Emily posted vlog #4 - It "glitches"


At 3:38 you will notice something odd. Some kind of motion effect. What is that? She is following her “shadow”. But notice the shadow is predicting her movements, as if we are getting a visual of the future.

What does this mean guys? What is going on!?


Did we see 3 by the way?

Edit: I missed that one apparently, but found it now


I doubt the ghosting is done on purpose and most likely due to camera settings. See my reply here:


I am by no means a camera expert, but it seems odd to me that a camera could pick up future movements. If you notice, her movements are not shadowed by the effect, but she is moving into the effect, as if the effect is predicting her movements.

Did something technical happen during upload? Are there other examples of this same kind of effect?


Ya I can see it too… Weird!


It’s definitely a “predictive” rather than “reactive” glitch. The sound isn’t off though so it’s not a camera or uploading issue.


What you are seeing is multiple versions of the video as we loop through time. Apparently the nature of the universe causes these videos to spill over into each other when viewed on youtube. The end is near friends unless we can break the sequence.


Although I personally doubt it was done on purpose, it can be easily accomplished with some video editing software as well. Just make a copy of the webcam layer on top of it, with a slight time offset and add transparency to that layer.


I just noticed that the Howard Stern Radio due for Saturday is not on the Project WT Website. Does anyone have the locations of the radios for each of the sigils we’ve done so far? I think we have missed something.



It’s definitely odd, it doesn’t seem like normal video errors I’ve seen. Combined with the fact that the background only has 1 sigil and 2 glyphs open, which might’ve just been Emily pulling the wrong background, but…

Did we get ourselves stuck in this time vortex somehow? @Emily, are you alright out there?


Its not accesible via the project wt website though.

Im thinking ten glyphs, over ten active radio stations we have yet to listen to. Shoulnt we listen to them?


I downloaded the video and checked the offset for the ghosting in Sony Vegas. The recorded source I have is 1280x720 at 25 fps. The offset appears to be exactly 9 frames, which means 0.36 seconds. Not sure if this will become useful in any way.


could you share that video file with me?


@whitechoklet I can suggest to Google for ‘YouTube to mp4’ if you wish to download the source.


Something like this happened in her #3 vlog; after she played the sound byte from cassette 9/16, her voice and movement were slightly out of sync, which is a fairly common video glitch.

This “ghosting” effect also started right after she played the sound byte from the live drop. So it may just be some problem with her computer and camera tech not working well together, but it still is a rather unusual glitch that I personally have never seen before.


Youtube is haunted :scream:


That is definitely on purpose that her VLOGs #3 & #4 are “glitchy” each time after playing audio files to us :bangbang:
I guess #5 will be even more glitchy :nerd_face: Who’s with me?

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I have a strange feeling, it’s not a coincidence… Remember, there will be / are NPCs in this ARG. And they’re among usss…


@D-C and @kesbet, the powers-that-be generally frown upon insinuating that Emily or this site is somehow in on what’s going on.

That being said, I’m beginning to worry about Emily. The way her image was ghosting in this video reminds me of Elizabeth’s ghosting in her third video. Hey @Gruffham, would you know how to get in touch with Emily to make sure she’s okay?