I Think Waking Titan Just Contacted Me On My Stream

Hey Everyone,

I just posted this on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/6pwwf9/i_think_waking_titan_just_contacted_me_on_my/ and they said I should come here since you’re all the experts. I’m just a streamer for fun, but something very interesting just happened to me.

I was streaming last night, and right at the end of my stream, a viewer with the name of “waking titan” starts commenting and says the following:

“Transmission incoming”

“Standing there alone, the ship is waiting All systems are go, are you sure? Control is not convinced but the computer has the evidence No ne” (it cuts off due to YouTube 200 character limit)

“Second stage is cut, we’re now in orbit Stabilizers up, Running perfect Starting to collect requested data What will it affect when all is d” (it cuts off due to YouTube 200 character limit)

“End Transmission”

Below you’ll find the links to the picture of what I took with my camera on the PS4 interface, and a video of it happening mid-stream… it’s 3 hours long, so it fast forwards you right to the 3:08:05 mark. Unfortunately, right after receiving it the game crashes…

So, am I being punked, or do you think this is legit, and has this happened before?


Is there any way to verify the account making those comments? Twitch streamer Akusamodo (name?) had waking titan contact him during a stream, and it was confirmed legit since the msgs actually came from the Atlas account on twitch from which Elizabeth had been streaming. You’d need a similar verification here imo.

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I’m currently looking into it. Basic searches aren’t turning up anything. I also looked up if there were ways to mask your name on YouTube, looks like probably not… but I can’t find the user “waking titan” on YouTube right now.

Looks like these are lyrics from Peter Schilling - “Major Tom (Coming Home).” Sorta reduces credence at the moment.


Considering many of the links to YouTube videos through out the ARG, and the esoteric nature of many of the WT clues, it still may be them.

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Fits the pattern. Yesterday it was quoting Jared Smith on CobraTV’s stream… It’s most likely a Roko’s basilisc scenario with a deranged Ai that communicates only through sci-fi pop-culture references.


I trust you bro, don’t forget “The French” multi-tool ahah

I need to change it to “The Frenchman,” I think it sounds cooler.

Ahahah ! Have you a link to the “waking titan” youtube page ? (The account who send you all message)

I don’t. Searching it turns up nothing.

No prob bro ^^
Just remember, i realy hope that was not a Joke from you (i don’t think honestly) or someone els.

No, I am not lying. This actually occurred to me, and everything stated has been truthful and transparent. I am not asking for subs, views, or any other monetary or popularity compensation. I just know there’s lots of stuff out there for Waking Titan, and I just want to contribute evidence so you (the experts) can decode.


No clue how these youtube comments work tbh. Without any chatlog like twitch has, I am not sure if there is any way to determine the origin of this message. I would also have expected Waking Titan to know about character limitations.

Either way, the message is clearly not complete due to getting cut off, as such it cannot be properly analyzed, but it does indeed appear to be a literal transcript from Peter Shilling’s “Major Tom” as you already mentioned.

Now there were a couple of base64 strings that worked fine as youtube links to similar songs (I don’t believe this one was one of them), but well… either this is the continuation of the string of links, or it’s a troll. Considering the platform used, and the way it compares to previous messages, I’m inclined to consider it a troll.
That being said, even if it wasn’t one, the contents of this song have no meaning that I can easily link to this ARG.

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All 6 parts of Waking Titan phase 1 had a youtube video song linked to it. We just had phase 2 part 1 finish, and no YT song for it; interesting that they seem to have used you to get the video to us. Thank you for your contribution. And btw you basically got Rick rolled by the ARG haha!


Yep. Watch the pictur on the video it’s “Error in the system”, so the error in wakingtitan.com, when you ask “whois metis” it’s glitching :

warning: whois database not fully loaded, some errors detected”

It’s hase a link probably…

What Sherlockery is this?!


I have to strongly disagree.
The title of the song is very in line with communications signals etc and the album title is a big reference to glitching. It’s also very retro which has been a big theme of NMS and the previous youtube links.

I’m going to assume waking titan are randomly dropping in on livestreamers simply because they can.


I’m going to assume waking titan are randomly dropping in on livestreamers simply because they can.

Yep, and that’s was not the first time ^^

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You can easily come up with another 100 songs that have lyrics related to space, discovery, communications and more. (Just think “Lost in the Echo” or “Catalyst” from Linkin Park for one, there are literally hundreds more.)

Now I don’t say you cannot tie them to some of the subjects in the ARG, but they do not appear to have any specific meaning or substance. You can’t get any message out of them. So even if it is legit (like the other youtube songs linked), you can’t get any meaning out of it without some kinda key (none has been found so far). As such, even the discussion if this is legit or trolling is even somewhat trivial since the outcome does not really change anything. It would only become relevant once some way of getting information out of these songs has been discovered.