1.3 Poll (Rate your Experience)

btw, this poll is for science

  • Amazing…!
  • Grah Grah…!
  • Mind - kzzkt - Blown…
  • Needs more Interloping…
  • Want some NipNip bruh?
  • 11/10, would space again…
  • I can’t believe it’s not butter…
  • I am now married to NMS 1.3…
  • I wish there were more planets…
  • Sorry, can’t focus, playing NMS 1.3…
  • They should’ve added a space toilet…
  • NMS is making me neglect my friends and family…
  • I was just admiring the view when a Sentinel stuck his face in my business…

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thanks for your time


16/10 would reset simulation again (edit: I havent actually finished the new quest lines yet so I dunno whats actually gonna happen to the sim!)


I believe I too will reset the simulation soon.
My quest lines are broken and my best ship has never been set up properly with stacked tech. I’ve learnt the new version now and I want to experience the new NMS flavour right from the very first bite. I feel I will continue simply for fodder for me to finish a little writing project I have been doing on the side, then it will be …kzzzzt…reset time.

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Your poll is kind of biased towards a good experience, to say the least. In my case, im not playing it anymore until they come up with a bug fix patch. Im happy I backed up my saves before playing once updated because it really messed up my creative and my normal playthrough. The update in itself have immense potential but they have to fix what they broke.


I have also hit the reset button. As some of my other thred posts mention I was ejected into space in a quest line glitch…I’d rather not go into details, it is still painful. So I restarted and was promptly thrown onto an acid-filled world with no heridium site. I set off on a hike, ducking into caves for relief and snacking on what little tid bits of thumium I could find until finally reaching a depot. But I have loved the game, minus the major glitch, which I am hoping a fresh start will negate. The second planet I landed on is Rotting…not stayin’ here any longer than needed.

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For what it’s worth, I’m having a great time after resetting - playing on Normal. Taking it slow, not rushing the story, basking in the wonder of a universe being discovered through new eyes. The hardest part has been taking care to avoid spoilers here on the forums, lol!

My starting planet was glacial, but not extreme. All the materials I needed to get my ship up and running were withing a reasonable walk. Found a heridium nodule not too distant and started by making a cave in it to warm up. Had the ship repaired and I was off exploring.

That planet had a bountiful moon. A temperate paradise with low sentinels, copious flora and no fauna. Heavenly! No screeching/yowling/whining critters to keep you awake at night. Oh, and no storms either. 8^)

Also in the same system - an ocean world with gorgeous views, temperate weather and kelp sac (aka rigogen). Time to hit the beach!

Yeah, so I think I got lucky. :grinning:


That’s a heroic journey, right there! I love that about the game - everyone has their own unique story to tell.

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Playing on creative mode and absolutely loving it. I’m more into the exploring part so have only tried a few of the other things. The extreme glacial planet I’m on now is just amazing! The trees, the snow and the mountains are just wow!
They nailed it!!!

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Stop clinging to the past. Let your old saves go… be free. An update this big deserves a fresh start.

You seem to have missed the part that says my problems are with the reseted games.

Edit: that part was in the bug report thread sorry. Never the less, I should not have to throw my progress and efforts of the past year in the garbage, that’s quite simply unacceptable.

You actually expected your save game from a disastrous alpha launch a year ago, to be compatible with all the new features that were added in this latest patch? Lets be honest, this game is clearly still in beta at best. I would hope the devs continue to move the game forward, even if it means some games have to be restarted.

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Whatever you say man, im not here to argue with you, he asked for my experience, I gave it to him.

I’ll just say I paid full pre-order price at launch for this game. I worked 4 years in QA and a game shouldn’t go gold in this state.

You do you, I do me. Be a fanboy if you want to, I am not happy.

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Restart is best if you have not done a lot of playing.
If you have not done a lot of playing and then complain is that some kind of special reality?
My issues are the force of bullying of the Atlas.
The game is not in beta.
The option should always be available to ignore the main story line.
Had to complete to get moving again.

Then we can both agree the game was released way too soon. I think that’s why a vast majority of players quit playing relatively fast. You either saw it, or you didn’t. You might be one of the few that saw it, but still isn’t happy. That, I can relate to.

I saw it when it came through PC Gamer, and jumped for it. I can tell ya I don’t understand all the complaining. Of course, I did not read everything on it etc. When I got the game, I order my wife one for PS4 that is how good the game was. Yes not there are more improvements but I just wish for future “up-grades” no more restarts … lol NMS FOREVER

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i didn’t intend anyone to take it seriously, it was just a fun thing for the fans.
you can always choose ‘grah grah’

If you’re Vy’keen, “grah grah” is kind of biased towards a good experience.

Grah grah, Interloper.