Tape 9/16 Analysis

- YouTube - My thoughts and theories on the current tape.


Nice video! :smiley:

Thanks Emily!

That is some damn good theory!! lets see…

Did I happen to hear “I might be waiting on a tape?” near the end? Haha :wink:

Ummm idk xD

I know I’m bringing up an old topic here, but I just noticed something in regards to Side A of tape 9/16. By the way everyone already thinks portals will be released in the next patch, so this isn’t really groundbreaking by any means. But, it is still kind of a nice touch added by the creator of the tape.

Play Side A of 9/16 at 31:00

-link appears to be broken
so //CobraTV-9/16-Side-A : Hello Games : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Now play the ps4 trailer with portals at 1:36

sound familiar?

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be listening to?

Theres a repetitive pattern a short while after 31:00 that kinda sounds like the last little ditty of that 65days song used in the trailer (debutante from their 4th album), or is it the sound the flying creature makes?

Cos I can kinda hear something similar to that aorund 31:00. If its the drone and that icey synth, thats just atmospherics used throughout the game and pretty indicative of 65days style.

You should check out the soundtrack they did for Silent Running. They rescored the entire film and performed live with it a few times, the album it produced is incredible, very much like what we got with no mans sky, though being a movie that soundtrack is a lot more thematic and less atmospheric than NMS’s.

Went off on a tangent, erm, so what should I be listening for? Sorry I’m in a rambling mode.

No problem, didn’t mean to confuse you. What I’m referring to is the ominous drone as the player enters the portal, the sound effect disappears as soon as he enters it. They sound very similar. That’s all I was really pointing to. I found it interesting that they may be referring back to one of the original trailers.

As far as 65 days of static goes, I never really knew about them before nms. Now I’m completely sold on this band. I Really enjoy listening to their music, so I’ll definitely check out that track.