Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


Element 6 won’t display my link!
Go there and click it!


Mission A055

It says process started but nothing more


I answered video and got this response:


Waiting for more votes I think


I think it’s a vote! Hopefully people pick video


Who voted for “Brainwaves”?


The value of the status command has changed also

S1 - Input open.
S2 - Pending…
S3 - Pending…
S4 - Pending…


Are we gonna get all four, is this just determining order? I want brainwaves


I’ve always wanted some brainwaves. They never happened, though.


I just tried typing:

Update AI Subroutines for Dream Cross sections n-12, 12-1n, n1-12, 12-2n.

Didn’t like it :wink:



I wonder how that would work? There is no way I am putting on a WARE headset.


I have seen some sites that allow drag and drop of video audio etc, but I am not sure what format they want brain waves in.

I have my grandfathers old EEG that works, It’s an old Mac quadra 630 with an IBVA wireless transceiver.

I can up load 1-60 hrz over time files but I am not sure that’s the file format they are looking for.



Well that was sudden…no gradual loading this time…though granted they only gave us a thing to vote on, not the actual element…now, everyone vote video. We need to see something…we already got audio, text isn’t going to even be as good as audio and brainwaves is probably just a way for us to throw this away and get nothing.


Here is an antique brainwave synchronizer. Looks fun!


That is at least 20 years older than the 1994 release date of the system I got :wink:

Is that a projector or detector?



Ok…I don’t see how that would get us any concrete hint about game content…


Maybe they are looking for spikes in the stream.

Something that I used to watch when I would run the EEG on friends.

Sometimes you would see a 0-60Hz spike and some times you would see a 60-0hz spike when recording.

Past pressure, vs future pressure in the EM fields being monitored.(just a guess)



I have no idea but, here are instructions for another model. BrainWave_Synchronizer_Ad


I was off by 10 years :wink:



So it can be used for group induction…I so hope Brainwaves is not the choice that wins… :face_with_monocle::crazy_face: