Something funny


Could be down to the online discover connection being down since 1.5 it will update and stay on your discovery list but you won’t be able to see if anyone else has discovered it and vice versa, I’ve reported it but won’t hurt for you to do so too

Oh. I just thought it to be funny. I mean its Saturn with no rings.

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I wonder if I could just name all my planets Saturn and have this appear?


Oh yeah soz :joy::joy: I instantly thought it was a bug you were getting lol

There is no telling how many people have named in-game planets after real planets. Old planet names are still appearing for many people, myself included. As stated, there have been server issues for some time now. As a result of this info, I have altered the title to reflect this so that it can be more accurate.

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When I loaded v1.51 my planets had been renamed and re-undiscovered but the system was still discovered by myself with the name I gave it in v1.3.

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Are The ETARC Hub planet names still the same? Some seem to be, but others I don’t recognise. One day they seem to be there on logging in, the next or different log in they aren’t. I don’t seem to find the Hub on the Galactic Atlas either yet. I’m sure it was uploaded. It’s probably way down on the list at present to be fixed I can only guess.

The whole idea of a galactic mapping system is very useful - and it is when planet names and locations are consistent. It’s nicely implemented and the new website is a bonus. I hope these important tools can be ironed out once and for all. Then it will be easier to navigate the universe each time it’s reset. At least portal addresses are the same thank goodness. Even if I don’t recognise the old planets…

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The planet is no more…only comms floating in space. The names of the planets in my system seemed to fluctuate from the old to new. I decided to start fresh. Currently waiting to see if the ETARC Hub will get a new home. I would advise against going to the old capital. @Polyphemus did that and took some pics of the comms then his game became unplayable. :scream:

Oh ohh…
I did that too on PS4. The portal address was functional and brought me out on a lush world…but my game reverted to FUBAR shortly after.
I don’t think it is related actually.
The old Edison is called New Elzebo which is kind of ironic. Quite nice with a mountain peak near the portal that would make a nice castle base… Storms are medium.

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Sorry about old topic name offending moderator. I thought it was worth a laugh.

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I did not find it offensive. I was more concerned that someone might not think it was funny and then become irate about it. Gotta keep the peace. :wink: