Side B of tape #9/16 has been uploaded! Please analyze ASAP!



People aren’t seeing anything on the Side B spectrograph. It may be hidden on Side A, or we have to analyze the message on Side A to figure out the password.


I didn’t see anything in Side A with a cursory glance, but I’m kind of surprised all those clicks on side B aren’t anything. Morse code perhaps?


I’m not sure how complicated it possibly could be… Do you remember the old Portal Radio transmission? The sound in the spectrum viewer reaches very high… makes me think it’s possible to isolate this “noise” in the background of the audio…

I’m not terribly skilled at this… just putting out a thought.

On the other side… in a literalness sense… it comes in pulses… has a consistent carrier signal. ( right there at 100ms? )
… I think I can tinker and try to filter out noise… maybe adjust the speed… maybe the staticky squeeks are something in itself.

Edit: Tried an old voice remover trick… Saw it was in stereo… split and inverted on channel and combined them but it just leaves silence… apparently the original isn’t in stereo at all… There are very slight variances but nothing usable. (the variances are nothing I can tell)


I have to go to work so cant try this but i think we need to consider the “dead end clues” we have so far in order to decode the tape. For example, has anyone troed isolating the RGB values we have been given on the spectograph fo side B? Is there something to do with hamlet that will allow us to run another sort of analysis? Going to work now bit ill be back on this tonight if there is no progress. Good luck people!!!


To me it sounds a bit like the “sound” generated from the Sun’s radio waves with static and some other sound ontop

there are a bunch of sounds from space that sound a lot like what is on there (, and on that video the nebula one sounds a lot like the distortion you hear in the videos on WT before they start speaking, and the sounds from jupiter sound a lot like the general background sounds on the site


also, Maff mentioned about voyager ( The beggining of the track sounds a lot like Music of the Spheres that was on that disc ( - track 10)


Could someone post the image of the spectrograph please?


Sure :wink:

[details=Side A]


[details=Side B]


Spectograms of both sides of the tape (.flac) using Audacity.


Anyone else think it pulses like when you are in the atlas? Seems like the cycle before you get the atlas stone. Have to goto work. Not much time to check.


I heard that the spectrograph of Side B is a bar code, and that someone got a sequence of numbers from it. Don’t know if if they were able to find the actual password for the glyph yet though.


Take the FLAC for Side B, upload to Audacity, choose Effect > Change Tempo and change to 32 seconds (or something short). You notice these (very deliberate sounding) notes:

This was brought to my attention by zinfinion on Discord, who noticed the notes in the audio files when looking at frequencies. They have uploaded a couple screenshots of them to try to investigate their meaning: screenshot 1, screenshot 2


Impressive, that does indeed sound like it might actually be something. (Though I have no clue what.) :slight_smile:


Looking at side B in the time domain, there appears to be bursts of what appears to be asynchronous serial digital data. I’ve tried decoding it by hand and have gotten a few bytes where the byte framing (start/stop bits) checks out but in other cases it fails. So at this point I can’t say for sure, but it does look like serial data.


We’re trying to figure it out in the Discord. Right now we’re seeing if we get anything by taking the frequences (from screenshot 1) and turn them into hex/ASCII via MIDI numbers. This is my attempt at conversion:

Hz -> MIDI -> ASCII -> Hex

  • 490 -> 71 -> G -> 0x47
  • 145 -> 50 -> 2 -> 0x32
  • 208 -> 56 -> 8 -> 0x38
  • 174 -> 53 -> 5 -> 0x35
  • 138 -> 49 -> 1 -> 0x31
  • 370 -> 66 -> B -> 0x42
  • 260 -> 60 -> < -> 0x3c

THIS IS BY NO MEANS DEFINITIVE. Zinfinion got slightly different results, the third note he got MIDI 55, ASCII 7 and the fifth note he got MIDI 48, ASCII 0.


Music notes ?


Actually, a set of those numbers could also be used to create a base64 number that can serve as a youtube link (like the other base 64 numbers found in the pdfs). Then again, it is not guaranteed that those were even intended as youtube links, so they could be anything else as well.


We got it on Discord. Using the MIDI numbers, Luke on Discord shifted everything into alphabet range and converted with python to get “journey” which was the old password to the 4th glyph that was changed after someone just guessed it.

Not really sure where that leaves us now, since the password has been changed.


If you put JOURNEY through a ROT13, it’s wbhearl – There’s the new password.


Very impressive indeed.

Edit: ah, nice to see the new password can be obtained from the old. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Figured I’d point this out, since the whole “lets shift all numbers into range by reducing them by 35” seems like a bit arbitrary, one could also do: number % 26 (to shift it into alphabet range) for each number, and shift that by 17 (ceasar cipher with a 17 shift) to get you “journey”. This would also stand out if you put it in a ceasar decrypt tool. The rot13 on journey would not have normally been guessed, were it not for the fact it was known the password changed after being guessed.
That being said, there may also be an audio-based reason to reduce these numbers by 35.