Emily Glitch Video Analysis

This is a place to analyze Emily’s new appearance in the livestream.
Here’s a clip of just her video on the Twitch stream: https://clips.twitch.tv/PlumpAverageMomMcaT

I haven’t looked at this exhaustively yet, but a couple things I noticed:

  • this looks like her hairstyle from her June 21 vlog, but the plant is much larger, with longer leaves.
  • I’m not skilled in reading lips, but after playing it over and over I believe she says,
    I know you won't believe it, but(?) six or seven __ __

Do we have anyone who can read lips here?


Yeah, in none of the yt clips are her motions the same, when her mouth/jaw is level with the shelf behind her.

The shelf also looks closer, based on the size of the flower and her toys.

Yeah, it would be fantastic to have someone with that kind of lip reading expertise look at the video.

I know someone that knows someone that can lip read…watch this space


Ok sorry but no luck guys, the person I asked said its to difficult to make out, they are deaf and can lip read but to what level I don’t know, maybe someone who is trained to a higher level could work it out but they said they would keep trying, so if I learn anything more I’ll post here

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What are people’s feelings about her in this video? Gut reaction, first impression. Sad, happy, frightened, threatened, scared or some other.

I had a look through this video clip frame by frame in Premiere Pro. One thing that stood out for me was that it contains four frames that are wholly white. These occur at:

absolute frame count, zero origin: 74, 75, 207, 208

timecode: 2 seconds: frame 14, 15
6 seconds: frame 27,28

You can find them in the Twitch player with a bit of fiddling. It’s possible these are simply artifacts of the glitching process, however the contrast with the surrounding frames is quite high.

Probably not significant, but… :wink:

It looks like at one point she smiles but I could be wrong it could just be wind lol

Yeah I noticed that, could changing the contrast or colour of that particular frame help?

there’s morse or something in the audio. It’s clear but it’s not quite a fit for morse, almost seems like a telegraph or a baud rate datastream

i posted some audio files i pulled from the video if anyone needs it.

EDIT: a better recording by @Malveka https://forums.etarc.org/t/emily-glitch-video-analysis/1793/35?u=duckduck

sounds like encrypted MHZ transmitting of data, when I was on ship

there are voices speaking in the video, I am not able to determine what is being said, you can hear someone dropping something,

I looked at the spectrograph in Audacity, but the pattern of noise wasn’t consistent, nor was line thickness. I couldn’t get anything meaningful out of it, but I may not have had the right approach.

uh, why is there someone going to the restroom and washing their hands in that audio?
bro, did you use a open mic in your house to record that?


lol, maybe an ambient noise or two :grin: my wife was washing a bowl when i was recording. sorry


If you recorded a video by holding up a mic to your computer or something, you’ve introduced extra noise which makes audio analysis harder. It’s much better to just extract the audio from the video directly…

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i’m just doing the best i can man! :expressionless:


You can do better soldier, we’re trying to be the cream of the CSD crop here!

roger SIR! :grinning: