanced players to cooperate with others some alliances would form. Tough I can almost certainly guarantee you can forget about the military structure…it would be more along the lines of limited alliances for a mission or a number of missions where people worked together so that they can get the rewards. Though in a game like this that would be impossible to balance…people have thousands of hours worth of progress…balance it to be very tough for them and people with like 200 hours into the game will get blown away like nothing…problem is less than 5% are very advanced players and most never get over 100.

So balance it so most people can actually play this content and the advanced payers don’t need anyone…just like now for me it is A LOT easier to take our a bunch of pirates balanced for a multiplayer mission than it is to take down the average pirates that usually ambush me…likely because the pirates ambushing me are balanced more around me lol…they’re still not very tough but they try more.

For real actual reasons like missions I might ally with people for a bit here and there but nobody’s managing my fleet and I’m not babysitting anyone’s outside of the scope of said theoretical missions.


I don’t think there’s anything about this forum that’s particularly obstructive to your idea. I doubt whether it could be made to work on the other forums, either.

It would require a huge commitment from a fair number of people to manage the thing, and, for it to work at all, it would also require total compliance from a large number of members.

To be fair, unlike this forum, at least on Discord, Reddit, or (to some extent) Steam, you could start your own specific sub-group, and invite like-minded collaborators.

As I said, I don’t think it will fly anywhere. It’s too difficult to organise, and keep organised. But please don’t blame this forum for that fact.


It was for these reasons above, I pointed you to the ‘Spacing Guild’ @SilverblackEagle they are organized about as much as you can get for a NMS club. They have there own website and reward/rank system. PM @MacForADay to apply to join.

Good luck, I polled CSFD members on a made-up rank system, no bites. We have an ambitious goal, membership involvement and the goal/journey is slow.

But, It could happen. I say build it and they will come. Be that guy. :sunglasses:

And don’t mind our local Sith lord, I think he means well… I think. :hugs:


Count me in. I have experience in exploration, but the defense force sounds fun too.

I’m getting bored with the lack of activity around here anyway. :unamused:


I think the idea is a fun one, for it to have any chance of working though you would need to:

  • Abolish the ranks
  • Have an ‘active duty’ list as not everyone will want to or be able to participate all the time
  • Reorganise the Defence Fleet into an Exploration Fleet as there isn’t actually anything in game that would require this level of military coordination

A ‘Mission Instigator’ could say, discover an interesting region, and then the Fleet deploys to the area and members are assigned systems within the region to explore either on their own or together.

The Mission Instigator would be responsible for discovering and providing an initial survey of the region, assigning systems to willing participants and updating whatever is decided upon to keep a record of the mission.


Or you could just go and play Eve online…


Yeah…and it’s an absolute mad-house over there…good luck with EVE if you try that. The game has full PvP economies and massive groups and so on but everything there is extremely shady all the time and you never know when you’ll be robbed of all you’ve worked for…and people have been robbed of years of work in mass. Very happy that NMS isn’t that kind of game.


It’s being done in Eve all the time. It’s how many factions are organised (well, at least temporarily). Of course that comes with all the drawbacks and drama of real-life politics, so yeah, I’m very happy to stay a long way away from it… :smile:


Yeah…that’s what I meant by good luck…sometimes when those groups split most of their former members are also separated from most of their in-game belongings. You’d have to be pretty crazy to agree to the terms of joining a group there and if you don’t you can’t do much on your own.