Emily Echo's Audio Investigation


Hi! I wanted to start a new thread on the audio portion of the video of Emily’s echo we saw this last weekend. I know the video is also being investigated, I just wanted to make it a bit easier to follow the thread.

So, there is something in the audio, and I do think Emily is trying to get a message out to us.

The above is the audio from the video zoomed in. You can clearly see audio zones and no audio zones. This is not a natural occurrence in audio. The fact that it drops so sharply, and to zero, really suggests some manipulation of the audio.

So, I went through all 20 seconds of the audio and measured the start points of each audio zone (1) and each silence zone (0). This way, rather than guessing, we can get a good idea of the pattern.

Out of 449 data points, there were only 11 different durations for the 0s and 1s. That seems way too low for randomness. Note I measured out 0:00.000 seconds.

I was hoping something obvious would jump out of the data, but it did not. Well, at least to me. I know there are much better ciphering people on here, so I hope you can make better sense of it.

Here is a quick graph of it:

Since I know a lot of people do not have audio, or the patience to measure all the gaps, here is a spreadsheet with all the raw data, just the 0 data, just the 1 data, and then both together.

I’d like to keep track of things people have tried so we don’t get the same suggestions over and over.

Morse Code: There is no clear dot dash difference, also, no idea what the length is to divide into letters.

Ok, I hope this all makes sense to people.

Let’s find out what Emily is telling us!


I posted earlier they should overlay the Emily Video with the Elizabeth L. video, or at least the audios; however they seem to want to go in another direction in the video thread. I’m OK with that, but I think they are looking to hard at finding something in the video that is (humbly in my opinion) in plain sight. I’d do the different combinations of overlays myself but My laptop is pathetic :slightly_frowning_face: hope this helps.

PS it sounds like a girl is saying:
1: If we get this message help **“US”**.
Then something about:
1: If we get this signal we can stop **“this timelime”** from ever happening.
I then heard someone knock something over and someone say:
2: Is anyone even going to get this.
The rest goes soft, at the end I think I hear something about:
2: Put on helmet. (can’t confirm this part with a over 50% certainty)

Lastly I hear two distinctly different voices i named 1 and 2. Voice 1 I believe is Emily (86% certainty) Voice 2 is Elizabeth L. (96% certainty). This is a warning that they did something and lost control, however because of the advancements in technology they got one chance to get a message out, that if heard could stop the evens from happening. We already set things in motion when we woke up Loop 16, and if we don’t find a way to shut it down; checkmate.

These are my thoughts and what I found from watching and listening to the video/audio, I could be wrong; very wrong. I need someone with the tools to process the data and prove my wrong or right. either way, I hope this helps someone find something.


Emily Glitch Video Analysis

Aside from the RTTY approach, I have also been thinking about the audio in terms of music. A loop in music, is basically repeated short sections. There’s various definitions, but anyone interested can read up here:

I know some on here have the Audacity Software, that allows for looping. Plus, it’s possible through an app called GarageBand. :notes:
These are my latest thoughts as a way to find possible connections. I just don’t know how to apply it to the audio in the videos. Or, if that is even possible.

On another note: Maybe this relates back to the cassette tapes, or something. Or, maybe the update will come with added music.


The durations of the silent/non-silent parts of the audio could be quantised, in programming terms the length of a section could be determined by something like this:

int silence_length = (rand() % 11) * SOME_CONSTANT;

However I plotted graphs of the distributions of values in your data sets:


mother of god, spreadsheets, bar graphs, charts and stuff, what is happening in here?




Admit it, you guys really miss Emily :heart_eyes:


Making music is my passion (gaming is my hobby! Someone let me compose music for games PREASE!?), I can’t promise I’ll find anything of iimportance but I definitely will turn it into a song XD

She’s the closest thing I’ve had to a friend since I fell out with my imaginary ones :frowning: Though it’s looking like she may be imaginary too!


Despite all our efforts RTTY is still left inconclusive, may have to put a pin it it for now.


Args! This one is killing me! I hate not knowing. And there has to be something there!

EMILY / LOOP16: You are some type of advanced AI, or machine stored human, trying to communicate with blips hidden in audio. Maybe just try to send us an email or post a reply instead? I mean, even 8-bit computers could send higher communications than blips in audio. You’re not going to tell me an 8-bit Commodore PET is better than a Myriad run super AI approaching the singularity?

:expressionless: Just saying.


It does appear that the audio file that is listed has changed.
Does not sound the same.
Not sure how that is happening.


Thanks Superlumina :rofl:!


keyboard or mouse clicks - https://clyp.it/wfs0mwlz4
Emily 1 - https://clyp.it/tmj4wukl4
Emily 2 - https://clyp.it/s5peii3q1
Emily 3 - https://clyp.it/q1quoy2s1
Emily 4 -https://clyp.it/zd0w5fv41
Emily 5 - https://clyp.it/u4z0fuwi1


@Difficultlevel I am gettting a 404 page for all of the links.


Can you clarify exactly which audio clip(s) you are listening to when you hear these? Thanks!


no idea what happened there, they were working…I posted the files directly on the GD WT discord, someone was going to put them in a google folder


i got the same result. 404 page :confused:


frank, the audio glitches are not identical over the 5 appearances of Emily. I aligned the audio and the glitches are a bit stream and each is unique. I’ve posted info on the gd wt discord and will look into this more tomorrow. it might just be a randomised glitch for dramatic purposes but if not, then there are binary streams that may need to be combined or used together to decode a message.


go to the gd discord, look me up and download the files directly from discord


Could you please link the WT GD discord here? i cant seem to find it.