Old Travellers, New Tricks

I’m constantly finding out new things about a game I’ve been playing for nearly 7 years straight. Sometimes I give outdated advice not realising theres a new and easier way to find or do things. I thought this would be a good place to share those moments, those “Oh, how long has this been a feature?” moments.

The biggest mind blown moment for me recently was learning you could track an item you need to find in the Catalogue and it will direct you to the nearest system with the appropriate planet. I’d been doing the ol “warp to system, hope it has a frost/whatever planet” dance for I don’t know how much longer than I really should have been.

Heres another thing I just discovered that might surprise people who’ve been playing a while because I certainly never twigged it. Very useful if you’re looking for your perfect planet home.


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The colour of a planets atmospheric glow matches the colour of its sky

I was going to post this to something similar to our tips & tricks/help a fellow traveller topics of past but I couldn’t find a recent non archived version. If this is indeed too similar a topic please do merge so we can bring that old thread back up top from it’s hidey hole :wink:


Don’t know if it’s generally a useful tip, but, you know these expeditions where they make us travel across this impossibly steep terrain while scanning for the next rendezvous? Early on, I recruit the fastest (floating/flying) pet, and on these planets, I just ride, the pets walk vertically up cliffs in a straight line and are super fast. Faster than sliding off a cliff with my jetpack in any case… :smile_cat:


Just what I needed! Thank you! :heart:

I was watching Mal playing NMS the other day and saw that he was about to leave the Anomaly without picking up the suit inventory slot upgrade from the vendor area. When I reminded him, he exclaimed that he never knew it was there! How many years have we both been playing?

The fun part is that if you have the funds you can warp to a new system, purchase a slot from the vendor in the station, then call the Anomaly and purchase another slot there. Hope that helps someone else, too.


I found a while back that agressive sentinels will stalk you while riding a beast but won’t attack until you get off. Also beasts seem just walk through all obstacles saving a lot of irritating jet packing & crashing on dense planets.
Provided you’ve got the time to waste, these tricks can be handy to know.

EDIT: I haven’t done either of these for some time so be warned… they may not work anymore.


Using the creatures as a mount for tricky terrain is a great tip. Those steep mountainy canyon planets, if you happen to find a flying creature or giant beetle you can mount, they become even easier <3

One downside is if its a particularly large creature it gets in the way of you scanning while mounted. Sometimes I like to ride a creature around while scanning for others.

I also love sitting on a creature and slowly marching forward while dropping creature pellets during a feed creatures nexus mission. You get a nice little herd going by the end of it :3

It’s something I routinely forget, especially if I’m running a new save and warping system to system to find a nice planet to set up on.

I’ll land at a space station, take a stack of missions, take the exosuit upgrade, fly out, warp to next system and then fuuuuu i forgot to summon the Anomaly and I’m already warping :see_no_evil:

I think this is still a thing as far as i can recall. They dont want to risk shooting the creature and being reminded of the death of Korvax Prime I guess XD