No Man's Sky Themed Application

Is there anything u guy’s want as an application for No Man’s Sky?

Currently out of idea’s. Any help appreciated!


What do you mean?

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App to spank Emily!


An app to find certain elements/minerals would be useful…
Type in a search and up pops a portal address where the required material can be found.
Perhaps the Portal Repository could assist.


Mmmm I don’t think that will fit in the “rated T for teen” thing


Tools to help chart star region maps and\or planets\areas of planets. For regions there is no precise xyz for stars. Planets have the north and south arrows and scanner distance. So charting a map should be possible. You would have to guess a little on angles. Any surveyors NMS fans?

Zig, Emma is going to get a restraining order against you. :rofl:


Yeah if any app developers want to hook into The Portal Repository they are free to do so using the WordPress RESTful API. I’d be happy to work with any developers that want to utilize the portal addresses on my site.


Sorry if you have moved on to other things but I just thought of a useful NMS app:

It would be nice to have an app for storage box inventory tracking.
When relocating bases or swapping freighters, the storage boxes get packed up with their contents until you next rebuild them. Often during a pack up you cram everything into any spare space (including exocraft and spare ships).
Once the boxes and exocraft are gone it’s hard to remember what you put in them unless its written down. Then there is the issue of remembering which is your start-up box with all the iron and voltaic cells to build the rest.

Eg,part way through rebuilding:
Now where did I put all my living glass? Is it in the exocraft. Oh hang on… wheres the makings for the geobay? Was it box 3 or 5? Oh crap! Now I’m out of voltaic cells… you know the routine.

This is where an app would be handy as a kind of note pad.
9 boxes & 3 exocraft listings (since they aren’t easily accessible in game) including their contents which are plucked off a side list or entered manually…
Yes it is easy to use a note pad but an app at your side would be very handy. I use the Pilgrim Path app all the time so my tablet/phone has become part of my NMS play equipment.
The app could even be designed so as to make the most out of storage and in a particular order…

Anyway, just an idea since you asked. :+1:


You’ve made me revisit my memories of how difficult it was to relocate someone’s farm during first days of foundation update. :slight_smile:

I had to make the methodology of what I deconstruct first and last. I needed to find a way to store materials efficiently without loosing space on not-full stacks. Decide on which easily replenisheable materials I may throw away and then recollect on arrival. And make it perfect, so that all materials to build containers are fit into one last container and I only carry materials for a single container to build the whole base.

Those days of being poor and in desperate need to be highly efficient are long gone now.
After I’ve earned money on lube and other stuff, I’m using three haulers with no upgrades to maximize space to move my base.

Distribution of materials across ships is the following:

  • crops with planters and carbon stands,
  • advanced construction (trade terminal, landing pads, lightning, crates and etc),
  • basic construction (furniture, rooms, domes, corridors and etc.).

This helps to ramp down/up quite fast and avoid issues with sorting and incorrectly using materials.
For example building lights with antrium to find out later, that now you only have voltaic cells to build gravitino balls plants.