Hello Etarcians, I am sorry if this is out of place. Been extremely busy and have not gotten to play as much as I would of liked. Wanted to share with all of you that I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend and she said yes!!! Very excited for the new journey. Side note, she has been watching me play NMS and it has peaked her interest. Again sorry just had to tell my ETARC family the good news.




Congrats- best wishes to you both!


Congratulation frozenbullet7! :grinning:


:grinning:I was wondering about you the other day. :fireworks: Congrats! :fireworks:


As a happily married man myself I’ll post the obligatory “you fool”

Congratulations to the both of you




What have you done?!

Congrats from Mr & Mrs Mad-Hatter.




I’ll reserve that for when the kids come… :smile:


Congratulations! Live long and prosper together. I hope that when you are 95, you look back and think, “That was a really good move.”


Time flies when you’re having fun. - So… :couple:
(1) Be friends 1st; (2) All the rest will follow

And anything you’re willing to overlook today,
Be willing to overlook throughout the future.

You may now kiss the bride… :man_in_tuxedo:t4::bride_with_veil:t4: …hugs.


“Union Received”

Congrats to you both! I recall seeing a thread on reddit some time ago asking why so many people who play NMS are married. It’s a trend I’m happy to see spread and continue but really it’s just a tell tale sign that its one of those rare games that appeals to a wide spectrum of ages, especially those who grew up in the golden age of Sci fi and the post space race world.

One curmudgeon on the thread said they’re all probably lying. Classic incel envy :joy:

Best wishes to you and yours on this new journey of infinite discovery :heart:


GRATZ and Best of luck to both of you!!!



Woaaaah! That’s BIG news. Congratulations.
I’m quite humbled to think you felt you wanted to let us all know here on ETARC. Thank you!!

…And also you’ve been kind enough to share your great news with potentially 7.442 billion people on planet Earth, which is a wonderful thing! I hope you have room for all the gifts :slight_smile:

Google statistic: Earth/Population 7.442 billion (2016)


Hmm I was passing by, and I heard she said yes? :grinning:

Congratulations to you Frozenbullet! Love is all!