"Zoomed In" Stream Ep 2 For #NMSDay!

I’m back with another episode of my streaming series “Zoomed In”. Here’s what it’s all about:

And here is this episode’s folder to submit those beautiful Atlas Rises photos!

Streaming here: https://twitch.tv/kyle_culver
My twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/kulver

And for more info on #NMSDay and how you can be involved check out this reddit post: https://redd.it/6t0bap
Other participants include @LPlaysGaming, @SirianGaming, @AshkerNMS, @legacyzero, @CobraTV, DM21Gaming, JustJarrod, The folks over at NMS Qwest who are doing a special Photo Contest for this weekend! So look at the schedule and keep an eye out for the No Man’s Sky Day festivities. :slight_smile:

See you there Traveller. :rocket:

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