Most amazing thing, maybe ever

Y’know how when you go through the anomaly, sometimes the next time you look at discoveries there might be systems that you have never been to? I kinda write them off as things I ‘picked up by word of mouth’ from other travelers, and generally I just hide them because if I am looking at the systems I’ve been to I am generally looking for something, and whatever it is I’m not likely to be able to find it or use it if it’s in some system I only ‘heard about.’

Anyway, after a recent pass through the anomaly I noticed a couple freshly picked up systems at the bottom of the list and went to hide them. And one of them was discovered by…


Ten years ago.

Now I am considering just setting off on a mission to reach this historic site.


That is pretty cool!

And welcome back!


Thanx! I’ve been caught up on other games, and this annoying thing people call ‘real life’ for a while. Time gets by and is so hard to keep track of!


That… seems odd. :thinking:
Who’s your employer, did you say? :rofl:


I’m self employed, selling a book that I wrote…when I want to sound ambitious…I’m a retired goof off when I am being more straightforward… :rofl:


It’s just that if you discovered a system in NMS 10 years ago, that would imply some suspiciously early access to the game… or a weird bug. :wink:


I was pondering that…I haven’t been playing ten years…

A quick search turned up this:

This guy at least recognized he had not been playing that long…and even pointed out the release date. So it is some sort of bug…but how does it come to have ME as the ‘discovered by’? I mean, I have started and abandoned dozens of saves, maybe even a hundred, so there ARE systems with my name on them all over the galaxy…but now I seriously wanna know if this is really one of them.

All planets unexplored, but if I was actually there there would almost certainly be other systems nearby…maybe with the right date…

However…how to get there is an obvious problem. I marked it as a custom waypoint and got a track on the galaxy map that theoretically leads to it, but that could involve hundreds (thousands?) of jumps…


Start jumpin’. :joy:
Of course, depending on when you were there, it may look nothing like it did before.
This kinda fits the lore though. A previous iteration, it feels familiar but you don’t clearly remember… :wink:



The brute force method of just endless jumping is not appealing. Instead I thought I would see how the pathing diverged from the galactic core pathing to get some vague idea of where I was going. Pull up map, and the paths don’t diverge much. In fact the first two suggested jumps are exactly the same.

I figure that I need some distance for parallax to develop and jump in with both feet, so to speak. About a hundred thousand light years later there is still no notable divergence from the galactic core pathing. I conclude that either:
A) The target is more or less directly between me and the galactic core.
B) The target is more or less directly across the entire galaxy.

I think that I am closer to the galactic core than I have ever been, so option A seems unlikely.

For my next trick I need a portal.


I note that one part of Steam says I last played over 430 days ago. :joy:


I didn’t actually need a portal, I just teleported to the system that the portal threw me to when I was doing the Apollo mission. Of course I have now confirmed the worst.

My ‘local neighborhood’ of systems in this save is in the upper right quadrant of the mini-map. My portal tossed system is in the upper left quadrant. From there the jump pathing to go ‘home’ is about 90 degrees divergent from the pathing to reach my mysterious past. So, yeah, it is straight across the galaxy give or take.

Time for creative use of the anomaly.


Well portals could still be very helpful! Try translating some galactic voxel coordinates within that upper-left quadrant to portal addresses to find something within reasonable “driving distance”.

For reference: Portal address - No Man's Sky Wiki


That was an option!

I went with the anomaly though. Just went in, spotted a Radiant Pillar to get the owner’s name, and teleported to their base. I figured anyone flying the ol’ Pillar would at least still be in the right galaxy. It took a few tries to find someone from the right quadrant, but not terrible. So instead of having to put together over a million light years of jumps, hopefully I’m within a couple hundred thousand light years.

I’ve already covered a hundred thousand or so. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow…


I noticed systems discovered by other people in my list, but never connected it to going through the Anomaly…? Did you visit showcased bases through the portal? Gotta test that. I thought I probably really passed through that system one day (in one case, I recognised the name of the discoverer because I chatted with them).

Does that happen in very old saves only, or in any saves? My oldest shown discoveries in my current main save are 3-5 years old – 10 would be strange. Well, keep us posted whether you find it. :+1:


I may have the wrong conclusion on that, it’s just that the only interaction I have with other players is the anomaly so that’s a likely suspect. Using the teleporter there always feels like there is some intermingling of games going on.

I did visit a showcased base for the first time just recently, and the mystery system discoveries has been going on since long before that.

I will keep updating, but right now the only update would be: jumping…more jumping…still jumping…used up all my hypercores…more jumping…consumed my stockpile of storm crystals so had to go to my activated copper mine and harvest more…even more jumping…

I have actually made visible progress on the minimap of the galaxy in the corner of the jump map. I started pretty much in the middle of the lower left quadrant, and now I am noticeably closer to even with the galactic core, apparently moving more or less straight up the map.


I clearly should have put more effort into getting an approximate location before starting the brute force approach. Of course it was during the brute force approach that I thought about how I could have improved on the approximations. Anyway, too late to stop now. I have reached ‘even’ with the center, and now my progress from right to left is also noticeable.


A few years ago, someone used blackholes to get to the other side. After each arrival you measure whether you got closer and then visit a (neighbouring) space station to be able to return in case the next ones are all worse. The downside was repairing the damage to the ship but that’s what save scumming is for. :wink:


Some people had special cheap disposable ships - scrappers - which they only used for black hole diving. It didn’t need to be expensive, or technical, or pretty. As long as it could fly, it didn’t need to do anything else.

Travel to black hole system
Call your freighter
Swap ships for scrapper
Dive into black hole
Rinse and repeat.


Just out of curiosity knowing that NMS was launched in august 2106 how is it that this systems is marked discovered 10 years ago ?


I always use my living ship for BH jumping and I never fix the broken stuff, I just keep jumping. Once I get to my destination, then I fix it up.
@HariSeldon the 10 year discovery is apparently a bug. I have had it on a few of my systems as well.