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BEYOND has landed with many new things to learn.
Report your tips and new discoveries here and share your newfound knowledge.


Here is a link to @unique’s cut & paste of the patch notes for the BEYOND release. Good for quick referencing some of the changes NMS: BEYOND August 14


For anyone wondering how to play nms psvr with move controls set to smooth instead of teleport, here’s a few things I didn’t realise until I was an hour or two in.

Hold the left move button to walk, tap the right move button while walking to run. You do not need to hold both to run. I was doing that for ages before I realised you just needed to tap. Frees up your right thumb for jetpackin (R Triangle) and turning (R Cross or Circle) while fleeing planetside threats.

Another thing I thought you couldn’t do but figured out in a panic moment with some toxic fauna in a cave… You can strafe and walk backwards with smooth movement too :slight_smile:

Just point the left move control to either side to strafe, or point it backwards to walk backwards. The latter’s a bit awkward, haven’t figured out a comfortable way to do it.

If you’re new to VR I would suggest starting with the locked turning and teleporting and vignette on, see how you get on with regard to nausea and dizzyness. Then try knocking the turning to smooth and see how that feels, then turn teleport movement to smooth. Talk a little run around, get Yr sea legs. Then I’d suggest taking off the vignette and seeing how you fare with that.

These settings can all be found in Control Options.

I found VR to be very disorientating when I first tried it 2-3 years ago but after a bit of time that feeling lessened and you kinda learn how to deal with any phantom enertia.

Just don’t stand up when you are flying, your body will feel likes it’s fighting for balance :joy:

Have a ds4 handy because, NMS seems to have the same problem with naming things as Dreams has with the move controls. A menu pops up that is only responsive to the DS4 despite the PS4 UI having a move friendly text input. For now I’m just not naming until it’s remedied but thought be worth the heads up. The fact it happens in Dreams and NMS makes me think it’s some underlying issue on the consoles side.

When you have your scanner up, you only need to point your multitool at scannable things, if you want to mark POI in the distance like buried Tech, use your actual human eye balls for that. For a long time I was trying to line my multitool up and avoid all scannable objects to mark a way point before I realised I was just making it doubley hard.

As of now I haven’t figured out how to zoom with the scanner in psvr. Since the LODs range is greatly reduced for nms while playing with PSVR, I imagine this is probably why I can’t find it, the zoom may not be a feature for PSVR just yet. Anyone doing VR on PC let me know if you can zoom or have similar issue :slight_smile:

Dont forget to wave at every rock, pebble, stone and tree. Not because you should. But because you can now :joy:

If you have a sorta broken move control like I do that loves to forget its position in the universe, I found rotating your wrist and wiggling it really quickly will make it behave… Momentarily. Definitely need to buy new ones :slight_smile: they’re second hand ps3 edition move controls :smirk:

Dont go stickin Yr anomalous digits into the vents inside your cock pit. Unless you’re looking to lose a few fingers. Also, check behind your cockpits seat for gremlins or parasites. You never know.

And don’t do what Danny don’t does, sticking Yr head into your ships engines might seem like a great idea… … And it is!!!


For General Information: Not sure if this makes me happy, but in my new (non-VR) save I found I could use my multi-tool inside structures on planets. Saved my life, but I’m concerned about griefers. For now I have turned off player damage in Options. Hope it works. lol


I noticed that as your multi-tool mining beam overheats, it deals more damage. The hotter it gets, the faster you can collect resources. The beam will even change colors to indicate how hot it is.


Here’s a tip. When practicing your Vy’keen, do not say “attack”. I found myself without shields and two less hitpoints. And I only have three!


I haven’t found any benefit to practicing your alien languages. All they do is get offended and lose you standing with the species


Don’t bother with the electromagnetic field generator for your power. Unless you happen to have your base right on top of an EM field it’s a pain in the ass. The closest one I managed to find to my base was a 5:30 minute walk away.


Were we able to move tech before? If not, then take a moment to bask in the delight of being able to move the tech in your suit, ship and helmet. Thank you HG! :heartpulse:


I believe it’s in the release patch notes. Verrrry welcome improvement.


While travelling at speed in space (not pulse-jet) it can be tricky to get the ship to stop turning when you are trying to aim for a particular location.
By briefly tapping the Pulse-jet as the centre target area/crosshair passes over a highlighted icon the ship will lock on and stop turning. Sort of works like a banking brake.
Obviously if that is the actual thing you want,you activate the pulse-jet and off you go…if not, you adjust your aim point and do your thing.

For me I like using this if say a space station is in line with a planet I wish to visit.


Was mentioned in the patch notes but the gravity of it really didn’t hit me until the game started and I realised, we can move our jetpack out of its corner prison and finally get the full proximity bonus from upgrade modules :slight_smile:



I have a decent tip I don’t see anyone mentioning. When in build mode, clicking in the r3 (I remapped L3 and R3 to be swapped) I go into a photomode type view allowing me to build around without having to run close to everything.


Navigation Data I read that you can only trade in one of these at a time, ie: go to Nexus> trade one for a chart> go back to planet> use> go back to Nexus> rinse/repeat.

Can anyone confirm this?

If that is true I want to sell any that overstack in my meagre backpack.


I traded in several at once on launch day but could be changed now, not sure. I have a stack of five charts now. Have not used them yet so maybe you can only use one chart at a time?


No, you can sell them in sequence without leaving the space station, but you can only sell one per dialogue, which is annoying enough.


it appears several of the dialogs have the issue. 1 at a time press E to do it again, repeat!

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TIP: Ladder Jetting.
PS4 using D shock
If you encounter a tall ladder and are too lazy to climb, try this.
(Good in situations such as in the vertical connectors for aquatic bases).
Approach in first person view… once you grab on, back up very slightly.
Hit jetpack & shoot up the ladder. It responds like a wall and you simply burst-jet all the way to the top, where going forward leaves you upstairs.
Much better than hand over hand the whole way.


You can now move your jetpack, oxygen, and hazard shielding to the Technology tab of your inventory, giving you more space in the General tab. The drawback to this is that the Tech tab has limited space, so you can’t stack upgrades as well.