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Please use this thread to share Waking Titan YouTube videos! This thread is going to be slightly more structured than some of our other threads. Here’s the rules:

  • Top level posts must be a link to a channel, with a channel description.
  • Individual video links should be shared as replies to that first channel post. One video per post please!
  • Discussion of videos and channels should take place in a separate thread - if you link to the post, it will show up in this thread.

I’ll show you what I mean with my own channel. :slight_smile:

Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan
Videos / Streaming / Podcasts - No Man's Sky / Waking Titan

This is my personal channel, where I upload my vlogs!




Currently obsessing over the Waking Titan by posting journalistic Overviews for each Phase (or Sequence) as they happen.





I think I’m doing it right… lol. Grea idea @Emily! Thank you!


It looks like your first video post wasn’t made as a reply to your channel post, but I’m not sure because I’m on mobile. I just wanted to do it that way because it makes it easier to view the videos as nested replies :slight_smile:


Weird. I thought I made that way… I agree. The nesting is perfect for keeping structure. I went and messed it up… haha. I’ll attempt to edit as a reply, and if I can’t I suppose I should delete the responses and start over? And be sure to triple check that it’s a reply to the channel post.


I do one or more No Man’s Sky videos per week including coverage of Waking Titan. I also have playlists of others’ NMS and WT videos I think are worth checking out.


Oh, it says the post has three replies, but yeah, the first one doesn’t have a “reply” icon next to it. Hm… might just be a bug? I’ll wait until you’re in front of a PC before I start deleting stuff.


Replies directly beneath the post they are replying to do not show the reply icon.




Ah, that explains it! Thanks Mac :slight_smile:



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