XBoxOne on Steam with NMS

There is an issue with using the XBox One controller on NMS through Steam. I have no idea where the problem lay but it is irritating.
When updating NMS and at random times, my controller will reset to the NMS official config , which does not contain the ability to Tag.
I am also unable to window out of NMS for more than a minute without Steam crashing.
This has been an issue since BEYOND. (I am also in Steam Beta.) The issue has been reported on both ends multiple times.
These 2 issues only affect NMS. None of my other games which use the controller.


I had the same problem :slight_smile: I have a generic controller (which shows up as an Xbox Controller) that is pretty close to the Xbox Config without any rumble and the Sticks are both on the bottom. When I loaded up the game after the Synthesis update I got the official config and I also noticed that you cannot shift the buttons on the right side (X,Y,A&B). I used to be able to use one of the triggers (right side) to force those buttons to do different things. Now only the left side DPad works with Shifting.

Could be they messed up something with the configs for the XBox Controller Settings and since those settings no longer work they just reset everything back to default.

I would check with my old controller but I am too lazy and after 4 hours plus already of reprogramming my controls having to constantly exit the game over and over again I don’t wanna risk any changes hehehehe :slight_smile:


Thanks to the Steam controller sale, my issues may be solved. Accessories were on sale as well. I hope all who wanted one were able to get one.
I will set it up and report back later.

EDIT: so, using that right pad in place of a right analog stick takes some getting used to. The A,B,X,Y buttons are a bit of a stretch for my smaller hands. So the XBox controller is a better fit for my hands. However, the Steam controller works for games that XBox does not. Like Minecraft. So that is a nice bonus. I do have to map out the controls for other games but, it is worth it. It’s an added perk that everything on screen can be controlled with the Steam controller. No need to ever touch the keyboard.