No Man's Sky 1.3 wishes

In NMS 1.3 it will be great to see portals. And also shipbuildning and some kind of multiplayer or more communication between player.

But, one thing I also really want is: then you want to craft products, and you have more items so you can produce 2 or more products of the same. Too get a question: How many products do you want to make? (Instead of making 1, and then 1, and then 1, and then 1…)

The same thing if you farm a plant in your homebase, and you have more then 1 of the same plant in your homebase. Too get the question: How many of your X plants do you want to farm?


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Also: Please be careful with creating “expectation trains”. Unless someone from HG reads this topic and decides to implement exactly what you wish for, what is highly unlikely, this will only have one outcome: unfulfilled expectations. :worried:


I’d be happy just with new music from 65days :slight_smile:


I’m keeping my expectations modest, especially considering the only potential feature mentioned is something to do with the portals. More story and more quests would be nice. Maybe some additional functions for freighters too. Sprinkle a few base-building parts as well as some new “components” for creature and starship generation on top and I’d be happy.

But for the sake of discussion, my dream update would address the flora and fauna of the galaxy. Namely, making animal behavior more complex; allowing them to interact with each other and their environments in more interesting ways.

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from the last PDF:

It is important to mention that we are very excited by the coming Phases 2 and 3. Input from the Mercury Subroutine will pave the way toward new experiences in version 1.3 of a familiar universe.

I guess we should assume from “familiar universe” that this will not be a completely new universe as some of us had theorized. It’s also strange that they would do such a marketing effort for a 1.3 version, not a 2.0. Perhaps this was Sean’s way of tempering our expectations.

If this is just another update the size of Pathfinder, I’ll be a bit disappointed though.

Maybe we should get given the tools to make our own experiment within the no mans sky universe…a procedurally generated universe in a procedurally generated universe…:thinking:


Honestly, i have no expectations other than working portals.
I already know HG do a great job with updates, i find it more exciting to just wait and see what they bring us rather than guess.
Although before the ARG i did make a prediction on Reddit that the update will be the biggest yet and it would also be later than expected. So far im right about it being late.


Various news outlets are reporting possible multiplayer. Does this have any merit or is it just a pipe dream? I think it would be cool to team up and explore together.

There has not been a single official word from Hello Games.
The only thing that was directly mentioned in this ARG (through the tape spectrograms) is the word “portal”. As such, one could reasonably speculate portals are somehow involved in this upcoming 1.3 patch, but anything beyond that point is 100% pure speculation and should be treated as such.
Any news outlet running with stories beyond that are speculating, and are walking on very thin ice. I for myself would caution against holding on to any speculation, we’ve all seen where the hype train leads, and how much damage it can do.


Anything new is good. I’m happy with the way they’re making their ‘dream’ progress the way they want. Keeping expectations at a minimum.


I’ve started a new game of NMS these last few weeks and one thing I would bloomin love is a more effective way of tracking down animals… spent a good 2 hours looking for the last bird…


Craftable drones that you can send to map out an area or mine resources


Nice idea!

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I agree overall but we also know it’s not as easy as it looks. Listening to Sean speak from his March conference I see all the challenges he faces with these kinds of updates. I think we all know he has improved and will continue to work on the exploration part. Terrain, animals, weather etc and we’ve all seen those improvements compared to day 1. I’m on a planet now where the animals all sprint from time to time which I’ve never seen before. In fact between that and the tall grasses, it was a challenge finding all the animals. Can’t wait to see what this update entails and what Sean can come up with down the road!!

I have no 1.3 wishes.
I do have some dreamy possibility wishes so I’ll state them here but please note THESE ARE NOT EXPECTATIONS…
Some of these are very similar as previously mentioned ideas…
I love the game and have since the beginning. I’m primarily an explorer and treasure hunter so my interests are more that way inclined. I have a detailed base and crops and like all that stuff too… but with 100s of hours experience there are some points I’d like to see reworked.

Such as:
*Simplified multiple same-item crafting.
*Automatic yet adjustable harvest and sales management terminal. (say one harvest and sale every hour unless you intervene).
*Automatic yet adjustable fuel replenishing and shield repair. (less repetitive inventory fiddling while in flight).
*Ship customisation. (colours and cosmetic features, not capacity - I like that you have to earn that).
*Full direct inventory interaction between all inventories for crafting (provided you are near by).
*More variation in animal behaviours. (less running about in circles and squealing).
*A tuneable ship scanner for precise element/item-of-interest detection (like the rover has).
*Deployable isotope seeking droids/drones that refill storage tanks at your home base or for your ship.
*Dangerous animal repellent technology (uses fuel like other tech)
*More complex ruins to explore and more lore or stories to learn about.
*Occasional crashed freighters to loot.
*More variety of valuable treasures to find.
*More varied terrain on each planet; ie deserts, forest and oceans on one planet.
*Adjustable planetary scan results so you can remove unwanted icons and fix the bug where you find the same thing twice.
*Portals…perhaps as quest related.
*In game star-system coordinate-plotter as used by Galactic Hub pilgrims.
*Quests that take you out of your current system. Could be treasure, information, recon , salvage.
*More varied loot for naughty pirate attacks on other small starships.

Things I’m happy are not in game at the moment and don’t care if they never arrive:
Multiplayer. Don’t need it. there’s plenty of other games with that.
Intense shoot-em-ups. there’s a hundred other games with that too.

Yes it’s a big list but if I wasn’t a fan of the game I’d just move on to something else.
Can these things be done…I don’t know. The code is complex and some things just may be impossible.
Whatever comes I’m happy. :grin:


I’d really just like to see a lore update. Which I think we’re already getting a good story from this ARG. Everything else will be icing on the cake. I really look forward to what HG has to offer with 1.3.

Base Building Fun would be nice , more things added to that would make my day , Online play and teaming up with others isn’t really high on my list but it would be nice , Being able to custom your starship would be nice with like import logos or preset ones like the decals you can put around your base , More elements on planets like snow storms and lighting would be awesome , Lore to the story (I bet this one will happen) also some NPCs doing stuff besides sitting down all the time and last but not least adding in some more buildings to explore such as markets and even giant ship hubs would be amazing , I know most of these are wishful thinking but I’m very hype for 1.3 and also for the atlas passes , I know I haven’t been much help in the arg as a whole but its been fun hanging around the community and getting to know fellow fans of this amazing game so yeah just seeing the game become better and better makes me really happy

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I’ve seen it mentioned in another thread that someone days about putting a helmet on in one of the glitches videos…cant remember which one though sorry.
What if that is a hint at VR ?

I could be wrong but they may be referring to a tin foil hat, everyone should have one lol

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