Live Drop Livestream! DM21 Gaming!


Come join us there, or if you can’t come watch it live and hang out!


Which “black book” did you choose?


DM21 are the ones who did a fake morse code message to get views. Also I heard they’re bringing video equipment? I sure hope they plan to ask for permission before they start recording people.


Sorry, that “false morse code” was actually aimed at me. I’d been complaining about the morse code driving me nuts and they thought it’d make a good gag. They never meant for it to go any further than that. I feel so bad for it actually…


Good to know, thanks. We’ve had people trying to troll the ARG before so it seemed like another attempt.


@Nimueh can you drop us a line here when the stream is about to go up?


They’re stuck in traffic, looks like they may not make it… :frowning: There’s a stream going on though for people to watch


oh yea, never plan for traffic in NY ^^

That being said, it seems like there is a whole host of ppl there, good thing it ain’t raining :slight_smile:


DM21 on the far right


Hey guys!

Here’s the youtube video that came from all the excitment. There’s also a link the the description of the files in high-res. They’re also doing a live AMA on Mixer today at 2pm EDT, and will be on Cobra TV at 5pm EDT. Tweet your questions to @DM21Gaming using #NYCDropAMA!