Back from interloping in the UK

Hey everyone, looks like my cousin picked the worst weekend to get married! Finally back and have re-entered the Mercury Process. Soooo. A lot has changed. A LOT! Trying to catch up and get my head around all the changes. LOVING the new story threads for your base minions, love the overseers storyline! Whacky infinity!

However I feel like I’ve also missed a TONNE of progression here on ETARC.

So maybe some of you lovely kind people could catch me up on all things ETARC? How goes the HUB organisation?

@SlowRiot4NuZero seeing as how everyones naming tactics for cataloguing planets and their contents in established hubs has all been in vain since the simulations regenerated, I was thinking we should keep out system naming sweet and simple and within the games own classifications. What do you think about “ (ETARC)” kinda like how it is at the moment with “ (dominant lifeform)”, would fit in quite nicely I think :slight_smile: I know we’re far far off from that stage right now probably but thought I’d throw in my suggestion now in case life distracts me when the time comes.

ALSO, I got some of you guys gamertags and steam IDs but I feel like i’m missing some important folk.

Started playing on ps4 again,

psn ID is ChristianHour

Will return to the PC universe eventually

STEAMID is ToddUmptious or Christianhour or imoldgregg

So what else have I missed? I’ll do my best to catch up on current topics and threads!


Good to see you back! I was out for a couple of days myself … and holy smokes I have no idea how to catch up.

Polling is still ongoing for the HUB, but hopefully we’ll at least have a location pretty soon!

My psn is FlatFaceBubs. I’ve not done too much multiplayer in the past, but seeing as to how I’d like to get involved with the ETARC HUB, now’s a good time to start I s’pose. Annnnd I’m going on vacation for over a week, so I’m sure by the time I get back you guys will have it all lined up!

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying 1.3. It’s got its issues, but I’ve been beyond impressed with the work they put into it


Will keep you posted on any major developments while you’re away snackcake!

Todd, I must’ve catched your disease or something. I was gone all weekend too (yeah, ANOTHER cabin in the woods) and that’s the moment they choosed to drop the update. Mmn’argh!!!

So yeah, I haven’t played 1.3 yet :frowning:

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Well, my suggestion would be to read posts and maybe have a note book beside you as you go.
If you are starting from scratch you should have an ok time but be sure to follow instructions exactly. IE fetch this, build that, plant that, now give me some.
There are a few gripes regarding control changes that were previously more relaxed before but you get used to it.
New star map is a bit tricky but cool.
Watch your back; critters gang up sometimes.
In regards to naming: I’ve simply started using the prefix ‘1.3’ (eg; 1.3 Frost Terror System) when I name a new system. This way its identified as unmarked or pre-1.3 named or post 1.3 named. May help others until the ECSD work out something better. It’s going to be a minefield of odd named systems out there now.
You’ll notice name changes to some plants. Those of us doing a continue-on-game can’t used pre-update horded goodies for technician fetch quests as you must do as they say including the fetch bit.
Also we had a small number of '‘obselete’ items in our stores that are worthless. (I had mostly raw materials)
Recipes have changed so pay attention how you restructure your nurseries.
It goes on and on.
The fun stuff I wont mention.
You’ll find out as you go.


I really like that idea for putting an update prefix on planet naming going forward.

My home planet turned into a hexagonal construct devoid of life, but discovery page still shows all the creratures I found there. I kinda like that in a way, fits the glitchy transdimensional infinity happening all at once vibe I’m getting from the first few story quests I’ve done.

I noticed my glass is now “obsolete” haha but have relearned the recipe. Working my way through my base questlines, doing them in order as suggested to avoid bugs ive heard others ran into.

Loving all this little small things that arent covered in patch notes, like dare I say, 1000’s of changes to the game?! Those chits are handy when a 5 star pirate hoarde attack :slight_smile:

Thanks for the lil rundown hatter!

Man, I’ll admit it feels a little reassuring knowing I’m not the only one just getting back :sweat_smile:. At this point I’m just glad Emily didn’t choose last weekend to wake up. That possibility had been really concerning me near the end, and a few days away from the forum was nothing compared to what missing the grand finale would have been.

Only got a few hours under my belt, but I’ve got to say, 1.3’s blown me away so far.

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