June 21, 2017 - Vlog #02!


Hey guys! I finally got my second vlog finished, no thanks to some minor technical difficulties last week. I have a bit of a cold here, but I didn’t want to delay the vlog any more so you’ll just have to deal with my sniffles! :smiley: Let me know what you think!


Good Job, and again, thanks for the shout out! Hope you get over the sniffles quickly :slight_smile:


Ha! That thumbnail is great. New profile pic? :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate the shout out. Thank you! Also, I was very curious about the results of the survey, so that was cool to see! Our community is really into investigating. That’s good! Haha.


Sup Emily, and hi all here in the ETARC Community.

I thought in your next video you would be clearer about your opinion regarding the connection of this whole ARG with the game No Man’s Sky. And as I am new here I do not know if you already made that statement in any post … Anyway, what do you think: this ARG is totally connected to the game No Man’s Sky, or not? And again, sorry if you’ve said it before :frowning:


Glad I watched it. Morale was low. You’re just so cheery. Thanks for the pick me up :wink:


Hey there, well done!
A question though : Compared to vlog#1, why can’t we see glyph under sygil in vlog#2?
Are we missing something to unlock 4th glyph?


Thanks Emily super informative! You’ve done something special by opening up your forums and offering guidance with this adventure we’re on together.


Great vlog, Emily! Especially with a cold trying to keep you down. Hope you feel better soon!

Since you threw some minor shade (;)) on the community’s problem-solving efficiency, do you have any suggestions for how we can improve? Create smaller working groups based on skillsets or something? Honestly I thought y’all solved everything really fast; by the time I woke up on the west coast everything was mostly done.


Thanks for the shoutout! Sorry I haven’t moved the physics stuff over to the Knowledge Center yet. I’ve gotten kinda busy prepping for a class I’m teaching starting next week. If anyone else wants to move them over, feel free! Otherwise, I’ll get to it eventually…


I’m glad you all like it so much! Man, it seems like every time I get a vlog together, about a million things happen right after that I couldn’t cover. :sweat_smile: