Strange Audio


When you click the first glyph on the site it plays some strange audio.I can’t do anything with it as i don’t have my PC yet.I don’t know if this has been found before,too.


Hey! We’ve discussed it a little bit, but I can’t make out a word of what she says for the most part :frowning: any ideas?


I just started messing with it, as much as I can with audacity. I don’t know what the middle chunk after the plea for help says, but after that I think it says “Tribidum Fell” silence… chicken cluck? “Fifteen Five Five” just getting to the next section where I hear sixes.


Keep at it! I’m curious.


Me too. Otherwise I would have slept :sleeping:


can anyone try running it through a spectogram or whatever thats called?


just noticed that something else triggers the audio.I don’t know what though i clicked randomly :stuck_out_tongue:


Direct link to the video file, for those that want to analyse it futher:
Help us Video
Help us Sound


Pitch shifted 200% and added a layer of spectrogram. I suggest looking at the bottom right quadrant.


Morse again maybe?


Where is this audio from? Is it covering the entire duration of the video?


I just may have found a weird clue between your spectrogram and the “Atlas” image that kept turning up on the 5 primary sites related to Waking Titan (Echo-64, Multiverse-75, etc).

In the middle section that “mirrors” itself, the 3 “curves” on the left hand side and the large “line” on the right align up with background. This could be a major clue as to what those videos could have in relation to that picture. Perhaps with more videos, we can find a relation or secret within the Altas image that we can’t see without a spectrogram or something more.


As for the video, I’ll examine it frame by frame for steg content.