Investigation of Wakingtitan Visiting AkodoKusamoto's Stream

Early today, Twitch streamer AkodoKusamoto was doing a casual stream when, about 20 minutes in, the Wakingtitan channel commented. They said “Don’t give up Citizen! You are doing a great job so far! :)”.

Here is a link to the video: Twitch

I’m going to try and dig deeper into this topic, and will post updates here. Any help would be much appreciated. I really feel like there’s something there.

UPDATE 1: About 15 minutes into the stream, AkodoKusamoto is trying to figure out the command console. That may be what Wakingtitan was referring to. Looking into it now.

UPDATE 2: AkodoKusamoto found that you can put an email into the command line, hit enter, and then it becomes a link. That was the last thing he did before switching to playing NMS. A few minutes later and Wakingtitan drops their comment. Going to investigate the email concept. If anyone could get me a list of all known emails in the ARG, it would be much appreciated.

UPDATE 3: Thanks to user @Shota for supplying this link of known emails!
I’ve been trying them, but none seem to do anything. Even tried entering my personal email to see if I’d get a response, but nothing. Also, it doesn’t seem like URLs work, only emails. Only just tested this, so not confirmed. Still looking.

UPDATE 4: Thanks to @toddumptious for confirming that URLs DO in fact work. Maybe we have to put a link in and go to the site from the command line?


Let us know what those links result in :slight_smile:

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I was trying that email thing this morning 8amish gmt, thought maybe if i typed in my email it would say my handle and totally freak me out haha. But of course that didnt happen. But I do think there might be something to it.

It is possible its something left over in the page template though… Automatically prepares emails for mailto:hyperlink type stuff. Does it do this when you type full urls too?

No, just mentioned that in my last update. Emails were the last thing AkodoKusamoto tried before Wakingtitan told him he was on the right track.

I just tried an url, it works with http:// in the url. autmatically makes it a hyperlink

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Every matching email format will turn into a mailto: link, for example me@home.soon. This is part of jQuery terminal. The same will happen when matching a url format, for example I would not think too much of it, just normal behaviour.


I stand corrected. Like I said I didn’t do extensive looking into that, but that could be a huge part. Thanks!

@DevilinPixy If you watch the linked video, at around 15 minutes, AkodoKusamoto is working with links. Soon after, Wakingtitan tells him he was on the right track. That’s what has me hung up on links.

No worries, welcome on board!

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Well, this stream comment is a really nice find. I kinda wonder if/what else they had to say on other streams lately.
That being said, I’ve looked to this guys vid a bit, and to me it seems more like they intend “don’t give up” to mean keep turning over every stone you can find (like this guy seems to be doing).


Good point. I guess all we CAN do is keep digging at this point haha

Also, regarding your time codes, I tried to replay the vid, and it shows the chat message at around 22 minutes in, not 15. Around that time he also reacts to the comment as well (hilarious face btw “ehm… what?”), so that seems to be quite unrelated to the mail links. So not sure if they even refer to the site itself or to ingame exploration at this point, but I still believe the more general “leave no stone unturned” is what they’re trying to encourage.

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It would be nice if our Masters would give us a clue as to which fields we should be turning those stones in… :sleepy:

Just downloaded the chat history for that video. I can confirm a total of two messages having been sent to the channel. To remove any doubt, I can also confirm these messages were being sent by the ‘official’ wakingtitan channel account:

Don’t give up Citizen! You are doing a great job so far! :slight_smile:

  • Twitch User ID: 163329949
  • Timestamp (Unix epoch in ms): 1500755384794
    • Saturday, July 22, 2017 8:29:30.505 PM (GMT)
  • Video offset (ms): 1307505
    • 21.79175 minutes

Again… Impressive progress Citizen Scientist, we’re tracking you carefully – keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

  • Twitch User ID: 163329949
  • Timestamp (Unix epoch in ms): 1500756831781
    • Saturday, July 22, 2017 8:53:51.781 PM (GMT)
  • Video offset (ms): 2768781
    • 46.14635 minutes

I believe this is just promotional and showing interest in the community. I do not believe these messages were specifically referring to what was being tried in the terminal.


Those aren’t all the emails that have been discovered. There were emails for Elizabeth Leighton and Sophie Dubois that haven’t been used yet. They might have been and but I’m not sure.


I was watching when the second message came through (or maybe he mentiones this just before the second message)
after which he theorizes that, because he signs off on all his videos with “the atlas is slavery” that THATS why they singled him out, they like his views towards the atlas, which is what he reckoned. Now I didn’t watch much after that so I dont know if he dismissed his own theory in favour of another one but thought it was worth mentioning he does NOT like the atlas at all, and has been very vocal about it,

Coming back to this today, Akodokusamoto streamed a summary of yesterday’s experiences, a couple of hours well after this whole debacle: Twitch

I was lucky to be watching at the time of the second message and caught this screenshot, quite funny :laughing:

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