Elizabeth Leighton video message #5

Weird new message …
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All 5 videos at once by @kyle-culver


infinity loop
time paradox stuff
it’s about to get weird

infinity loop
time paradox stuff
it’s about to get weird

jk lol


hehehe … I am with you on weird for all the above , before and after …

What if we tried this already.

Who are ‘we’ and why no recollection of their own previous actions? What was it they may have tried already anyway?

anyone notice this symbol, at about 3 seconds in?

could be a logo?


Time paradoxes are dodgy like that I guess. We keep getting mixed corrupted incomplete glitchy signals, and I keep thinking of the Myriad FAQ page:

Some of my transmitted material isn’t coming back intact. How can I stop this from happening?

Sending more than one file of material to a single retrieval location can cause the files to overlap and prevent proper restoration for occurring. Please avoid sending more than one material at once, and wait at least 24 hours before sending another request.

Maybe multiple instances are occurring and overlapping in the one file. She might not be aware that they already sent a message if she is in a different multiverse or time, and now we’re getting mixed messages.


This was a suggested video playing through on YouTube whilst I read your post…


So yeah, the plot thickens. We are seeing multiple attempts at superluminal (time telephone as some of us have been calling over on Discord) communication from Liz.

Some of it’s kind of a positive recruitment video and some of it is more dire.

It’s still not clear what the trouble is – which I assume is being relayed in the most distorted layer, which has been present in all of them so far.

Time is getting wonkier here in the post-pink timeline. Yesterday was rather a surprise… We discovered and activated a website, seemingly unlocked its secrets, and THEN we got the message directing us there. Time telephone accuracy is dodgy as implied several times in the Superlumina site.

The timing of things was not what we’ve come to expect.

Anyone with a code breaking mind see any coded information in this latest video? Like maybe in the rolling bars of static?

Could this be the word “Spy”?

Here’s the Overlay, for what it’s worth. I’m not getting much other than the convergence of all of them speaking at once at 17 seconds. Make of it what you will! I’ll keep doing these until it starts to make sense. lol


It looks kind of like “SO_”… maybe SOS?

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What’s the high-pitched burst at c. 27 seconds?

I think in this video she talks to a third party and there is a reply but to garbled to understand it properly. Also near the end she seems to bring something up to her face, possibly her hands? Or a korvax mask?? Lol

Nice jop with those vids :+1:

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“What if we’ve tried this already? Is anyone even going to see this?”

So they’re sending this message into the past, and the early prototype technology used isn’t perfect, causing distortion and overlaps? Are they trying to message themselves or someone associated with them to stop some of their work?


“What if we’ve tried this already” makes it seem as if Elizabeth and her team are actually stuck in an (infinite?) time loop, repeating the same period of time over and over.


Seems like they’re either stuck in a loop or someone/something is manipulating space time. I think the latter more likely as she doesn’t seem to have an awareness of any previous attempts at getting out this message.

Very interesting to see how with each Sequence this message Evolves.

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I am still not convinced it is supposed to be played layered. Having said that it becomes darker. It starts out as a kind of help wanted request, but degrades into a hopeless attempt to reach out.

I do not believe it is a time loop. If it were, she would not say “what if we tried this already”, she would say “here we are trying this again” or something like it.

Her words “What if we’ve tried this already” is the kind of doubt anyone would express if they were trying to reach out to the past for help… I mean, if you sent a message to the past for help, you would wonder why you still need to send the message, right? Assuming it worked, you would not be in trouble anymore, yet you feel compelled to send the message.


Not necessarily. If they figure out that they’re in a time loop each time they loop, but don’t have memory of the previous iteration, they wouldn’t know what they’ve tried and haven’t tried. I remember a Star Trek TNG episode dealing with that.

Perhaps leaving messages in the past is actually a way for them to store data outside of the time loop. Just spitballing here of course.