Hey something new i found that is glitching


Hi, could use some help. High chance it’s nothing. On this video now there are two spots where it glitches. If it is nothing, thank you. The hiding in plain sight kind of thing had me thinking. And with the years being off and all, I thought maybe this might be something for those smart guys here to figure out.

In the video are two glitches that I can see, and the animals have luminesces on their backs that seem different from what I have seen before in game. My primary concern is the glitches though. Starts around 00:16


having only browsed through the video, the most striking thing, obviously is that it is from 2014… hence not likely to be anything?


got ya, did you see the glitches though?


wouldn’t call them glitches… rather a visual effect put in for artistic purposes


Ah thanks, guess I’m seeing glitches everywhere now lol.


Tell me about it! I just had a thread about a youtuber streaming NMS… got shot down by deciphering Waking Titan specialists within minutes! :smiley:

I love it though, the professionality and level of skill here is mind-blowing! :heart:


I understand what you mean about seeing glitches everywhere. The same thing happened to me after I played The Witness and started seeing the symbol you trace everywhere I looked.



So someone posted this in a response in redit.

“You are definitely onto something here. Even if nothing more than the glitching around the 00:16 mark.
I already had the original of this video copied locally, no glitching there. Downloaded from this link and watching at 25% speed. Glitches look just like the WT stuff, as you indicated. Didn’t see any embedded messages in those glitches but my setup is far from optimal for searching for that kind of thing.
Will advise if I come across anything else… very interesting…”

Here is hoping =-)


so the glitching starts with the line ‘Every planet procedural’, then ‘Every planet unique’ and ends with ‘every planet unexplored’. Maybe we have to do something with that?