Some Suggestions


Planet-based Variety — Utilize the areas system already present in-game to make planets more diverse. Introduce slight alterations to each area of a planet in the form of “mini-biomes” and slight changes in terrain formations. Allow players to officially upload these areas and leave a brief description of what makes that particular area stand out. The upload is accompanied by planet coordinates(x/y-based) that can be used to manually navigate to that area.

New Environments:

Lights Out — Daunting planets with atmospheres covered from the sun by incredibly dense clouds and smog. You must rely on your flashlight or any glowing minerals or plants to navigate. Beware of the higher populations of predatory creatures that often lurk in the shadows.

Pollinated — Planets with highly abundant flora, inhabited by new NECTAR SUCKING BEASTS. Dense pollen filling the planet’s air employs new ALLERGEN PROTECTION systems. Beware of large gusts of wind, which in certain cases may cause highly dangerous POLLEN HYPER STORMS.

Salt Flats — Desolate planets made up of a dense salt. Discover unique “flora” and mineral formations made up of the salt as you traverse the salty landscape.

Clayed — Planets with terrain formed out of hardened clay. Stumble upon unique clay-formed creatures with vastly more health than average creatures. Find unique rocks naturally formed by the clay which may encase other rarities from long ago.

Crystal Caves — Caves with a high presence of large crystal-compacted materials, including those normally found- such as cobalt. Be careful while traversing to not be impaled by the sharp-to-the-touch edges of these crystalline formations.

New Creatures:

Nectar-Sucking Beasts — These creatures use their small wings to lift their plump bodies a few feet off the ground; using amply protracted dipping tongues to suck nectar from some flora varieties. Some bear stingers on their behind as a level of defense against those it feels threatened by.

Space Walks:

Jetpack Augment — When ejecting from your Starship in space, your ship will automatically mount an augment to your jetpack. This augment bears a tether to your ship — which can be upgraded to reach longer distances — along with extra thrusters linked to your jetpack’s systems to allow for omni-directional propulsion in space.


If you happen across a creature who you feel a particular connection to, you may build dependence and companionship by steadily supplying them with food. They will become your pet when a dependency is successfully established.

They will hop into your Starship and tag along with you on your adventures through the cosmos. You can feed them treats and teach them to do tricks. You can call commands from the quick-menu, such as asking them to scavenge, or you can call on them to aid you in combat. Your pet also has their own small inventory which can be accessed by interacting with them.

From your pet’s inventory - depending on the creature type and size - you may supply them with a food stash or provide them with certain upgrades / perks…

[GLASS] BACKDOOR ACCESS CHIP — When your pet dies they will be lost forever to the archival space between all things, unless you implant a [GLASS] BACKDOOR ACCESS CHIP into their skin; which will resurrect them as a new generation at your last restore point whenever they die.

Saddle — Can be equipped onto certain creature types. You can call a command to go to specific locations while mounted, or you could combine the saddle with REINS to give them a level of manual movement requests.

The feature request below is for post-story content; contains spoilers.

Time Travel:

Intermittent Time Breach — Contrary to all understood logic, a breach in the boundaries has deformed the concept of natural time progression, and thus enabled for the ability to time travel to a point before a galaxy reset given the right conditioning.

If you have previously gone to another galaxy, find a planet with high anomaly intensity and delve into its caves to locate a CONTAINED REALITY GLITCH. Interacting with these glitches will create a temporary breach in time that can be exploited at a Boundary Failure gate. If you reach it before the gate implodes, you will be given the option to travel back to any galaxy you have previously been to. You will keep all of your belongings since your past self still exists in this instance, until it attempts to reset the galaxy but is deleted by Sentinels as a precaution to avoid a time paradox.


Bubble Gun — A new Multi-tool gun mode that fires bubbles at a low-velocity, yet deals large sums of damage. The Bubble Gun accordingly utilizes new SOAP CANISTERS as its ammunition.

Localized Gravity Manipulator — A new Multi-tool gun mode that allows you to trap physics objects in a localized field of gravity and hurl them at your adversaries.

Multi-Sword — A new melee tool that substitutes the Multi-tool. The Multi-Sword has short-ranged terrain manipulation and mining capabilities, but also the unique ability to be used as laser sword of sorts.

Temporary [GLASS] Override Machine — A new buildable piece of equipment that breaches the forbidden underworld of eternal life to retrieve surpluses of nanite clusters. However, this attracts the attention of SENTINEL HORDES…endless waves of combat-efficient Sentinels that will stop at nothing to destroy the machine and repair their anomalies.

Crashed Frigates — These sites usually have exposed, eerie interiors inhabited by Sentinels forces that protect its bearing loot, technology modules, and secrets from intruding anomalies.

Anomaly Ejector — A new secondary weapon type that launches anomalous glowing balls that will divert a Sentinel’s attention for a brief period of time. Useful as a last resort in stealth situations on hostile Sentinel planets.

Anomaly-Purged Cloaking Device — This secondary Multi-tool mode makes you temporarily invisible to Sentinel radar systems. Allowing you to mine and gather resources without calling attention to yourself.

Sentinel Roaming — On planets with extreme sentinel presence, you may find Quads or Walker sentinels roaming in packs.

Sentinel Scanning — Sentinel scanning recognition systems operate at vastly varying rates depending on the planet’s Sentinel rating.

Sentinel Accuracy — Increase fire accuracy and movement prediction of all Sentinel types. Requiring that you seek out more creative tactics than strafing in some cases.

Warp Jammers — In attack scenarios, fleets will usually warp in with one heavily armored Starship mounted with a WARP JAMMER: A highly advanced device that conducts intense gravitational fields that temporarily debilitate your Pulse Engine’s power core. Focusing on destroying the jammer is the easiest way to swiftly evade most in-space combative situations.

Biological Horrors(a.k.a “fiends”):

Fiendish Hive — An underground hive structure present on some dead planets, swarming with fiends that will put everything on the line to protect their hive’s queen.

New Fiend Behaviors — Run into roaming fiends on some dead plants; scavenging for food and resources to take back to their queen. On planets with an abundance of hives you are more likely to come across scavenging fiends.


Hazardous Fauna — Fauna on hazardous planets have a high chance of harboring special abilities that pose a potential danger to the player. This introduces a broad variety of unexpected situations. For example, a creature on a cold planet might have sharp icicles protrude from their body if they were startled or feel threatened, as a creature on a toxic planet might release a hazardous gas from their pores as a defense tactic.

Hazardous Flora — Down with the whip plants. New hazards introduce a variety of radioactive, super-heated, and toxic flora props that will all deplete your hazard protection respectively whilst you remain in their vicinity.

Hazardous Resources — Carrying certain hazardous items in your exosuit’s inventories will contribute to the depletion of your hazard protection.

Autonomous Matter Placement Unit — An upgrade for the Multi-tool and Starship respectively, which gives you a cache of up to eight slots(fully-upgraded) to store various fuel and ammunition types. The unit will take this cache to autonomously recharge suitable technology. Note that the Multi-tool upgrade also shares charging responsibility with suit technology.

Balancing Hazard Protection — For a slight balance to the early-game ease of survival, failure of your hazard protection will deplete your core health rather than your shield. This also introduces urgency for long-term players who may have relied too heavily on fully-upgraded shielding protection to hold them off from hazardous conditions.

Balancing Life Support — Low-key on this one. Seeing as Hello Games might be adding food in a future update down the line, I suggest that food consumption replaces life-support systems entirely. Let’s be real, life-support is only really sort of an annoyance when you start the game, then you never think about it again once you have a few upgrades. The game really needs to start introducing fresh ways of maintaining the alien survival vibe as you rack up an absurd count of upgrades. Food would introduce many new concepts that you would need to grasp in order to survive. Lack of care in how you handle what food you dare to consume (for example, random berries, amirite?) would negatively impact your character, and you would learn from that. You would learn what foods are okay to eat, and which to combine to make larger, more nutritious meals that will fill your hunger more. It seems Hello Games has something sort of like that planned, if this feature ever sees the light of day. (please :crossed_fingers:)

Resource “Weak Spots” — As you mine larger objects, bubbles will begin to appear on your HUD; visualizing areas of weakness that can be exploited to quicken your mining speed. This calls for more engagement in mining activities.

Fluid Object Durability and Return — Minerals and flora mining scales to the size of the prop. No Man’s Sky utilizes the same props upscaled and downscaled, but they always maintain the same durability and resource return. Introducing this system would add an increased logic and depth to mining systems. In the sense that it would be highly beneficial to actively seek out larger rocks, trees, or what have you.


Improved visualization of individual weather effects.

e.g Lava Showers — Visible lava droplets falling from the sky on extreme heat worlds.

ex. Acid Rain — green liquid falling from the sky.

ex. Vision Dancing — Amidst hot temperatures, you may find that the heat noticeably begins to horizontally displace your vision in a mirage-esque setting.

Cloud Color Reflecting Planet’s Weather — Toxic green clouds, radioactive brown clouds, super-heated red clouds, anomalous purple clouds etc.

New Changes Weather brings to Gameplay:

Descending Icicles — Dense icicles that fall out of the sky during storms on some extreme cold planets. Will begin to rapidly deplete you exosuit’s shielding systems.

Wind — Utilize a simulation of wind currents to fight the player as they traverse through certain storms.

Terrain Texture — Weather impacts the feel of walking on a planet. Icy planets may have slippy terrain after a storm, or lush planets may have muddy terrain after a storm, causing your character to noticeably struggle.

Magma — On planets with extreme heat, you might find pools of lava. Lava depletes all heat protection as you are submerged, and will quickly begin to seep through your exosuit and kill you. Highly dense, if you fall in you must rely on the force of your jetpack to save yourself.

Quicksand — Found primarily on desert planets, quicksand will begin to suffocate you as it seeps into your exosuit vents. When falling into quicksand, much like lava you must act quickly, relying on your jetpack to get out alive.

Ice — Water on extreme cold planets are covered by a thick layer of solid, slippery ice.


Breaches — On planets with a high anomaly strength, you may come across mysterious rips in the boundary between plausible realities. Visualized by dark empty voids in the ground that spread to entrap whatever is in its path. Coming into contact with these voids will result in a plethora of glitchy side-effects that could mean your life.

Sentinels will attempt to close these breaches with a strange light beam of reparative properties that emits from their core. This as part of their directive to preserve the Atlas’ universe, with little regard for the bleak, unavoidable future these breaches signify.

New Hazard Protection Units:

Allergen Protection — Protects its user from environments which may produce an allergic reaction.

Cosmic Radiation Deflector — Protects its user from radiation while exposed in outer space.


Construction Drone — A remote-controlled drone that can be crafted and deployed to aid building efforts in places that are tough to reach.

Harvesting Drone — A small drone that will harvest your crops on demand and store them in a FARM CACHE for easy sorting, or a RESOURCE VAULT for manufacturing processes.

Silicone Tubes — Used to transport resources and energy. Tether Silicone Tubes to extraction equipment for transport to your factory’s construction line or storage containers from up to 500u in distance.

QOL — The ability to toggle environmental destruction for buildables.

Power Generator — When fueled, will link up and transmit power to all base equipment within a 85u range; removing the need for manual recharge of equipment such as hydroponic trays and autonomous mining units.

Fuel Leeching — Utilizing Silicone Tubes, you may steal fuel from nearby buildings that can be used to temporarily sustain a steady stream of fuel to power generators.

Ammo Crates — A storage crate designed specifically to store a variety of ammunition types.

Turrets — An automated turret that will attack impending threats to a base’s owner. Interact with them to set exceptions to this, such as for people who are on your friends list. Turrets can fire at Starships if need be.

The only real stipulation for turrets is that they do use up ammunition. The easiest way to maintain turrets is to utilize SILICONE TUBES to transport ammunition from ammo crates into all of your turrets. Turret variants include the Missile Launch Pad, Infra-Knife Pump, and Rapid Plasma Ejector.

Weapon Rack — Universal storage rack that will hold up to four Multi-tools/Multi-Swords.

Elevator — An elevator that can be built anywhere in your base. Although it can snap to and cut through cylindrical and cuboid rooms, and wood, metal, and concrete floors.

Teleportation Pods — By linking two together, these pods enable instantaneously teleportation from within a 80u distance. Potentially more useful than ladders or elevators depending on your base’s structure.

Hazard Protection Dome — Creates an invisible dome around your base that protects it from storms and other hazardous conditions.

Saplings — When a tree is destroyed, it will occasionally drop a sapling that you can pick up. If you are efficient in agricultural processes, you may plant these in the wild or at one of your bases. When the tree is fully grown, you may harvest a variety of edible products from its branches.

Seeds — Similar to saplings, seeds are obtained by destroying bushes or any general plant-life. You may plant these seeds to grow at your base. When fully grown, these can bear a variety of products used in cooking processes.

Manufacturing and Automated Processes:

Welcoming oil into the No Man’s Sky universe. Construct large DRILLING RIGs on planets with high oil presence, essential to industrial-level manufacturing…

Gather oil and other necessary resources (or have them transported via Silicone Tubes) to set up a construction queue for a variety of trading goods, ready for mass distribution, or refined products.

Building Manufacturing Facilities requires that you have several building parts. Facilities must be operated out in the open or inside of a ventilated building with an exhaust, such as the new MANUFACTURING CYLINDER. Inside, for the manufacturing processes to operate correctly you need to construct several things:

Industrial Oil Tank — Stores oil required for manufacturing processes. Remember, you can maintain a consistent stream of oil through Silicone Tubes from autonomous Drilling Rigs.

Resource Vault — Unit to store resources and materials required for your manufacturing process.

Fabricator — This piece of manufacturing equipment will fabricate trading goods in bulk for mass-distribution based off of what’s available in your Resource Containment Vault .

Large Refiners — Much like the Fabricator, Large Refiners that are set up in a Manufacturing Facility will be able to queue refinery processes.

Product Cache — Where all finished products and refined materials are stored as they await collection.

Everything is linked together using Silicone Tubes. The MANUFACTURING CYLINDER has several latches for you to tether the tubes to and reach the manufacturing tech.

Exocraft Damage:

Introduce exocraft-specific “health” / durability, along with new armor upgrades. Your exocraft will catch fire and cease operation when its durability is depleted. You must bail with haste to avoid death by the resulting explosion.

Exocraft can be damaged by other players who are either on-foot or in their exocraft. (The fact that exocraft are currently impenetrable by other players is a serious balance issue.)

Destruction of your exocraft does not effect its customizations, but you must return to its geobay to summon it before being able to do so again from your quick-menu.

Exocraft Controls
Alernative Steering Options — The ability to toggle camera independence from exocraft vehicle steering. (A/D or left/right on a d-pad to steer). This options opens up the potential for - among other things - vastly more maneuverability for users with the intent of using their exocraft vehicle for combative purposes.


Mobile Freighters — Freighters can be spotted being escorted throughout a star system, docking with Space Stations to sell their goods, or causing trouble with authorities.

Command — Consult your Freighter’s pilot to request navigation to a variety of locations within the star system.


Interactive Encounters — When an expedition is in jeopardy, frigate commanders will contact you to request aid. You will need to navigate to the fleet and defend your frigates so they may continue their expedition.

Claiming Frigates — Claim up to 5 frigates of your frigates from your fleet to make your very own. This opens up customization, building, and navigation options. Additionally, this unlocks the ability to venture out on your own missions and expeditions!

Player Expeditions — Take command of your frigate on large-scale expeditions. Featuring a string of live events that will all contribute to the culmination of your journey. Tag along with friends or go in solo.


Intergalactic Trade Tax — Introducing a unit taxing system into No Man’s Sky.(fun right?)

A small percentage of all units made from trading goods sold through the Galactic Trade Network will go towards funding necessities of the triad. Your tax money owed will rack up as you continue to sell, and will need to be payed off by the end of each real-world month. Non-compliance will result in the Galactic Trade Network disallowing you from selling any more trade goods until the tax debt is payed. However, there are interesting ways to circumvent this and make more money off of manufacturing goods outside the bounds of the trade network.

Contraband — NPCs of illegal standing, often Gek, will occasionally offer off-the-grid illegal trade deals in conversation. Subsequently requesting that you go to a discrete location to meet with a middle-man for the exchange. Contraband in illegal exchanges can range from home-grown drugs like NipNip, and all the way to weapons of mass-destruction.

In-Space Trade — Interact with NPCs by selecting their Starship and distributing a comm signal. If they are not busy, they will answer and you may be given the option to trade with them.

  • Minor General Enhancements


Gear-Modes — All Starships come pre-installed with the balanced GROUNDED gear-mode, but you can install more for varying advantages. COMBAT mode slows down your Starship, but vastly increases its handling precision and shot accuracy. HULL mode makes your ship significantly faster in manual flight; but the power reallocation results in a temporary shut down of ship shielding and weapons control systems. The GROUNDED mode is a balance between the two, usually the default gear-mode.

If you have multiple gear-modes installed you can easily switch gears at anytime by holding (L2 + R2), or from the quick-menu.

Quasi-[GLASS] Lingual Scanner — A new Starship scanner which allows you to retrieve the glyph sequence of a planet by simply scanning it in space.

Base Permissions:

Introduce a new system for base permissions. You may provide specific individuals in your session permission to build in a base from the base computer. This should help to circumvent that side of trolling in the game that results from binary permissions that apply to all players.

Player Character:

Introduce a physical Analysis Visor into player scanning animations.

Make the mounted Blueprint Projector point in the direction of the building prop it is projecting.

Add Liquid Tank Armor type

Add the ability to change the color of your jetpack emissions.

Add the ability to change the position of your blueprint projector.

Introduce torso options for the old, patterned uniforms wore by Travellers in Atlas Rises.

  • QualityOfLife

Multiplayer — When joining the game of somebody who has entered a portal; spawn the character on the other side of that portal- under the same conditions as if you had entered yourself.

Quick Menu — Alter selection sounds within the quick menu to be DRASTICALLY more subtle. They can honestly be sound much louder than the rest of the game that it can disorient me and give me a headache.
Introduce audio notification to notify the player of when somebody has joined their session.

Responsive UI — Introduce an option to do away with many of the aesthetically pleasing camera movements when interacting with stuff like Refiners, Autonomous Mining Units, etc. - in favor for a more instant UI system that bears similarity to Minecraft. As well as the option to enable the ability to bypass slow button-holding interaction, in place with instantaneous press interactions.

Exosuit Voice — Employ smarter AI for determining which audio notifications to play based on which have been played recently.
Introduce a larger variety of voice effects for recharging tech. For example, for underwater protection; “Oxygen Tank Replenished”, or for your hyperdrive; “Hyperdrive Energized.”

Dampen dependence on the exosuit voice. Introduce new natural sounds to signify planetary weather conditions. For example, introduce a geiger counter to notify of extreme radiation, or add frozen glass sounds as you lose cold protection; introduce more notable hurt sounds when your health points are depleting etc.

Player Sounds — Panting and core health damage hurt sound effects should vary depending on your character’s visual race.

Pulse Engine — Introduce the ability to “steer” your Starship while your Pulse Drive is engaged. Automatic way-point snapping mechanisms are know to have become monotonous and inefficient at times; usually requiring that you hop in and out of pulse speed to orient your Starship properly.

Comm Requests — Expand the Comm selection from the Quick Menu. Tune to certain frequencies to accept, decline, or distribute certain signals.

Third-person — Give us the option to choose the position of your third-person camera. Especially to raise the view of third-person in Starships, so the Starship is less frequently blocking your view of hostile targets during combat.

Terrain Manipulator — Introduce new modes for terrain restoration and terrain smoothing.

Creature Scanning — Increase the scan zone of scanning smaller creatures, such as butterflies.

Multi-Ship Inventory — View the inventories of all ships in your freighter from new tabs in the freighter inventory.

Multi-tool Holstering — Remove automatic holstering of your Multi-tool in-doors. The system can make terrain manipulation efforts very frustrating, and it simply doesn’t work anymore. The game has a really rough time at determining whether or not you are underground in the vicinity of a building, or if you are actually inside of the building. This fundamentally breaks Freighter Scavenging missions and underground base-building. Even if this could be fixed, I feel that it isn’t worth Hello Games’ time and that they should do away with it all-together. They might feel differently.

Tips — Introduce the ability to disable all blue-marker tips on the lower right-hand corner from the game settings.

Multi-tool Equipping — Drawing your Multi-tool while it is switched to a projectile weapon should not fire the weapon immediately, unless the fire button is held or pressed a second time.

Missions Board QOL — Introduce a small UI that scrolls through a list of your rewards as you hand in your missions- rather than tapping out to display your rewards for each mission.

Dialogue QOL — Add the ability to alternatively use (W/S & SPACE) or the D-PAD to navigate through dialogue options

Third-Person Camera QOL — Give the player more freedom to move their third-person camera, especially while swimming or while inside an exocraft vehicle.
Introduce the option to disable automatic camera repositioning.


Freighter Docking — Prevent freighters from disallowing you to exit their bay while under attack by pirates. Additionally, declining to aid a freighter in fending off pirates should not affect your ability to dock with with own freighter.

Freighter Warping — Allow the player to initiate their freighter’s warp drive from anywhere in the freighter.
Additionally, if possible, the novelty of being able to traverse your freighter as you are warping, with the warp cage surrounding your freighter, would be very neato. The instant cut to the warp screen is a bit of an off-putting waste of potential.

Base Building:

Build Menu — In sight of expansive building categories present in-game, a new menu should be introduced. Holding Z now opens a new menu — with a layout similar to the pause guide’s catalog tabs — that has full-functioning filters with easy buildable selection. The old layout will remain accessible for quick selection within a category.

Grid Snapping for Base Building — Tweaks to restrain absurd snapping positions that are unsuitable.

Tweak wall and floor snapping mechanics to align correctly when snapping between each other.

Add support for vertical build rotation options for all buildables.

Give the player more freedom as to where they can place buildables. Quit relegating the majority of buildables to highly specific conditions. Ladders, for example, not being able to be placed anywhere without a snapping point in a cylindrical or cuboid room.

Additionally, fix other players having inaccurate collision boxes that disallow you from placing most buildables even when they are nowhere near the object.

Large Refiners — Large refiners should support an input and output of 500 resource / 10 product stacks.

also, i low-key pray every night for another season of wt

  • Things Initially on the list that were eventually sort of added in some fashion at some point lol

Water Color — Depending on a planet’s biome-type, if it water is present on its surface- the color of said water will vary. The exception to this is lush planets, which may have any possible color of water. (Visions)

Flora Mimics — New plant-imitating creatures. If provoked, will unexpectedly pull themselves out of the ground to attack you. (In Visions, with the mineral mimics)


Lots of interesting ideas but these few really stand out to me.



Lots of things you though there, wow.

Same as Mad-Hatter, the idea of being invisible or even, just a secondary weapon would be great.

Long ago, before Atlas Rises I also suggested on the forum and Zendesked a couple of ideas similar to yours @SailorMamahed.

But I gotta say that, more variety of planets, would still be great and an improvement that secretly everyone would like to experience. Before launch I really thought that I would always find new type of planets everytime I would land on one, but by the time I wasn’t aware of the limits (or not) of creating a game with a procedural system

“Lights Out” is really a good one though. I can only imagine not seeing anything at all. Following your idea, I imagine a base glowing far away… and improvements on the light torch. Light/scans/Night vision mode/ thermic camera etc.
Perpetual storms planet would be great aswell, bringing new types of protections/and flora to reload the new techs.
Also as you suggested, it would be nice to get a new protection against sentinels, or more interactions with them in general (lore swell). They are always been here, and the only thing we are able to do with them is … kill them. So invisibility would be great, or anything useful like a way to hack on and be able to control it against others.
Or simply (like GTA) having a way to reduce the hunt index… when you’re into mining, having to wait for 30s can last forever :expressionless:

The main improvement I’d like to see, and choosed on the last survey, is more different types of planets…

Cheers travellers!


When NEXT dropped wasn’t there some super dark nights at first but then they fixed it?
I love this concept.
It could be an ‘extreme’ dark planet simply by being dark… with normal extreme hazards.
So long as there are glowing things to help you keep your bearings, I’m fine with torch and scanner to find your way.
@DevilinPixy once suggested that packs of monstrosities could lurk in caves and a dark planet would make a great place for this idea.
I’m starting to get a Pitch Black sort of vibe here.
This would make an ideal biome/location for NPC bases to have guard turrets as a way of keeping beasties at bay.
Uncharted system ‘Dark Planets’ could be places where very valuable objects might be found in previously unseen ruins/wrecks (of a forgotten civilization, that you only ever see by torchlight) but the risk is huge. Even getting your inventory back after regen would be risky.
Of course only a well equipped & experienced traveller would go to such a place.

I have not seen an underwater ruin since next. Imagine an oceanianic dark planet with drowned ruins to explore. Scary!


Just take the example of the abandoned space stations… these are amazing, because of the dark vibes and a special + when you turn of the music as @toddumptious suggested once, I can’t remember where.
Dark makes you naturally vulnerable.
Imagine when you add A No Man’s Sky planet to dark.
Everything becomes thrilly, archeology, mining, even a new way to approach a planet from the stratosphere when you land on it. Imagine how it would look from the sky … a black ball :scream:
Encounters with fauna (and than suddenly, I noticed by the light of my torch that I was surounded by those creepy fast tall tarantula type of animals).
Imagine the mining laser deflecting light around you when you mine.

I’ll better stop now :joy:


Just discovered this thread. Someone kick the hamster.

It was mentioned in the OP, but flying predators seem like they should already exist. Huge dragon looking things already take off, fly around, and dive at the ground. Makes me think getting attacked by a dragon from time to time would be NMS appropriate.