Worth looking at

Hello my name is Cobra from CobraTV. I am from the NMS community, this may be nothing but there is a streamer on YT that has been streaming since June 5th playing NMS, he is a strange reaction channel, but whats strange is that he started streaming with one of the mysterious cassette tapes the Reddit mods received, but they made theirs public on the 8th, and he made his public on the 5th. The voice in at the start of his tape is different, but the music that has been remixed to bit tune can only be found on the cassettes and he had his online before anyone, the com ball left in the game that lead to the password on waking titan said loop16 and that is what he has been doing since June 5th looping a supposed tape 16 of 16.

Theres no way he could have gotten this remixed music before the mods.
He has also just recently left this Comm Ball! Let me know what you guys think! Nice meeting you all


Hey Cobra, I’m a fellow NMS player dragged into this mess. That message left by him looks like a Clyp It page, I’ll investigate immediately.

Please keep us posted. Very interested.

thanks man, could be a troll but its worth looking at, way to strange

Alright, I copied the message and threw it into Safari search engine, unfortunately, it came back as nothing. I’ll play with the link a little bit more and see if it works another way…

EDIT: Anyone wanna try using the link elsewhere? From what I can tell, the “http” part means it’s a real link, and the “CLYP.IT” part means it’s a clip on the website “Clyp It”.

hmmm so maybe a troll?

Could be, but the likelihood that it’s a clip, and the fact that a lot of our investigation includes clips or audio makes me curious. Maybe we could poke around on the website clyp.it to see if we can find the clip, or play around more with this link and see if we can get it working. Again, hopefully it’s not a troll…

Cobra, can anyone confirm he was playing the music before the reddit mods got tapes? I know the stream started on the 5th but he could have added the music after the 8th.

He has a link to the “side b” on his comments which is the side which would have the static and a spectogram message, however the link does not exist, and is a windows error.

Hey @CobraTV I been watching your videos since I am not a NMS player but Waking titan definitely is an interesting mystery (btw awesome tinfoil hat) . Keep up the good work.
I will keep an eye on this weird video as well. Like you mentioned he never tried to gloat about it which is probably the most bizarre to me if we think how most trolls go on about this kind of stuff.

it used to work, it was short maybe 20 seconds long, I didnt record it due to not knowing he uploaded side A music before anyone else but now the link is gone

agreed bro, and thank you for the kind words man!

Ah no! Did anyone grab it before it stopped working?

I dont think so, I tried posting him on reddit when i frist seen him, but it got removed because it wasn’t taken serious

well the 7s are / but this still does not equate to an actual link

Alright, this link is showing as a real link on clyp.it, but it won’t load for me. Can anyone else try this link?

Got error message on mobile Chrome.

Same, says it doesn’t exist

Ok, thanks for looking. I’ll see if there’s another way I can find it. Is it possible the B-side clyp.it link in the streamer’s description is related to the message Cobra got?

Original message was:


To me, this means:


however, if he is using 7 to repesent /, then does that mean that all numbers and symbols are reversed? if 7 = / then what would 5 =?.

I could be wrong. I tried turning the bits to hex etc but it does not work.