Controller Not Responding

This has become a big issue for me since the Utopia expedition. It started after claiming the ship.
I use an XBox One S controller with Steam and within moments of starting the game, my controller stops responding, leaving my ship spiraling out of control.
I made it thru the expedition fine, controller works in other games just fine. The exception being, if I have just lost control in NMS, it seems I have to log out of Steam and then back in to get my controller working again but it works fine in other games afterwards.
I am currently working thru my save games and claiming the Utopia ship. Once I do, my controller stops.
Going to test a save file where I have not claimed the new ship…

That was fast. HG has already contacted me asking me to make it happen again and send them a file.
I sent the files. They asked for controller.txt and controller_ui.txt
But, I have no way to land and save after the controller stops responding. I could use the keyboard but have no idea how because I never use it for NMS. Is the info they are looking for going to be there if I just quit the game? I let my ship spiral for a minute or two hoping the auto save would kick in. Does it matter?


If you wait a while, you should see it auto-save. You can verify by checking file properties for the save you are using (on PC anyway).

(I now realise this was prolly way too late a response, as I bet you already submitted those files)


Submitted :smile: but I took a look at them and it is date and time stamped so I think it has what is needed. It even stated NMS was the game running when it happened. I hope they get the info they need.


Interesting. I use a PS4 controller with Steam and it was doing the same thing playing the Utopia expedition. My control kept losing connection. I tried to charge it thinking that the battery is just dying and it wouldn’t charge so I summed it up to “the controller is broken” so I haven’t played games since.

I didn’t stop to think that the control might be fully charged and it might be NMS thats causing the issue :thinking:

Good thing I hadnt got around to throwing it away. Going to test that theory out when I get a chance


Someone on Twitter was having issues with a Stadia controller as well.