June 9th, 2017 - Vlog #01!

OK, so I know I’ve mentioned doing a vlog for this game, or challenge, or whatever it is… I finally bit the bullet and recorded it! I hope it helps some of our new solvers from the No Man’s Sky community in catching up, and reinforces what we already know for the less-new folks. Big kudos to all of you for the crazy amount of effort you’ve put in this past week or so! :blush:


Thanks for the shoutout Emily!

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Great video emily!

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That’s awesome! Thanks for the info Emily! We appreciate you allowing us to borrow your forum for this!

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So awesome! I am so glad you did this, thank you :slight_smile: I have learned a lot about things I never thought I would as well. And shared on all my feeds


oh @Emily is there a hashtag for twitter, FB etc that you think would be good to use to share this out and help collect chatter?

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Good video Emily!

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Maybe just #wakingtitan? I think that’s pretty clear!


That’s the hashtag I’ve been using from the beginning. Or #projectwakingtitan.

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This was really good, you should start making another for the massive cluster that just went down with Seychelles, especially considering it started about the time this was released!

Awesome vlog Emily! Can’t wait to see more from you :smiley:
Quite a bit has happened regarding the broadcast, so I think covering that would be great as well, for a future vlog :slight_smile: