What Do You Think Of The Show So Far?

We’ve had a couple of days to try out 1.3. What are your thoughts?

Personally, I’m both excited and frustrated by the changes. Excited (and interested) because of new and intriguing content, and new ways of doing things. Frustrated because I’m having to un-learn techniques and knowledge I’ve built up over +800 hours of play.

I started a new game with 1.3. I’m trying to treat it as a new game. I’m going back to the beginning, and assuming I know nothing. And still I get tripped up.

For me, it’s a bit like having learned to ride a bike, then trying to drive a car. It’s a challenge, but the possibilities are so much greater.

But what do you think?


its been a blast I’m loving the new content

So much :open_mouth: and i need to fix what 1.3. destroyed now, so i am kinda like 1 month behind :confused:

Feels like


I’m quite loving it, I just got a multi tool worth 5mill to replace my starting multitool:smile:


I also enjoy it :slight_smile: did I forgot to say that…


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I love it. Even with fully upgraded fighter ship, cosmos is dangerous again.
It is more immersive and interesting. Low and slow flight gives the opportunity to maneuver better.

Still running through “restoring” blueprints on my base and will move forward once done.
Run into issue with NPCs are not recognizing that you’ve built something, if objects of this class are present in the system. For example geobays and beacons.
Need to delete them all first and then build a new one.
Was unlucky that one of my beacons turned out to be placed under the planet surface and indistructable now.
Hope to solve it by moving home base to new system.

it sucks … lol … i’m waiting for the fix to go to a new galaxy, sitting at the edge and (boo hoo) lol, can’t go any where … lol, i feel it was wrong what the patch did. I agree it should have been labeled NMS 2.0

P.S. still love the game

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I love The Sim, I really do, and I appreciate all the work Sean and the team did. But some of their decisions make you wonder just what they were thinking. They gave us a nicely laid out and thoughtful series of quests in the Pathfinder Update 1.2, and rather challenging at times. For some nutty reason, they decided to do the whole series of quests OVER again, and because of all that work we had done before, the quests are breaking. The Galaxy Map is nicer but somehow messed up. For that matter, the Euclid galaxy is now about six times BIGGER! Or more.

There are already a bunch of posts where people bumped nose first into some unforeseen problem, and we’re all hoping the team has some play testers seeing what they can break so it can be fixed. I joined the “3xperimental beta” bunch on Steam, but a lot of things still need fixing.

This is still my alternate reality home, replacing Fallout 4 as my favorite game. I go in every day after coffee or work to continue exploring, and seeing if the quests are working right. Still love it, still love Sean and the team, but some things I with they had play tested more thoroughly, or just hadn’t done until they worked right. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Side Note - my base planet that kind of looked the planet Mars now has nothing but darkness and its kind of creepy but in a good way , It for real looks like space and I’m on the moon

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One of my favourite little touches so far is that when spelunking or digging you can find yourself in COMPLETE darkness, you actually have to use your torch now :slight_smile:

@stryker99 sorry to hear you’re having problems. Only issues I’ve had was my base on homeworld was a little out of sorts. But I’ve had no trouble with restarting all quest lines with base minions. None of them were there when I booted up my game, so I just found the construction work on a station (now called overseer) and I just kept doing his missions until he told me to hire a scientist, did that then did some of his missions then did more overseer til he made me hire an armourer, did osme of those then back to overseer missions until he told me to hire a farmer and thats where I am now.

WHen did you run into the issues? What way did you go about redoing the questlines?

Also can I just point out, I absolutely love that they’ve redone the quest lines from 1.1 so they fit the new narrative, LOVE the overseers whacky infinity teases of being hired and paid already in “the future” which makes me think, maybe we are not the same person we were before the update.

Are we our ancestor? Or are we our successors? What is happening in the simulation?

Things are glitching and lifeforms are become seperated from their roles in the simulation (scientist keeps losing track of hivemind, overseer questions why sentinels punish us for mining tiny bits but huge mining stations can take as much as they want unpunished).

Can’t wait to see where this is going, gonna dive back in. Hopefully i don’t hit any story/questline breaking bugs, if I do I’ll come back here and report what happened and also make extra note of it in bug reporting thread.

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