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This topic is for all your great user created Video content, (live) Streams, and Podcasts, related to No Man’s Sky the game and/or the Waking Titan ARG. Basically the new and improved YouTube megathread including other platforms, (live) streaming content you wish to announce or share, and podcasts. Of course discussion of content posted here is more than welcome.

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Post video links on its own separate line to allow for a preview or embed to show :wink:

Here's a video if you super fan get bored about everything we already know so far with No Man's Sky NEXT!
Streaming NMS on Twitch
"Zoomed In" Stream Ep 2 For #NMSDay!
Oh Oh The Know are onto it
Oh Oh The Know are onto it
A discussion piece clearing up some of the recent confusion around Waking Titan/WARE and the Developer Update/Images going around
No Man's Sky goes to China; A Potential of 200 MILLION new players!
Informational Video listing EVERY Hello Games GDC presentation thus far (& more!)
What is Update 1.5? Here are my Predictions...It's going to be MASSIVE!
"A traveller has started streaming!"
"Zoomed In" | NMS Live Stream
Version 1.3 Youtube Megathread
YouTube megathread
No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art
No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art
YouTube megathread
"Zoomed In" | NMS Live Stream
Streaming NMS on Twitch
"A traveller has started streaming!"
"Zoomed In" Stream Ep 2 For #NMSDay!
Galactic Hub’ s Youtube channel has launched!
Video of 2 of my most EPIC & CRAZY sentinel battles in No Man's Sky! (PS4)
Traveling to other systems w/o Warp
Waking Titan Atlas Level 4 Atlas Passes are worth HUNDREDS... Also thanks alot Hello Games for the awesome physical collectibles!
Now streaming No Man's Sky!

A traveller has started streaming!

Hey I was thinking, any time someone starts streaming, just post a link in here :slight_smile: Not obligatory but if you want afterwards, come back and edit your link to clarify you are no longer streaming. That way, anytime someone posts a response, more or less its a notification to anyone that is subscribed to this thread that some mad sci fi nut is sharing his space faring experience to the multiverse!

Even if you don’t stream but you just noticed your favourite NMS player just started, feel free to share the link here too, I always seem to miss the live streams! :frowning:

Btw I am about to start streaming, though I’ve no way of communicating, so just consider it voyeur :wink:

I will post my link in a reply as a loose example :smiley:

#3 Just started streaming, I usually use twitch but thought id try youtube this time :smiley:


Streaming has ceased :slight_smile:



Gonna start streaming again soon for ships and giggles, I’m all photo’d out and Dublin aint budgin



Good on’ya!


I found the one planet I do not wanna leave but I’m afraid I might have to


why do you have to leave it?


Its a very extreme planet very heavy sentnal forces and what not plus not much is there


I’m actually looking for an extreme planet at the moment, Polo is looking for rank 3 extreme.

Ugh, I’ve already done the 30 day extreme challenge three times on ps4 (I restarted with foundation update so I could be back in Euclid and make the trip to Galactic hub.

Then I did it again on my permadeth playthrough when Pathfinder came out. Now I have it on PC, here we go again.

Hopefully I get there on a busy day with the ARG and can just leave it running in background while I help community solve stuff :smiley:

@MrBacon Sorry I missed your message in the stream yesterday, I also realised AFTER that my mic was on mute, all my theoritcal rambles were for nought XD Will start streaming again soon. I still havent asked EVERY sentinel in the game if they know where I can find Emily haha. To answer your question I submitted about 50 photos but I don’t think thats what made it jump from 10% to 21, i did the same thing all day yesterday and it never budged. It seems they’re manually sifting through all our photos so we just gotta wait til they get to our relative stacks.


straming again

edit: 18:45 GMT



done for the moment, microphone is being weird, will continure to stream in silence in future. not very fun but meh.


Your audio is messed up a little bit, all I hear is a constant buzzing…


Yeah seems my mic is funked :frowning: Srry bout that. I yelled at it a bunch and made it sit on the bold step, think about what its done.


Okay I think i fixed my Head set :-/

syreaming stopped


just letting you guys know!


Thanks Pasitigris :slight_smile: Now I don’t have to feel so weird for being the only one posting streams in here haha :smiley: Gonna watch this now


Once more into the milky breach!


Had awful strife with my headset but I think we’re good.

I didnt name the system I logged out from last night.

Somebody else did though :open_mouth:


Eerie, I can’t remember… can you see who named it?


hehehe, nice one that. :slight_smile:


Yeah, name was hop. Looking on No mans Connect app, I can see they were on yesterday and just started using the app so they were probably testing out the teleport function :slight_smile:


Why do you “not” want to leave??